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Fu*k & go to bed

You say “your man cheat”. Women say “all men cheat with other women “. Then, if that’s true, then just as many women cheat too. He’s cheating with cheating women. Its married women prefer to screw with a married man. A married man doesn’t discriminate against single or married women. Nowadays they all cheat with same-gender partners. What the fuck with all this everybody fucking everybody including animals. Orgies, open marriages, and swingers. Dominatrix nshit! Lastly, it’s in the got damn anal for sex. All these types, cheats, with each other. Fuck all you weirdoes. God is showing signs more frequent these days. Like me, he’s bored of you uncontrollable sex maniacs. What happened to honest old fashioned fucken. Lay down or bend over then a bit of kissing, sucking, touchy-touchy & feely feel nshit?

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…Sly Cain

Women with husbands

Old marital traditions have taken a different commitment, for what the duties are supposed to be performed by wives. Wives aren’t just cooking in kitchens. They’ve taken the same jobs as men.
Women not barefoot & pregnant sit home wives. They also stood against husbands as to who wear the pants. Wives also earn breadwinning salaries! Men can share aprons. It’s not easy for WOMEN WITH HUSBANDS.

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…Sly Cain



White women

I often wondered, what is it about interracial couples, and why they married and want children. Because growing up in Compton, that was a deal-breaker!!! You didn’t marry outside of your race. Nowadays, muhfuckas are like mixed trail nuts. You see interracial couples everywhere. Niggas rush to pick a number to fuck a white girl and birth a baby, with a hidden agenda.
It’s all plan to create a light-skin Michael Jordan or lighter Steph Curry!
White women & rich negro athletes or the hottest trend, then rappers.
Probably, because given the description of being a bitch, doesn’t sit too easily with them.
And never a nigga should feel privileged to call a white woman a bitch.
It’s totally out of character.
Stupid niggas, feel instead, it’s more fitting to call black women bitches!
It’s a fucken dumb excuse, to marry WHITE WOMEN.

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…Sly Cain

Who loves who

Who do you love? Is it any muhfuckas business?
Is that an appropriate question to ask?
If, I discover a couple walking or hanging out regularly,
is that my business too? Why is it so significant

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…Sly Cain



Driving while white

This isn’t to sound racist! It’s a cultural shock! White people need to speed. It’s a statistical fact! Black & brown people cruise. And real low-riders are African & Mexican Americans. Others low-ride because they follow our trends & cultures. Facts!
Things white people do at stoplights:
1. Lock the doors
2. Never make eye contact
3. Pretend that you’re invisible
4. The focal point is to drive ahead of you on a green light.
It’s, on your march, get set, Go!!!
Lastly, things white drivers do while driving:
They’ll hold up traffic in the fast lane, driving slow. Purposely! Watching you in their rearview mirror, flashing bright lights for them to drive the correct lane for slower traffic. Facts!
White people are much more reckless and uncivil drivers!
White drivers are unapologetic after being at fault. Facts!
True shit!

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…Sly Cain


Dreams & visions

I believe we all experience living out some part of them. I’ve heard people stating they don’t have dreams during sleep. Maybe they’re brain dead. I receive visions of success for lots of times. I encounter real-life similarities after receiving a vision in real-time. I too believe it’s normal to have abnormal dreams that are far-fetched.
What I don’t appreciate is muhfuckas telling me they had a dream or vision of me, and both were detrimental. I wish, you crystal ball muhfuckas with fucked up insights, keep that shit to yourselves.


…Sly Cain


People act like when they step into a room, you have to acknowledge them, as if, they are royalty nshit. Niggas always have to be viewed as something bigger than themselves. If you the type of person that takes care of yourself & your responsibilities, people will respect you. People will appreciate & acknowledge you without you instigating a scene of stupidity, to prove you’re an adult. Do whats decent!
That’s being a GROWN UP!

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…Sly Cain

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