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Known muhf*ckas

As most of you dudes & dudettes, who enjoy blogging and posting shit you believe people find interesting, your thanks are rewarding enough we appreciate it. But those of you making claims as to how everything you write is better than the rest of us is appalling. I’m not tall enough to bring you down from your pedestals. But, because I can’t reach that high doesn’t mean someone else can’t intellectually bring you down.
So, stop acting bitchy, in your smartypants like little annoying, snot-nose, privilege white spoil kids. And try to enjoy life without commenting stupid shit, especially when you’re not, KNOWN MUHFUCKAS
yes i did
…Sly Cain

It’s f*cked up

A curfew isn’t the problem, and a lockdown isn’t the biggest problem. It’s the reaction from the younger generation, these muhfuckas are about to jeopardize everybody’s lives. Many youngsters aren’t going to comply with rules to ascertain the safety of others nor themselves. It’s going to get worse when food supplies are low, and other resources aren’t extended. After everything expires, hell is coming, the only destination insight, home invasion. Time to lock & load, IT’S FUCKED UP!

…Sly Cain

She is first

Black women are the most beautiful women God created, how can this whitewash, brain-dead niggas, look over a black woman, to lower their standards to marry white women?!… It’s a true saying, except for those that do it, and ignorant to the truth. You can’t find anything above number one in whatever category. God’s greatest creation, the black woman. SHE IS FIRST

…Sly Cain

What I don’t like

People don’t know you as well as they think they do. Muhfuckas sends you chain letters nshit, game invites, and a lot other insignificant bullshit. You either warn them about a block, or you probably have to block their ass. Most people that don’t create their posts are always quick to send you somebody else’s shit. This why you chose people accordingly what’s to their liking.
If you know they like ducks, then send them an invite for ducks, a game, meme or literature about a fucken duck. Get to know your Facebook fam taste & choices before bombarding their messenger nshit. Don’t send me shit or invite me to some fucked up shit you THINK i like. You SHOULD know me well enough WHAT I DON’T LIKE

…Sly Cain


People are capitalizing financially because of Coronavirus. Prices are up, the street value of drugs, Trump declared war on drugs, closing its borders. The desperation of impatience is brewing with negative energy, a crucial role in this crisis. It’s going to get ugly! The thirst to survive. The next EXPLOSION!
…Sly Cain


People don’t wanna hear boring ass stories, particularly about your kids. Some parents have good stories, unique & exciting what their kids experience. Then here you come with your un-welcome, unrelated buzz about your kid(s). And after forcing our ears into listening to you brag, throughout the neighborhood, nobody applauded or gave a damn, about your stories & pics of your KIDS

…Sly Cain

New normality

Primetime television has become the HOMOSEXUALITY & PORN mini-series networks nshit. It’s the NEW, normality of family-oriented primetime television. The elderly won’t ever approve of nude & gay television. The fucked up part is that younger people don’t appreciate clean television. They believe sex scenes what make great television. Its no storyline in PORN! It’s loud ass slapping and unprotected veneral, disease sex. No sense is necessary! Subscribe to a network like ‘get fuck! If that’s your forte. Fuck, the NEW NORMALITY
…Sly Cain

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