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MLK day

Ok, yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King day. Paradise of memories once again observed in the streets, parades on the main street, but no activity on MLK Boulevards. I guess the hood not allowed to receive permits to shut down a block or two with the worse street tar & loose gravel, pothole conditions, a street named after a great black leader. No black vendors for one significant day, but the country shuts down 30days to cause homeless people. Walmart doesn’t have an MLK discount sale day after, although black people are the biggest consumer. Let us remember, unlike Black Fridays. I say, this country WILL honor a reminder of slavery, but not a black man of bravery. Oh, I forget they’ll distribute a story pretending to love this man for one day until next year, but in the meantime, all the mayhem he stood up against will continue to carry on, police brutality, poor housing & lack of education, inadequate schooling material. Black people unemployment rate higher, and total Injustice of black people. Fake prison reform & more crime bills to entrap black people. The design criminal curriculum list just goes on and on. America fools lots of you to call this day a celebrated part-time holiday when it’s a day of diversion for the government to use to raise up more shit to get rid of you. I trust you did celebrate regardless the plot that you enjoyed MLK DAY😏


…Sly Cain


I love good people

…yes, that can mean you regardless of race, I don’t like stupid people with stupid doctrine & ideology, nor do I like people that teaches hate. I speak everyday truth concerning daily life events that re-occur on a consistent basis. And yes, I talk about things there are relevant to all races. I talk about the government and its elected officials of all races. Although I talk about race, that still doesn’t make me a racist. I defend black people when in the right as I would anyone of ANY race. People are quick to judge you without ALL the facts, lets understand that a wrong is wrong as well is a RIGHT, I’m very opinionated, but not an expert on Race, Religion and among many other matters concerning who & what is correct & wrong. I’m always open for knowledge that’s factual information, I  select lots of topics in reference to race, especially black folks because I am black. And let’s not think I only point out the particulars of white people, I have blogged about Mexicans, because I grew up as their neighbor and a few other ethnic groups. There are good people of all races and those are the ones I consider MY choice of people, NOT color. I LOVE GOOD PEOPLE


…Sly Cain

Unify the negro’s

… most of you pro-black NEGRO’S kills me, as if you’re the epitome of righteousness, but yet to advocate the leadership you preach with so much endearment. It’s the muhfuckas like you negotiating the hood back into worse conditions than before, you Negro’s politicking on CNN and in the churches and voted into office as Mayors and other high positions and you’re ONLY recognized as someone of color & the nigga who did nothing to help your so-called BLACK people. I watched you Negros of color protest shit for a day or two & quit. I watched & heard the rants & raves, just when the first white man starts to cock & load, I watched muhfuckas go back into their hole of peace & justice and got on a bullhorn yelling “disbursed and let God handle it”. The one time I marched with you so-called Pro-black rebels, it was THAT particular day I was ready to DIE for whatever cause we had to fight for change, but again, Negro’s shut-up & tucked their tails went home gather with more Negros and huddle up, then TALKED more shit about the NEXT TIME, bragging what they going to do. Once again the appointed pro-black muhfuckas led a protest just to let off steam & back to play in the morning at the office plotting another promise to UNIFY THE NEGRO’S



…Sly Cain

N*ggas Mentality

… niggas still acting like slaves, they worship everything the white man owns. And want a pat on the head for validation as being a good nigga because the headmaster says he is good for doing what he’s told even though it’s against nature’s laws of humanity. Niggas love begging the white man for everything without trying anything for himself.
Niggas LOVE to care for small white children at the child nursery than they do for their own at home. Niggas praise everything the white man says what is best, even his religious beliefs, Negros believe the white man’s teachings are righteous & that he’ll show them it’s the path to Heaven. White folks tell us all to forget about slavery, but they handle us in such a way to constantly remind us we’ll be nothing more than slave ass niggas. Niggas accept everything offered from white people that don’t help them.


…Sly Cain

TV n*ggas

I’m tired of sick Hollywood cult TV niggas, plus their stupid dress codes. Especially, black weak male niggas, painted in wet-face clown make-up, mud facials nshit with surgical, alter high tenor girly soft voices. Who are these confused crossover, unisex, tribal bitch niggas? These niggas purposely fuck their lives up, altering their gender nshit. Fuck boys in pink stilettos & psychedelic color, lace, elastic waistline tights. Grown old ass niggas wearing dyed multi-color dreads for attention, starving for fame in need of acceptance. Niggas move to Hollywood and once was, sort of decent human beings, then turn into fucked up lost individuals sucking their way hoping to get noticed by blood-sucking sponsors of some sort, possibly an agent that’ll promise them a gay butt-buster career change. It’s a got damn shame muhfuckas hate being themselves for the sake of fame & chances are they fucked themselves up for nothing, not making it in Hollywood, left with only the thought of being like…


…Sly Cain

War of the Gods

It’s the never-ending war, everybody has a God they consider is the true God. I don’t think that either side knows who God really IS. If you’re asking these muhfuckas how do you know your god is the real god, they’ll deliver the same answer. Now, all-of-a-sudden, he’s a separate God, Lol. It’s been arguments God is a woman & black. I only see images of a white man painted as God/Jesus Christ. Sadly, ignorant Negros says ” it doesn’t matter” if he is a she & black or white. When someone says something that stupid and not understanding shit after they’ve researched, supposedly his holy word, how can you say what is true or false information when you can’t identify who God is after YOUR bible gives a description and origin.
This is the simplest shit read and you muhfuckas STILL unsure of your own opinions. Fuck you, stupid niggas!!! One thing I know for sure about you niggas behavior, clowning over Christianity, you muhfuckas can’t agree if you serve the same God.
It’s no way Christians should argue with anyone over any religion because you don’t know the history of your own religion. You niggas are too inconsistent with the word that you say is Gods.
This why muhfuckas like yourselves have WAR OF THE GODS.



…Sly Cain

Social workers

Social workers always have the best interest to take guardianship of your children, THEY claim!!! And we’ve all seen the results of that lie. These muhfuckas enjoy the idea of having authority to break up a home, although they claim what & who isn’t fit or safe for a child. Social workers act as God in peoples’ lives. No system should favor a child being separated from a parent unless its sexual & other severe, abusive, unlawful behavior, but these muhfuckas takes matters way too personal and get distracted from what their job really IS, then proceed to ruin families for the simplest bullshit based on hearsay from neighboring nosey fucks, and after deciding what they believe is best, they’ll place your child with same-sex parents as if this is BEST and normal shit & a healthy environment. This is morally wrong and spiritually wrong. Social service employees pretend to be above God’s law and act as appointed advocates for Gays and their lifestyles, knowing it is wrong, they aren’t a HE & SHE, they can’t reproduce human life. History has shown us being gay is a sentence for the death penalty. I don’t believe in gay bashing, nor I believe in the gay lifestyle. But, I do respect all people of any gender. I don’t condone any of it. I’m definitely not a fan of separation of families, especially when it’s the decision of fucken mind-twisted SOCIAL WORKERS.


…Sly Cain



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