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Judge not

Young women nowadays believe to look beautiful, she has to dress half-naked, and some continuously experience the need to impress men by shaking their asses for attention. When a woman feels she has to pose nude & create sex tapes, then she’s a weak-minded woman! No self-esteem! This type of woman is combative & don’t mind it being publicized. She uses vulgarity loosely, as its clean music. She pretends she isn’t ashamed. Deep down, she knows better than the indecent exposure she portrays. When a woman doesn’t respect herself, nobody will… There are many alternatives in ways you can survive, and not lower your standards to a gutter lifestyle. Women are a lot more than objects for dirty, disrespectful & tasteless men with money for recreational pleasures. Women, you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil, nor display your body. But, who am I to judge? JUDGE NOT
…Sly Cain

An opinion!

I’m told I’m a little crazy! Whatever muhfuckas! It has been times I’ve displayed temper tantrums in some of my blogs. That’s perfectly fine with me! You crazy fucks can take your opinions and shove them up to your ass until your hemorrhoids hang. I thought I’ll be somewhat humorous blogging this post because it’s funny to me! It’s funnier that crazy people EVEN have AN OPINION!
…Sly Cain

A comeback!

It’s hard on a has-been muhfucka, you see them daily. The wannabe! People you know personally, wanting to be what they were in their previous life of fame. It’s understandable! That you want to restore your youthful days of glory. It’s impossible for most of you that have matured mentally and physically a lot of weight over the years. It’s embarrassing to say you muhfuckas are washed up!
It comes a time when time is the factor, which is why you’ll never be the muhfuckas you once were. You’re now whining in self-pity, contemplating crucial, and critical thoughts. You’re in a chair slump over in silence, thinking, am I finally done.
But suddenly, you sit up momentarily, reminiscing, to give your life more thought, seriously! Then you wipe the snot from your nose & face in confidence, believing you can make A COMEBACK!
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…Sly Cain

F*cked up!

This wrinkle dried up chick, aka @#&*! , said: “I’m too old for rap music” When in fact, Its the muhfuckas my age & older who started this shit. First of all, You don’t know my age, but you believe I’m passed mid-forties. I’m guessing, if she thinks I’m around forty-something because she is probably forty-something, I’m like GOT DAMN! Because if she IS forty-something, and from the looks of her face, I would have guessed she’s around seventy-something. And she shouldn’t be outside of her home at the gas station after hours. Ugly bitch!
She got me FUCKED UP!

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…Sly Cain


Basements… Bitch!

Sorry! But I wasn’t raised in a state with basements. Don’t ask me to go down into your basement to get anything. I only know what I see on TV. Nobody returns. You can go down your fucken spider web, infested basement alone.
It probably got rotten wood, squeaky steps nshit. I also bet, pissy, smelly bats hanging around, and why muhfuckas keep empty mason jars? Rats use them to sit for guard duty? I don’t do BASEMENTS…  BITCH!

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…Sly Cain


Good hair

… fuck you mindless Negros, believing white people will accept you. Negros hate themselves, as Original & Afrocentric people. You cannot get these American, brainwash Negros to quit thinking NAPPY hair is a fucken curse. Negros, understand your hair is naturally good!!! Negros, you believe you’re enhancing your natural beauty with these products. If you desire to straighten your hair for a different look because of style, ok, I get it. But, know your natural hair is god-given beauty because It’s your African culture & heritage. NAPPY hair IS our genetic make-up.
Hair that is clean & healthy is GOOD HAIR
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…Sly Cain

That sh*t cost

…while you’re at my house, turn my lights off! Quit acting like you at home. The last time I checked, your shit was disconnected, you didn’t pay your bills. Muhfuckas! What gives you the presumption to leave my lights on, and don’t take care of your responsibilities? People, any time you invite a muhfucka to your house for a sleepover, lay some rules before anyone attempts to sit down. People will use your utilities like it’s a public facility, left unattended, like a water faucet left on a slow drip. Burners still left on the kitchen range, raising the gas bill. It’s enough you forget to turn your shit off to conserve energy. THAT SHIT COST!!!
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…Sly Cain

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