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The POLICE are out to KILL black people! White racist cops are hunters, and black people are the PREY. White supremacist is given a GREEN LIGHT to KILL black people. No government can tell us anything different than THIS truth. They want to bring SLAVERY back in the old assembly. Black people have been abused by white folks since their arrival was known to humanity. It’s NO escaping this devil at birth, his D.N.A is diabolical. Something MUST be executed to disarm this monster! I can predict when this PANDEMIC worsens, whereas people start to RIOT, black people aren’t going to be the ONLY innocent, casualties laying in the streets from unlawful force of violence. AmeriKKKa, FUCKS over black people, as if its a sport. Remember & listen to this America, black people are very creative, and have weathered through all your BULLSHIT. Observe as the next revolution is televised. You muhfuckas! White, racist folks, provoke black people to retaliate to protect ourselves. Then white folks are ALWAYS left feeling sorry for themselves. afterward, its too late, the damage is also of their people. It NEVER fails! It’s on muhfuckas, time to face a different REALITY!
…Sly Cain

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