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Everything has a cost

It’s crazy what we buy to better manage production, regardless of its being food or air in a tire. It’s about cost. Who would imagine you’ll pay in bulk for cow shit to fertile vegetation, or cheat a drug test & pay for untainted urine. Bottle water, its filter, purified and stilled. It’s bullshit! I still drink from the faucet, why not? it’s paid monthly! Fuck! Everything you read here listed should be free.
It’s all found unhealthy after being scientifically tested, only to have something wrong with it later, routine shit, then investigated later. After it’s all said and done, It’ll cost you your life, effective immediately! Careful what you say, even in social media, that too can be costly! The world is more fucked up because of EVERYTHING HAS A COST

…Sly Cain

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