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Y’all gonna learn to quit listening to muhfuckas and their sayings “love has no color” that’s a myth, and yes it does. Millions decide to love those that are of different colors before starting into a biracial relationship. Negros, always seem to be the only muhfuckas confused about what is people of color. And yet to say” I want a white girl or a boy” if WHITE is an actual color. Many people prefer to choose partners based solely on their color. Some refuse to accept the love of those that aren’t of the same color or race. You can choose what color you wish to love, but don’t feed me that bullshit you can’t help you fell in love with someone and color didn’t matter, it always matters. Besides, many of you dig deep to find a reason to look past color, just to have the choice of choosing someone because of color. Stop lying because you are scared to confront the truth! You heard white people criticize their own because of dating someone black, name-calling them a Nigger lover, just as you dark-colored muhfuckas who love whites, are considered as Honky lovers. People choose colors that attract them, just like buying a vehicle. I will always want my woman in BLACK

…Sly Cain

No goodbyes

Young folks nowadays idolize music artists way too much! When your life is directed by a certain sound of cultural music, and people that are presently using drugs and alcohol, and don’t feel the urgency to rehabilitate, then how is it your music is healing at any point when you both are drowning in the same boat together?!… People sometimes are only interested in a hypnotic state of glamour, that’s toxic and not understanding if there’s a message in the music of saving souls. Instead, they are guided by the flashing radiant lights to a suicidal pool of hell to a point of no return. Nowadays, people aren’t concerned if they influence weak minds or not, the only consistency with today’s artists after the music, is a game of dare & haze that involves sex & abusive challenges, and tons of money to extend an overdose into the everlasting afterlife, without kisses and NO GOODBYES

…Sly Cain

3Parts of real sh*t

I’ll never be anybody’s nigga, that doesn’t stand for anything. If they say its an economic shutdown tomorrow and identify specific businesses not to shop, I WON’T. Not only that, but I also won’t ever go back. I’ll be looking for other ways of shutting anything down that goes against our principles. I’m sick of these meaningless Negros who talks a good game pretending they got your back, but only front for clout. I don’t want you muhfuckas in my face, I rather have C-19 for breakfast, than fuck with backstabbing cowards who don’t stand for shit! I’ll unfriend you & your family, I’ll simply speak to you with no words. I don’t like muhfuckas always showing their teeth, and can’t keep their mouths shut until the white man walks on the scene. Part1
How is it you muhfuckas jive and chuckle with white folks all day and you niggas willingly to do anything they ask of you, but when your own family in need, you tell them to kiss your ass. I can’t tell you what to do with your money, but I have seen what you niggas do for a stranger, but won’t pay child support or buy your child or brother a slice of cheese. You are ungrateful muhfuckas and God gave you life, and family first. You muhfuckas rather let your brother bleed on your shoulder than help him stop it. How is it you’ll spend money on hoes and clothes to impress your friends, but your family needs money on the light bill. Who are you muhfuckas?
It’s irritating & disturbing to see how your children treat you because of the selfish ways they’ve developed or adopted. God has placed a disciplinary rule for these disobedient degenerates. Our children are a product of us. So… we are partly blamed for the result of their behavior nshit. I’m disappointed in myself at times not raising my kid more properly, but a hustler’s life inclines to leave a lot of teaching behind for a later day. But everybody learns at some stage after becoming an adult. This is when you either say grow up or get assistance! Every individual must pay for their transgressions
…Sly Cain

Bitches dont change

I know they don’t change for any nigga… Thats why when choosing a bitch ,make sure she’s a down bitch… You always want that bitch that gotcha back for life… You other women pointing fingers at these bitches saying they are stealing your man,well you must don’t have em…surely you don’t think they gonna be faithful to your asses… You women ain’t sucking dick,fucking mad moves nshit.. you don’t talk rated-X to ya niggas dick,what the fuck you expect… Bitches ARE gonna have your man… Listen you NICE ladies..  fuck ah nice lady cause she can cook… Fuck that!!! Niggas already can cook… We want real bad bitches as wives,girlfriends and any other shit you can think of… So,fuck the thought about BITCHES DON’T CHANGE.




