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Snoop Dogg!!!

If, it isn’t Snoop and others like him who set-up camps for “inner-city kids” or the hood, then I have no use to mention your organizations. They’re many wealthy athletes with salaries from the participation of average income attendees, its African-Americans, and Hispanics communities who need camps like Snoops. Guys like Kobe & Jordan, is out, for one thing, its money!!!
You would think, two great legends would be more compassionate considering they both came from strong black parents in the same home and would have learned to give a token of appreciation without it being costly, to benefit black children. But, seeing the legends wives from different nationalities and culture, that might be a little self-explanatory as to why, they charge an enormous entry fee, at least from my perspective. Shaq, is Santa during Christmas, Em okay!
But, its Snoops mentoring & sports program where kids learn organized sports & discipline. That exemplifies what being big-time is…


…Sly Cain


Happy Fourth

Happy 4th of July.
I don’t know what this day is celebrated for..
and to be completely honest..
I don’t really give fucks.. and I don’t know anyone who does.. Lol
I’m just gonna have drinks..(already started)
Smoke trees..
Eat food..and have a good time watching the awesome illegal fireworks..Lol
I love illegal fireworks! 😄
I love today!😍

So, turn up and keep it safe.
Enjoy your fourth!
Good day🎆😘🎇



“I’m spoiled”

You think that compatibility is your man taking you to places that he hates, just to shut you up, ALL OF THE TIME?

You think you’re “spoiled” huh?
You think he’s having fun doing that huh?
You think that’s cute huh?
You like sayin what he “betta” do for you huh?
You’re not selfish huh?
You just want your way huh?

Ever thought that the 2 of you could do something that the 2 of you would like, simultaneously? 💑
Ever thought about a new, fun bitch just coming out of the universe🙋..
and stealing “YO MAN”?💏,
to go do all of the things that he’d like to do?
because those are the same things that she loves to do?
Ever thought about that?

So let me ask you again?
Are you compatible?
Or comfortable?


You can shut up!

…for any of you nose in the air bitches,please keep quite and stand back in the shadows,If you are going to complaint about me from what I’ve said…I care
not to hear it,cause I don’t have too.And also you nerdy bitches you aren’t relevant…So,because you bitches don’t count…YOU CAN SHUT UP!



Dreams after a puff

Its these niggas & kush…after that one hitter quitter,these niggas feels like they’re rappers and clothes designers…Niggas all of a sudden got entrepreneur ideals for being businessmen…Kush smokers developed skills becoming crafty nshit…it’s amazing the level of intelligence a nigga acquires after a puff of kush…muhfuckas believes he’s the next canidate for the presidency…Kush alters muhfuckas personality,changes into gangsterism wannabes…It’s more to worry about than these niggas being paranoid after a puff…It’s these muhfuckas DREAMS AFTER A PUFF.



Boss b*tch

…they’re everywhere and easy to recognize some of them lets you know by the signature cigar she smokes…Not so much the brand like men do ….But the lengthy size taunting the men from his undersized genitals…making him the laughing stock…Lol,a Boss Bitches can be cold muhfuckas, they are bad ass women knowing what they want…Independence is their strongest asset & she knows it…A boss bitch plays for keeps and uses you for reasons beyond yours…you either work for her or with her either way she’s in charge as always & beneficial for all parties involve the stakes are always high for insurance purposes to assure her safety, if she’s doing something dangerous. Its never a simple position of power for any woman being a BOSS BITCH.



These n*ggas play to much

I’m @ my homie house chillin @ the man cave watching football in HD …Niggas walks in baby face bitch niggas wannbees hard niggas with betty boo voices talking that nothing shit blownin air out their mouths …Niggas acting bitch like muhfuckas arguing bout how bad they were in the day…I’m like in who day muhfuckas,couldn’t of been mines…We would of made bitch niggas out of you muhfuckas in your best days….Niggas ain’t serious …THESE NIGGAS PLAY TO MUCH.



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