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Lover nightmares of terror

… is it possible to love someone you find terrifying in your dreams. It’s difficult to interpret how you love someone in real time and you terrorize that loved one in your dreams. Is it possible you don’t love that person subconsciously? I would like to believe it was all just a dream that was triggered by a movie or something was seen earlier that wasn’t pertaining to anything, just something out-the-blue.
I think a person of constant conflicting behavior can cause serious discomfort situations in dreams. If, a loved one you believe is causing bad episodes of nightmares, then possibly the only answer is to terminate the relationship in real life. It sounds silly to decide the result of a relationship based on a nightmare.
I seriously would reconsider professional advice before proceeding a


…Sly Cain


Fakebook friends

I detest seeing some of you muhfuckas post on FB, fake ass niggas & bitch ass chicks perpetrating as REAL friends even with actual people you know. Half the people you friended on Facebook aren’t your friends in reality, although you recognize one another on the street. Phony fucks are the worse and constantly hitting the LIKE button nshit after your post & comment on some irrelevant shit. Most of you are ridiculed by your viewers that actually know you while they all huddle at a friend’s home reading your post. It’s funny you are the exact FB user who requests your biggest closet enemy that really hate you for everything you ARE.
Here’s some positive advice, fuck FAKEBOOK FRIENDS


…Sly Cain

Drunk muhfu*kas

I’m not talking genuine alcoholics, I’m talking about you muhfuckas that overload yourselves on a night out running your mouths 99 miles per minute all out-of-proportion, your speech slurs nshit and staggering behavior. Drunks have zero tolerance of understanding shit. Drunks lack patients and become combative. So, you see how fucked up it is to get drunk & one day is known for it. Once drunk people adrenaline starts to flow they are pretty much in a mindset of nothing matters anything goes, at this point, it’s time to bail to avoid total chaos.


…Sly Cain

Being you

To a fault, many people like to emulate someone they perceive is either popular or BELIEVING they are better than them. I might possess certain similarities of good quality which is a good thing, but wanting the identity of another muhfucka is ridiculously insane. It’s normal to have certain traits in common with other people, but never required to be exactly someone you admire.
You are the definition of low self-esteem & self-pity as if that’s a cure. You witness this behavior, especially in women, starts with hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, it’s mainly cars and money with the fellas. Jealousy is their ultimate motive when it’s about you BEING YOU


…Sly Cain

… there are muhfuckas in this world without shit and doesn’t know what are their priorities, but tries to prioritize someone else’s life. Who are these mind-twisted fucks. I had to make this a rhetorical question because who actually wants to tackle this question knowingly too many people got a hundred reasons which won’t be reasonable enough to give a Finish Line answer when we see this a million times everywhere you go.
These are people that are miserable with their lives and want to interfere with your happy lifestyle, so they blame you for everything that is wrong with them, they see this as an opportunity to corrupt your life then coming riding up on their white horse parading as your anointed savior to fix your life, saving the day nshit.
Now they have officially licensed themselves as if you really need them to


…Sly Cain


“Land of the free”

I’m still searching Google for this land, any of it, especially what was promised, even the 40acres that were taken after slavery. The new modern slave owners created strategies to drive out today’s black owners and raise property taxes unbelievably high to this day causing the property to go into default. Now, here’s your slave mentality muhfuckas living in this era still want to conceive you are loved by a white racist America and this bitch don’t care about one drop of your ancestors’ blood wasted that built this UGLY nation. Its ignorant niggas that have the nerve to behave as a NEGRO liberal believing you’re better than the house niggas you still ARE.
America the land of murderers, thieves and cowards screaming “go home nigga” from land they stole including African people from the mother & God’s homeland, Africa. It is in this year 2019 the black man will proclaim justice for himself while white AmeriKKKa will take notice & is to observe as we rise back into the rightful place OUR people BUILT in this ungodly bitch. America is guilty and a gotdamn liar, calling herself


…Sly Cain

People who’ve done, you wrong for their own capital gain will face consequences without any aid from man, God brings matters to light unequivocally and only a fool & non-believer is too ignorant to see different than what has been true throughout the many beliefs of the world, it’s the ONE teaching all religions to share. I have practiced many things but NEVER backstab someone for personal gain.
I know and hope with god blessing I see those that do this to me and you that they see us in the midst of their retribution. I got the burden of proof and not cared about taking this particular act of greed in my hands. It’s strange & powerful how you know issues will be solved without you raising one finger, it’s because God knows your innocence and has kept you protected from the evildoers.
People who do wrong onto YOU will continue to plot & dig their own grave even after warning and they still ignore time to observe. It’s sad they thought they were the smart ones. It is that moment before their destination bout to be finalized, it is only then they remember GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY.


…Sly Cain

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