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B*tch! Yousa doormat

…why you girls let muhfuckas run over you that doesn’t love you tho you claim they do …Girls,you are gonna have to stop letting muhfuckas use you because they SAY ” they love you” .You never get any mental or financial support from that person… Girls fucking niggas because she’s lacking brains and self-esteem… It’s no wonder he doesn’t respect you… You bitches screaming you’re in love and not loved back… These muhfuckas only loves what you can do for them… Driving your car,sleeping in your bed with his unclean self… He doesn’t care for your children, because they aren’t his… He hates your friends because they advising you to leave his sorry ass… But,you so blind he has his dick so far up your ass, you can’t see shit or understand anything and anybody …He’ll rob you from your family and drain you dry… Stop saying he’s your man… BITCH! YOUSA DOORMAT.



We cut from different cloth

I hate to say ” I told you so ” But ,as I said before several times… We are totally opposite… We’re from two different worlds, nothing in common… I’m use to having a world of everything nice, especially as an adult in my early years I was traveling state to state… No financial issues… It’s relaxation nowadays ready for marriage again… Time is on my side now… No more night life of wasteful activity and Hoochie searches… Close chapter hectic doors… We are like a truck & car…both ride good ,one holds more baggage than the other… No place for training wheels… I’m far from holding hands guiding anybody to paths I’ve already walked… I feel paralyzed every time I move I’m still in the same place… I got to stay ahead to see in front of me… Because of the drive thru to life avenue ,I must continue to keep forward along… It’s because WE CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH.




What happen to us

This is to all couples that lost their way… No more love-making,no words being exchange … Not doing the things you use to-do… It all vanish and nobody knows where or how it happen… Where is the love gone… How was the compassion lost… No sex drive parked for days… What cat got your tongues… Trust no longer cause nobody care… Not even a sign of lust ,body language is no longer speaking… It’s a total bummer…Ask yourselves WHAT HAPPEN TO US.




F*ck the explanations

I’m tired of explaining to this bitch how I feel and why I feel… You should know some things just because… Bitch! Stop whining about what I don’t say & should say to you because you think I love you … It has nothing to-do with the fact you love me… I ain’t got to feel what you think I should feel.  DID I JUST SAY THAT? Anyway ,sense I’m not obligated to you & without commitment, I’m not gonna say shit anymore… Nothing matters…So,FUCK THE EXPLANATIONS.




Lying b*tches

I know you read my latest blogs..  go back three clicks, really more than that… Read all 8,000 & counting …Why not, you bitches been secretly reading the shit… Acting like you don’t enjoy reading Trashbaggage..  You fake bitches are all liars … I know you feel unsafe to say you read this trashy shit..  Bitch! Stand your ground and let it be known yall don’t give ah fuck what they say. .. We welcomes bad bitches …Your mother’s, daughters and friends ,plus they on their cell phones in church reading my blogs… It’s a bible blog of hard-core provocative truth… I dare any of you muhfuckas to say the truth isn’t mention here on Trashbaggage… Fuck! The people who wants to judge or to condemn you for being part of our nasty ,trashy blogging family… Be honest for once…we were told by your very own folks you read our shit… Stop being a Facebook groupie of liars… Stand up, be accounted for… Don’t be scared, tell em… You bitches bullshit everyday on Facebook & Twitter anyway… You muhfuckas enjoys being LYING BITCHES.






Calm down Muhf*ckas

All you women and men of every category:
Need to shut the fuck up for real… Don’t ever question me when it comes to something I know very well… The subject is PUSSY as usual ,fucking and getting suck. Women are always wanting to get dick down… Lying ,fake older bitches are the ones pretending they don’t wanna get fuck on a daily basis… Everything in this world is done for sex… Men, all work for pussy …they dress to impress for pussy… Men shows off and will fight for recognition to get pussy… Every man that’s straight will do almost anything to get pussy… Some muhfuckas die trying to get pussy… Muhfuckas will claim another muhfuckas life over pussy… A muhfucka will go broke over pussy… Niggas don’t care about being rule by pussy… Pussy has power. Its second in command next to God… We thank God for the greatest gift from all women… Pussy!!! So,when being ask about pussy… Embrace it!  And CALM DOWN MUHFUCKAS.



Fishing for evidence

The police has committed crimes and toss the proof into a Lake … It’s the police usual land field, the Lake… It’s where the officers does their dirty work… Now their colleagues, the official name the Feds are now investigating the premeditated murder cases allegedly committed by the LAPD… Now they are led to believe the Lake will exonerate the allege guilty officers… Los Angeles, CA. Mayor demands they go FISHING FOR EVIDENCE.





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