” I’m bigger than that “

Muhf*ckas hate me from being me,so they shut themselves off from me… I guess they think I care about spilt milk… I don’t pick up shit off the floor… Besides ,I don’t give ah fuck trying to reconcile with muhfuckas that doesn’t associate with me. Because ,I stands up to muhfuckas that isn’t gonna do me any good… Keep out my face… because, I will disfigure that muhfucka in the worse physical manner… I don’t give one thought about putting a muhfucka on their back over any business pertaining to me… Thats a guarantee dirt nap muhfuckas… And FUCK that shit about whoever said ” I’M BIGGER THAN THAT “.





Hard muhf*ckas pray too

I to been in a few serious detrimental situations and survived … I needed God one night especially… But,I’m not gonna incriminate myself nor give ah muhfucka details to cold case my ass… Niggas wanna do dirt and prey on the innocent and weak muhfuckas that wannabe ballers in a big boys playing field until he get caught… Now the so-called hard wannabe is facing life-threatening long-term sentences… Now you’ll see that muhfucka attending church 7 days a-week ,cause he falling weak because of the aftermath of it all… Too late muhfuckas … You gonna have to bow down and face the consequences … Now you scare of becoming the bitch nigga you already knew thats in you… Niggas! You muhfuckas ain’t tough… You see your Moms & Dads in court watching you sweat… The C/O’s told us behind bars how them scare ,But! So-called HARD MUHFUCKAS PRAY TOO.



A misunderstanding

A homeboy was picked up for distribution of narcotics… He wasn’t under arrest cause he’s working undercover the hood was told… as an officer, like he said to someone else… but, we found out as an informant… He believes that being a servant voluntary will free him… Stupid muhfucka… He is normally known as a snitch bitch in the hood anyway… That’s the appropriate term for his now agreed to occupation with the authorities… He claimed he was forced & setup by the federal investigators … Now he’s an inmate trying to strike a deal in exchange for an early release… Who this muhfucka thinks he’s fooling, trying to explain to us he’s clean. We know there hasn’t been A MISUNDERSTANDING.




B*tch! want it all

B*tches stop lying about you only want the normal regularities in life… The car,house,picket fence nshit… The American dream simple shit… That’s the biggest lie told since the woman was created… Bitches wants everything they think they should have and everything you got… What gets me is that, these bitches doesn’t deserve nothing more than I give them… How is it a bitch has the right to want something when they can’t do shit but, suck dick and fuck you for an overnight stay while keeping one eye open… Them bitches must think they are high maintenance nshit… Bitches actually believes sucking dick has earned them the right to a hand in marriage ,carS and a bank account. Because she figures it’s the ultimate requirement for a permanent relationship.. Funny thing tho, That shit IS good enough for me, no sense in me lying too… But, I’m speaking for most of Americas men WHEN… I said all that bullshit behind this sentence, Lol… A good Bitch for me is a GOOD looking ,gigantic ass & dick sucking,fucking bitch… And for me & those reasons .I don’t care if, that BITCH! WANT IT ALL.






Get off my shoulder b*tch

I’m trying to work my hustle and gotta a bitch peeking over my fucken shoulder …I asked her, Bitch! Please! Get the fuck from behind me before I slap the gas out your ass…I don’t like no muhfucka standing over me like Massa from the cotton fields… I’m no fucken good ole boy or Bubba nshit… Keep your distance bitch while I get my hustle on…I’m tryna get paid without any of your bullshit & guessing what you think I’m doing… I’m doing my job bitch, if you must know… One thing for sure you need to know is to, GET OFF MY SHOULDER BITCH.




B*tch! Yousa doormat

…why you girls let muhfuckas run over you that doesn’t love you tho you claim they do …Girls,you are gonna have to stop letting muhfuckas use you because they SAY ” they love you” .You never get any mental or financial support from that person… Girls fucking niggas because she’s lacking brains and self-esteem… It’s no wonder he doesn’t respect you… You bitches screaming you’re in love and not loved back… These muhfuckas only loves what you can do for them… Driving your car,sleeping in your bed with his unclean self… He doesn’t care for your children, because they aren’t his… He hates your friends because they advising you to leave his sorry ass… But,you so blind he has his dick so far up your ass, you can’t see shit or understand anything and anybody …He’ll rob you from your family and drain you dry… Stop saying he’s your man… BITCH! YOUSA DOORMAT.



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