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Yes, I cuss!

I do cuss very little, verbally!!! But, I posted using profanity like a muhfucka. It’s these wild ass muhfuckas! They’ll make a muhfucka say crazy shit. Especially, hearing the bullshit that’s come out their mouths. I try not too over-used profanity. It’s not in my favor to abuse a language of art. (Smile). But, one thing people are going to have to understand fucken with me, is that I love to interact with intelligent people. I even enjoy those that are moreover intelligent than I may be. Its stupidity I hate. Although, most of us are accustomed to witnessing that from lots of people we associate with at many levels. Actually, I don’t owe you muhfuckas any explanations, I thought I’ll enlighten some of you after seeing the weird expressions from the many emoji’s sent to my website when I view my administrative dashboard.
Not Facebook!
Now there you have it. YES, I CUSS!



…Sly Cain

Down to earth?

I hear people say, “down to earth” enough already. What perspective do people define what is down to earth? This is what I understand from most people I came across, on one-side versus the people I grew up with from my neighborhood and environment. In my hood, it’s used in such standard of being so-called honest. It is the don’t give a fuck bold behavior & loud profane language.
I don’t believe you have to lower your standards as being honest makes you down to earth. It has been said to people that live above their means are considered boujee and uppity. It’s peculiar to me how people think if someone is living a very prosperous lifestyle, somehow they aren’t down to earth. Who set the narrative to know what is DOWN TO EARTH?


…Sly Cain

Hobnobbing and snitching

Hollywood niggas at their finest. Rich niggas feature in mainline industries ran by whites owned by blacks. I mean niggas got extension companies connected to mother corporations at the hips. Niggas owned labels without distribution. They’re like statues and mannequins. You see them, but no movement of major importance. Bosses aren’t second class citizens in their own corporations. Niggas flex on their own people to say “look at me “and don’t give a fuck how you eat. Niggas quick to run and tell boss, you want more than the portion he’s authorizing for you to eat. The ignorant house nigga”, niggas still have that slave mentality, old & modern. There’s a quote from a skit on the Dave Chappelle Show, “they shouldn’t have given them niggas money”. Niggas hate other niggas. Niggas need to separate themselves from real black people. Black business people don’t give a fuck about fame & its Hollywood society.


…Sly Cain




Listen, people, get up and serve breakfast to your children and for yourselves. It’s important to eat breakfast, it’s the first meal of your day because it’s your fuel to get your mind & body jump-started, don’t wait for someone to bring it, there is a strong possibility you won’t eat on time. People aren’t always dependable in your need of whatever it is. If you can lollygag around doing unnecessary shit or things that can wait the night before, you certainly can prepare for the morning coming. It’s no excuse, especially spending frivolously and not think to save a dime for breakfast. People need to concentrate on what to prioritize. Either you choose to eat first or purchase a CD soundtrack. Once your belly starts to growl, maybe you’ll figure you should have made provisions to cook or buy some goddamn BREAKFAST.


…Sly Cain

Sex is just fu*king

What constitutes love? Is it more than just sex? Sex is usually the foundation for love. If that’s not your initial thought it is okay, but it does become a top priority for love. Everybody fuck for some pleasure, love isn’t required. A loving relationship isn’t necessary to own for sex. Nowadays, it’s all initiate-it with eye contact.
Today’s newer & younger society sees SEX IS JUST FUCKING.


…Sly Cain



Rappers are known to puff Kush to expand their creativity making music. Rumors have it that Marijuana unlocks deep thoughts to their full capacity. I must admit as an ex-weed head, I also have gone into deep thoughts in my kushtivity days, I know the experience. I love listening to black conscious rappers.
I blog with errors only to realize that after I published a blog. I go back to edit & correct them in most instances. I have thoughts of a writer, but, because I lack writing skills, I blog without the luxury of all KUSHTIVITY.


…Sly Cain


Zion Williams, he’s pissed at NBA stars Anthony Davis of the Pelicans, and John Wall of the Wizards because they didn’t render him an autograph as a younger kid. It’s never a task to give every fan an autograph. You cannot fulfill everybody’s wants & desires, regardless of what age. As a hood-baller, growing up and living in Compton, ca. Over forty-two years, I played all sports on the field and in the streets, as a real player with professional gangsters. It’s crazy how kids idolize you for crazy shit. You can’t hide what you are from the hood, regardless of what role you play. Nothing is a secret living in an environment filled with poverty. Kids & parents see you the minute you’re up & out to start your day. The moment you start a career it’s a tight window of chance and you’re at a high risk of developing a reputation, which doesn’t come equipped with America’s traditional rules in the so-called civilized society, definitely not equal opportunity. Sometimes we are the only stars’ kids or teens actually are inspired by, rather you have an issue with their choices or not. People will emulate what they see regardless of their unlawfulness. People aren’t just fans of professional athletes and entertainers; they are also fans of muhfuckas like I was “Once Upon a Time”. I did sign autographs as a pool hustler and gave losing opponents two-dollar bills with my autograph because I was hood famous in the world of billiards. I too wasn’t able to sign autographs for all my FANS.

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…Sly Cain

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