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A real woman’s love!

… guys today, aren’t taught to treat women the way we do. Even the music, rather its R & B, soul or rap. They all come from each category of dissing women nowadays. You got little girls idolizing bad bitches, and disrespectful boys flopping behind stupid niggas. You muhfuckas forget your mothers are women. The first person you hear when a guy is giving his acceptance speech, he thanks his mother. Guys should know women’s needs without being told, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and stability, making her feel secure in her home. He should be willing to fulfill her needs as humanly possible, to call her his woman. These muhfuckas too busy to observe women, because they’re not present emotionally, too busy playing with their homeboys.
These niggas today show way too much compassion for dudes. Humm! It ain’t no way in hell I’ll love a nigga over my woman. These muhfuckas talk that dumb shit, never to love a bitch! First of all, real men don’t have bitch problems, they love God’s gift to man. Queens! Any nigga thinks it’s cool to pretend, not having a woman, he’s unnatural. And probably can’t get a woman, and never knew how. He’s going to be a major problem in society, he’ll never know love, if he never experienced, A REAL WOMAN’S LOVE!
…Sly Cain

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