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Sick muhfu*kas

I’m thinking very hard about minimizing my circle of social media friends, because of chaotic activities and stupidity. I hate most pop-up messages people attached to my messenger. I find myself sending bullshit clips of no importance. I use to send meaningful alerts before all this other shit became trendy. It’s easy to become caught up in social media bullshit! It goes to show how many of us participate in shit we have NO interest, simply because it’s trendy. People send us obscene videos clips with a sense of urgency, thinking you need to see what’s next out of curiosity. We’ve made it our business with much concerned to share photographs of others sexual preference. Shit like a dominatrix matinee and satanic cults. And the latest transgender in today’s news. And why care what people do human mutant alterations to themselves, it has nothing to do with me. People that are drug addicts doing outlandish shit for a fix is their business. We might care, but it’s too much madness that isn’t going to change this ungodly world filled with SICK MUHFUCKAS

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…Sly Cain

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