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Save us

The white man has given us another disease derived from earlier diseases created. This ain’t new shit. A pandemic before has killed millions of people. This Coronavirus is here and can wipe out three times that many people. No Vaccine is nowhere in sight of being created as they claim. If they were close to developing a vaccine they would have shown us results of something to calm the people from having a pandemic chaotic uproar. We all are in harm’s way like no other diseases for many generations before this one. This could end mankind, wiping all civilization worldwide. And that’s a fact, no conspiracy theory! People have been dropping like flies. Dates are always changing, whereas they can’t give you an exact date for a safe free environment. This day was arriving as it is written. I believe its some truth to the dangers of facing the fact this can be it. Nothing in 2020 has been good for the people. The world knows what we know, only that people are dying and nothing here of mankind is to SAVE US
…Sly Cain

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