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Don’t come back!

If you’re a couch potato, then to qualify you should be retired. If you’re young on the couch all day you’re probably a moocher & always sleeping on someone else’s couch & watching TV. This is what’s wrong today, too many muhfuckas on the couch instead of a chair, holding executive positions nshit. Niggas to content with part-time hustles, flipping a $hundred to make fifty, lacking a hundred & fifty$. Niggas got the game fucked up! So he lives off his girlfriend, bogarting his way into her life and home. The kids afraid because he’s not their father. He’s too stupid and irresponsible, even to babysit a stuffed rabbit. But he’ll beg like the little boy that he is to play Xbox, haven’t bathed in days wanting sex and fuck up her couch. Then he gets mad because she wants him out, the nigga only contribution his whole stay, was the down payment on her couch. Now he wants that ass stanking muhfucka back. She’ll tell that couch loving muhfucka to take that raggedy muhfucka with him and get the fuck out! DON’T COME BACK!
…Sly Cain

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