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Ready for this

The world is crumbling apart around us, and no help is near. It’s to become much worse because we are imprisoned in our homes probably for a few months. Military personnel is employed. You aren’t to be trusted anymore, nor your neighbors & family. And Imagine, after all the years you have known them. Nobody is going to be the same, no honor regardless of what you think is ethical… No more slogans ‘like a good neighbor & we are family nshit. Once everything is depleted & money, muhfuckas will be on suicide missions, doing whatever it takes to survive, even if it means home invasions.
I have been in the jungle of survival, across the states, without shit from the Mid-West to up North, and down South! I’m not going to welcome anyone because what’s about to come is terrifying. Imagine no mobility to reach out to any source, and nothing is there. When hunger & if you’re someone with anxiety disorders, it’s a fucken wrap! The frightening plot of survival and the virgin, inexperienced muhfuckas is about to see bloodthirsty muhfuckas appetite kick on autopilot. Many muhfuckas mentalities, is to kill or be killed. Get ready for whatever, these street militias got guns, and plenty ammo, as the troops! They got underground bunkers & dugouts stock for war. And you muhfuckas aren’t READY FOR THIS

…Sly Cain

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