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Time does not wait for anyone. Whether it’s for Love, change, career, or whatever the case may be. Any one person should do the most with their time and cherish the people therein, but far too many times we say, I have time!! I will do it later!! But, the truth is Time Doesn’t wait for anyone. TIMES UP!!!


Khronicles by Ms.Vee


Every day she would play a tune just like a simile comparing one thing to another, but of different kinds
….saying things like I am as brave as a lion and also crazy like a fox. All the while not taking the hints that she was poetry but, he couldn’t read!!!!

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Khronicles by Ms.Vee

I often wondered several occasions, reminiscing over the years of my life, dealing with a few significant individuals. Rather they were distance or close family members. I’m sure many of you can relate to what I’m saying. How many times have you dealt with muhfuckas that gave you headaches? And talked irrelevant bullshit?
You tried to explain shit in the simplest form, and muhfuckas still don’t comprehend shit. Relatives had the propensity to fuck with you because they are relatives & not understanding your reasoning from fucken with you because you are bound by blood. Shit! It all comes to an end!
You get tired of their bullshit, and being inconsiderate, the muhfuckas!
They got to go!
The reason you fuck with them is because of…
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…Sly Cain


My condolences

Don’t pretend to care about a muhfucka you didn’t respect, who died suddenly, and you get wind of it, now you’re in a fucken frenzy, claimed you lost a friend.
You want your name on their obituary, you want to do the eulogy, acting broken-up & teary-eyed to speak, and you won’t look-up into the church congregation nor at family members. After you’ve lied and performed looking with your head down at the front row with the deepest sympathy…
You have the gall to say, MY CONDOLENCES

…Sly Cain


What’s your reason you joined social media? Mine is to promote my trashy website and to stay in contact with family & a few friends. If I had to guess, you muhfuckas are going to lie. Don’t allow me to make assumptions.
You muhfuckas know exactly why you’re here. It’s to be messy and nosey.
Also, to antagonize & to bully those that you wish to prey on that are weak.
Acknowledge it, don’t hide! #IJS

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…Sly Cain

Breastfeeding is now legal in 50states, in public. I approve of women feeding their infants in public. And manner it’s done in public. Babies love breastfeeding! But, here lies the problem. Its perverted muhfuckas are watching publicly, waiting to prey on women with an exposed breast, regardless of the circumstances. Some men feel enticed to pursue a woman’s exposed breast publicly and to violate her right to a private feeding, in plain public view. Women, you got to know you can endanger yourselves with a boob hanging out. A perverted man sees it as importunity as being provoked into his unlawful actions. So, he conjures up an uninvited, invitation, out of desperation, to force himself to a NAKED TIT.

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…Sly Cain



…you shouldn’t worry about costume-wearing gargoyles, ghosts, and other scary creatures when coming Halloween.
Can’t be scarier than the monsters you friend on social media.
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…Sly Cain

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