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You try to understand them from every perspective if you willing to put the energy in but it can be chaotic. People aren’t considerably in favor of what you attempt to teach them that’ll benefit them in the long-term, because they want the results of everything you say & do right now. People who don’t take heed to logic are people that have poor navigation skills to guide them through life. Think about it, next time they need directions on how to do whatever, they’ll ask you for advice on shit they’ve been doing before you came along. Observe how people need you when they don’t need you. People are so selfish, constantly thinking of themselves until they come to a bridge and can’t simply walk across. People create the simplest shit, making it the most difficult situation. People don’t take time to realize you’ve been their crutch because you DO know their characteristics & weaknesses, so you stand by them. But those same people who you’re willing to stand by are the very same people that don’t show you any appreciation, as if you don’t know shit! Only up until you are needed again. These are the same people who will argue, cuss you and of course, remind you that you don’t know zilch about them, but according to them, they know everything about you. But you are the first & last they come for all the comfort they know you’ll offer because you are constantly there to support them. Supposedly, you took up their exact attitude and said, fuck them? Yes, Lord knows you don’t have to tell me about PEOPLE
…Sly Cain

You work WITHIN the community, iiiiiii DO work the hood. You speak of building shit. I put muhfuckas to work. You sell lies, I sell product. You talk solutions, we take action… You spent years in college to learn about life experiences. We lived the streets and survive life experiences. Don’t ever think you can teach us without us teaching you. Don’t come to test us, because you been tested by us. It’s not smart to think you’re smarter, it’s someone among us that’s smarter than you. Keep believing you’re the bomb, we can make that happen too. Don’t say I learned my lesson when I just gave you this LESSON

…Sly Cain

Pissy drunk! It’s a got damn shame to see pissy drunk muhfuckas in public stumbling and falling over shit. How in the fuck you can’t know when you got to pee-pee got dammit. It’s like your urine radar sensor is off balance. And the fucked up part is how you forget how to speak English nshit. The comical part is how you’ll show up at somebody’s door, making a grand entry as if you were an expected motivational speaker. Why, when muhfuckas are drunk they louder than a train locomotive, as if everyone else is deaf. I certainly hope they drunk ass doesn’t wear glasses, but it doesn’t matter because drunk muhfuckas seems to always have the most durable unbreakable lens. But they bat their eyes so much you reckon they know Morse code. And the other funny shit! Drunk muhfuckas always concern about fixing their clothes during their whole stance while off-balance, as if their appearance is what you notice first. I’m not judging, just making an observation, without the thought of thinking,,,

…Sly Cain

If you’re a couch potato, then to qualify you should be retired. If you’re young on the couch all day you’re probably a moocher & always sleeping on someone else’s couch & watching TV. This is what’s wrong today, too many muhfuckas on the couch instead of a chair, holding executive positions nshit. Niggas to content with part-time hustles, flipping a $hundred to make fifty, lacking a hundred & fifty$. Niggas got the game fucked up! So he lives off his girlfriend, bogarting his way into her life and home. The kids afraid because he’s not their father. He’s too stupid and irresponsible, even to babysit a stuffed rabbit. But he’ll beg like the little boy that he is to play Xbox, haven’t bathed in days wanting sex and fuck up her couch. Then he gets mad because she wants him out, the nigga only contribution his whole stay, was the down payment on her couch. Now he wants that ass stanking muhfucka back. She’ll tell that couch loving muhfucka to take that raggedy muhfucka with him and get the fuck out! DON’T COME BACK!
…Sly Cain

… guys today, aren’t taught to treat women the way we do. Even the music, rather its R & B, soul or rap. They all come from each category of dissing women nowadays. You got little girls idolizing bad bitches, and disrespectful boys flopping behind stupid niggas. You muhfuckas forget your mothers are women. The first person you hear when a guy is giving his acceptance speech, he thanks his mother. Guys should know women’s needs without being told, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and stability, making her feel secure in her home. He should be willing to fulfill her needs as humanly possible, to call her his woman. These muhfuckas too busy to observe women, because they’re not present emotionally, too busy playing with their homeboys.
These niggas today show way too much compassion for dudes. Humm! It ain’t no way in hell I’ll love a nigga over my woman. These muhfuckas talk that dumb shit, never to love a bitch! First of all, real men don’t have bitch problems, they love God’s gift to man. Queens! Any nigga thinks it’s cool to pretend, not having a woman, he’s unnatural. And probably can’t get a woman, and never knew how. He’s going to be a major problem in society, he’ll never know love, if he never experienced, A REAL WOMAN’S LOVE!
…Sly Cain

Everything has a cost

It’s crazy what we buy to better manage production, regardless of its being food or air in a tire. It’s about cost. Who would imagine you’ll pay in bulk for cow shit to fertile vegetation, or cheat a drug test & pay for untainted urine. Bottle water, its filter, purified and stilled. It’s bullshit! I still drink from the faucet, why not? it’s paid monthly! Fuck! Everything you read here listed should be free.
It’s all found unhealthy after being scientifically tested, only to have something wrong with it later, routine shit, then investigated later. After it’s all said and done, It’ll cost you your life, effective immediately! Careful what you say, even in social media, that too can be costly! The world is more fucked up because of EVERYTHING HAS A COST

…Sly Cain

January 15th is his birthday! It’s always celebrated on the third Monday of each year. If you Google it, it doesn’t say its a national holiday, whereas everyone has to honor and businesses are closed. It’s only observed that day, usually meaning everybody better go to work! And for you muhfuckas that love this country for everything that it is, they don’t even render this great man a day of full acknowledgment and have a full day off to celebrate his birthday. Then you unconscious niggas want to kiss and run upward face first, in white folks asses talking about making America great again. Niggas don’t understand that means slavery again. I bet you racist muhfuckas, I’ll take a kneel at work or NOT work today! It’s DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. BIRTHDAY!
…Sly Cain

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