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N*ggas don’t get it…

Leave white women alone! There are black women everywhere for black men. Niggas believe to have a white woman, he hit the jackpot! We all know, that’s a white lie! No race of women has endured what the black woman has in AmeriKKKa. Niggas have always wanted to be at the ass-end of white people kissing up, hoping it’ll make them trusty acquittance to white people that they’ll be acknowledged. It’s pitiful to witness muhfuckas to hate themselves for what God made you. A dog will die in honor of his master if he felt his master’s life was in danger. A nigga will die for a white woman if she says jump off the highest cliff for entertainment. Niggas are white women puppets! Especially, niggas down south. Real black men, they never surrender in the arms of white women under no circumstances!!! NIGGAS DON’T GET IT…

…Sly Cain

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