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A comeback!

It’s hard on a has-been muhfucka, you see them daily. The wannabe! People you know personally, wanting to be what they were in their previous life of fame. It’s understandable! That you want to restore your youthful days of glory. It’s impossible for most of you that have matured mentally and physically a lot of weight over the years. It’s embarrassing to say you muhfuckas are washed up!
It comes a time when time is the factor, which is why you’ll never be the muhfuckas you once were. You’re now whining in self-pity, contemplating crucial, and critical thoughts. You’re in a chair slump over in silence, thinking, am I finally done.
But suddenly, you sit up momentarily, reminiscing, to give your life more thought, seriously! Then you wipe the snot from your nose & face in confidence, believing you can make A COMEBACK!
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…Sly Cain

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