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Judge not

Young women nowadays believe to look beautiful, she has to dress half-naked, and some continuously experience the need to impress men by shaking their asses for attention. When a woman feels she has to pose nude & create sex tapes, then she’s a weak-minded woman! No self-esteem! This type of woman is combative & don’t mind it being publicized. She uses vulgarity loosely, as its clean music. She pretends she isn’t ashamed. Deep down, she knows better than the indecent exposure she portrays. When a woman doesn’t respect herself, nobody will… There are many alternatives in ways you can survive, and not lower your standards to a gutter lifestyle. Women are a lot more than objects for dirty, disrespectful & tasteless men with money for recreational pleasures. Women, you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil, nor display your body. But, who am I to judge? JUDGE NOT
…Sly Cain

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