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TRUMP, is already accused of allegedly raped a woman and haven’t been in office one week. No, I dare not to believe there is an ongoing investigation, I can envision what they mean making America great.
The life & history of making a racist WHITE AmeriKKKa great again. The other grand wizard, Donald Klan Trump & family with a few tag along token niggas like Ben Carson, Ray Lewis and the newest coon, Steve Harvey. These niggas are used to lure black people out, onto their master’s scheme of things.
Trump can’t BUY real black African people to fetch for him and enslaved our minds. Today’s black man is only an ancestor of slavery, not to be mistaken nor to be single out as a token nigga, slave or coon. You have them already… The O.J’s Simpsons & Kanye West niggas of AMERIKKKA.




You are righteous

…cause you go to church or you belong to a monastery.You’re a Monk or Muslim with the word of God as your guide, taught by another hypocrite. You want to be entrusted as God chosen one to lead us out of temptation into the gates of heaven on the word of mouth, told by lying, brainwashed muhfuckas just like yourselves. Right?!
I meet a hundred muhfuckas like you every year & experience the same shit. NOTHING!!! Absolutely nothing more than the average bullshit muhfuckas.
Oh, pardon me, I forget how many of YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS



Readers are scared & ashamed of themselves because they care what people might think from reading my blogs. It’s disgraceful to be linked with a rebellious blogger that speak their mind. I’m considered the boogie man blogger. The monster that bites off the heads of those that don’t correspond whatever it is I blogged. Then, quietly they keep to themselves & don’t comment, reply or retweet shit. I’m the guy known for starting an online ruckus in secrecy according to whispers heard in the blogger’s community.
Funny thing is to why SLY1 blogs have higher stats than my partners & other bloggers I follow. Humm! And they say “I ain’t shit”.
Muhfuckas, think again before JUDGEMENT DAY.



Live on twitter

Not only Facebook goes live, Twitter is on the bandwagon also. And exactly as I didn’t go live on Facebook before deactivating my page Sly Cain, I will not go live on twitter.
I won’t go live for people to see me as if, it’s going to make a difference in what I believe or what changes should be made in America.





Young men, clothing fashion is softer and weak looking nowadays than men of my era… This GQ muhfuckas of today are just Q for Queen and the other derogatory word starting with the letter Q. I’m not regretful at all exercising my right to freedom of speech and pushing my opinion about today’s fashion for men.
Skinny Jeans, that is some GIRLY ass shit. What man wears pants without back pockets… Muhfuckas must carry a purse nshit. I recognize there is a gay culture, they aren’t ashamed. Who are these pants sagging ankle tight jeans wearing muhfuckas? These muhfuckas are UNDERCOVER!?…



Simple substitutions

Laughing sometimes substitute from using vulgarity & combative behavior. It also stops you from screaming out loud at petty situations. Laughing stops you in some instances reaching your boiling point.
Laughing can be useful in blood pressure rising situations. Laughter is always a method preventing anger. Being humorous happily is always a sound alternative. I will always go for laughter, its satisfaction guarantee. I don’t like stupidity and complicated situations I preferred SIMPLE SUBSTITUTIONS.




A woman should know, anytime a man does everything that he can & supposes too, he deserves all that she can contribute.She too, needs to practice the same. Satisfaction!!! By all means NO denying THE LOVE you both seek.
If your relationship is mutually beneficial to each other, a commitment to excellence & lots of passion.It is, THE IDEAL RELATIONSHIP.



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