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Better than me

I’m a go-getter, not to allege I’m better than you, I simply want to prove to myself I can elevate to a higher level, improving my lifestyle @ every aspect I believe need enhancement. I’m always being ME, although there are cases of reasons why copycats are out there, we all have taken a liking to a few & admired their trendy styles afterwards.Only, if it’s positive.But, never think to say “I can do it better” just because it is me you muhfuckas have the NEED to compete with me, especially when I’m not in competition with you.Don’t automatically generate the thought your asses are





I don’t like when somebody says “I’m NOT a morning person “. I am a Sun up till Sundown every day fully responsive person ready for the world. I figured if anyone of you is up to the early break of the day, you should ACT grateful, be thankful and lively JUST because you’re allowed to live another DAY. It isn’t others that cause you to behave snobby during mornings because you don’t automatically feel zesty. It’s you because you’re just a morning shitty deadbeat without ANY reason. SO!!! I say this @ you ungrateful muhfuckas. Fuck you!!! Sunrises are the START of EVERY day. You are boring muhfuckas need to discover how to be a MORNING PERSON.

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Another day

… trying to drive me to the edge is only an attempt you committing suicide. I’m not someone you TRY or TEST to receive an immediate reaction. Always remember the ONE most important thing, YOU’RE NOT RELEVANT. You not only wasted your time, you forgot who you’re fucken with in the first place. The dangerous thought to have is not thinking at all when it is pertaining to me. Always make preparation, come correct before you approach me, it’s possible of being your last steps. Look for advice from those that are wise that know me and maybe willing to SAVE you before calling on JESUS. You MIGHT live to see ANOTHER DAY.


…Sly Cain

Born Cheaters

Women’s complaints, cheating is always the foremost issue that worries women in the first stages of dating & marriage. This is what triggers off the trust causing problems with men before any infidelity has taken place. I’m not stating that the majority of men don’t cheat, I’m saying NOT all men cheat. Women, you forget the ONE thing before accusing and condemning men is that YOU are who he’s cheating with all while knowing he & yourselves are married or in a courtship. This advances to her just as guilty of the same charge men believe she’s cheating. If, the ratio is 7 women to every 1 man, then how easy is it to forecast the majority of women don’t cheat. After it’s all said and done, who’s to prove which is the official truth. What survey WOMEN conducted that resulted base on ALL men are BORN CHEATERS.


…Sly Cain

Truth about heaven

…your version of what God wants is bigger than the sins you confessed. This world is genuine and the people in it. Spirits & feelings are real. trials & errors are the stars of perfection. No perfect people regardless how much you seek Jesus. You are human. You can’t stop what you are. This is the reality for us.
You want what you feel, temptation or not. It’s not a day that an error hasn’t occurred while processing directive sets of principles and procedures.
We all hope we’re Heaven bound one-day.
My desire is to be able to get there as well when my time come. I prefer to accept heaven than hell rather it’s a PLACE or CONDITION. I’ll probably act more obedient if, I knew the complete TRUTH ABOUT HEAVEN.




No more walking on thin ice. No more speaking under your breath. Fuck shielding the truth because of who feelings may hurt. Damn the idea ducking & dodging, hiding behind lies of others. Face the shit you ARE. Quit caring about what we think of you regardless the choices you make… Fuck em! You’ve accepted to live with the choices you made, not us. You’re stereotype & judged by all means before you were you. We dwell in a cruel society of experts that aren’t experts. People who point the most are always questioning everything because they don’t know zilch. Now, recognize not everybody knows everything because it’s much more of everything you can accumulate.




Women, many exposed themselves talking how they’re treated badly, but at the same time, they are in the relationship, sharing stories to others how good their man is honorable to them. Fabricating lies, contradicting themselves. This how easily LOTS of women forget, they’ve told everyone & after all the seen couple selfies nshit proves the existence of her commitment & their quality time spent together. You’ll hear people sharing THEIR stories of each other, what they’ve witnessed.
Why lie & kiss someone who isn’t treating you properly? That will be very hypocritical. What woman accepts a man she doesn’t entrust enough, but to live together, combined finances and got children & constantly having sexual desires & non-stop pleasures. Who is fooling who? To believe different than what you’ve read here makes you a dumb ass. WOMEN!!!



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