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A drunk ain’t sh*t

Pissy drunk! It’s a got damn shame to see pissy drunk muhfuckas in public stumbling and falling over shit. How in the fuck you can’t know when you got to pee-pee got dammit. It’s like your urine radar sensor is off balance. And the fucked up part is how you forget how to speak English nshit. The comical part is how you’ll show up at somebody’s door, making a grand entry as if you were an expected motivational speaker. Why, when muhfuckas are drunk they louder than a train locomotive, as if everyone else is deaf. I certainly hope they drunk ass doesn’t wear glasses, but it doesn’t matter because drunk muhfuckas seems to always have the most durable unbreakable lens. But they bat their eyes so much you reckon they know Morse code. And the other funny shit! Drunk muhfuckas always concern about fixing their clothes during their whole stance while off-balance, as if their appearance is what you notice first. I’m not judging, just making an observation, without the thought of thinking,,,

…Sly Cain

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