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N*gga, please

Ice Cube told Bill Maher when he was a guest on his show, you are white and CAN’T use the N-word. And for you, to think it’s acceptable because you think hanging out with black people gives you a pass, then you are mistaken. It’s NOT cool to say… Cube accepted his apology afterward, but go on to say, you never to say it again. This also applies to niggas who feel they are accepted among white people, then allow white folks to call you stupid muhfuckas, Niggas. You muhfuckas are straight sellouts, yall marry white women, build a mixed family. You niggas do all you can for a white woman but diss the sistas, then use the word nigga among your white beloveds nshit. And act as if we don’t notice you snow-bunny loving muhfuckas. Any nigga married or dating white folks that couldn’t find a black mate, shouldn’t use the N-word, period! NIGGA, PLEASE!

…Sly Cain

Po ass hillbilly

Them people need to stock up after us, for this virus” the hillbilly says, nobody knows the exact date we’ll be free from this shit. I imagine white people are witnessing, what it’s like to be caged beyond their control. This is bout as much they’ll see how black people felt when they couldn’t escape slavery. It’s funny how low-income white folks hangout picking their teeth with a broom straw, leaned up against their old Ford pick up truck with confederate flag plates, debating should they shop where Colored & Mex-Kans people are grouped in Walmarts. They act as if, their nasty asses are fucken class A-1 citizens. I laugh hard as fuck, listening to a PO ASS HILLBILLY
…Sly Cain

Make sense…

Men, back in the days of Dr. King and Malcolm X, wouldn’t ever consider or recommend this era as role models for the next coming generation. They say don’t judge a book by its cover. I agree, but what about when you don’t understand the cover?!… I never understood advertising cheap underwear & your pants on the ground around your ankles. Especially, to display your ass for other men to view. They say they ain’t gay, but that’s gay mannerisms. If one muhfucka explain this behavior, I’m willing to listen, although I doubt it’ll MAKE SENSE…

black men2
…Sly Cain

How is it you black, and all your friends are white? Unless you O.J the Simp, Tay Diggs & Wesley Snipes. They only date outside their race! No excuses for these crossovers. It’s like black women ain’t good enough for these types of Negros, other than to fuck & degrade them as hoes & bitches. Niggas got a long way to go before calling themselves a brother or sister among the black community. It appears these niggas wish they were white. Its an outcry, begging to be accepted among the masses, and white privilege. Sadly, you colored muhfuckas love a race of people more than your own in every category.

sellout nigs
…Sly Cain

The end

I thought more than half the world are members of Facebook! I like Twitter. But I advertise my blog site here as well. I’m trying to understand those claim to be God-fearing members of the word & holy-filled, please explain to me if you’re all grouped in large numbers, does God hear you-all now? I know there is a God. I don’t know his intentions during this hour because of the severe damage the people have suffered. I suppose God is quietly looking over his roll-call right now, finalizing his chosen ones. The Earth is bleeding death from every element of destruction, and people aren’t taking heave-to what’s going on. As stated by those who know scripture, you’ll know that moment, when it’s THE END
…Sly Cain

No shame here…

It’s the third week indoors, and a month without income. I went from driving to crawling. I went from Lobster & steak to beans & peanut butter, crackers. I went from doing fine to just barely making it. I went from people asking how I’m doing, to wondering if I’m alive. I remember bringing in a paycheck, now I’m panhandling. We act proud when people ask is everything okay, but the reality, we are on our last leg. I went from how can I help, wondering where can I acquire help. The Coronavirus doesn’t have to worry about me being sick, my situation has already stripped me of everything, and that’s sickening enough. I’m sick, broke and tired. NO SHAME HERE…
…Sly Cain

People are quick to critique your works as if it’s their duty nshit. My daughter told me once,” Pops this my Facebook page” she’s right! I had a few muhfuckas inbox me about a typo or two! I figured, if you read it and understood it, then that was a plus. But, for any muhfuckas to take out a minute to inbox me with a lot of rhetoric, they could have kept their mouths shut. Constructive criticism, wouldn’t have gotten me bent out of shape. That only would have made me grab a drink and drew a smile. And then, I would have correct my mini errors that got you muhfuckas panties in a bunch, and you think you were belittling me. Anyway, to all geniuses & English scholars, THANK YOU!
…Sly Cain

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