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They are out there

I see them every day & night observing high above the earth, almost every night lingering lower around the neighborhood, loud with a gigantic spotlight. It’s odd at times how they hover in a specific spot, pretending to be a shining star at night monitoring you watching or not looking at them. You truly don’t notice their movement until you look away, and then quickly you look back as if, someone is stalking you. That’s when you question yourself are you fucken paranoid nshit. Be mindful of them when you see them in government or your local grocery store buying meat in cellophane or aluminum looking flexible Packaging.
It’s them when you see them attempting to smell frozen vegetables through the vacuum-seal wrap, especially, if, they have yellow hair. They are very ugly specimens driving a shopping buggy down through every aisle of the store, never making eye contact. It’s definitely one of them, stocking up to return back to their satellite station. I always knew THEY ARE OUT THERE.

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…Sly Cain





Nowadays you see videos online whereas someone has either smoked or slips a substance into a person’s drink, or however it happens. That’s some diabolical shit. My issue with the recording of a drugged victim, Is to why the camera person doesn’t stop to help rather than to complete the footage. What is comical about a person acting out of character from a control substance that causes hallucinations and detrimental endangerment to themselves?
What kind of society watches this shit & post comments, as if, its good entertainment. Today’s society, this new generation is an era of a fucked up world without remorse for humanity. Ninety percent of Facebook tragic footage is people of color & coverage is by people of color, mainly from their own community.
Women, particularly, need to be really cautious about your surroundings and your circle of associates. And especially stay away from K2.

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…Sly Cain


Hood Angels

They are the realist Angels that live among us today. They aren’t ghostly like images or a myth. Hood angels are the people that help in the community, volunteers without discrimination. I’ve been a hood Angel in many instances without hesitation. Empathy, my gracious curse. I know, if everyone could be a hood angel at ANY given time this world as it is today, would benefit for the betterment of all people in every hood. I’m from Compton, Ca.
And believe it or not, I’ve seen many HOOD ANGELS

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…Sly Cain

Black people don’t have to be reminded to support their own.  It’s you trifling ass niggas that need a reminder. It’s a shame to take heed to these so-called community leaders that pretend to be advocates for black awareness or black pride but are the primary source of betrayal in their own communities. These are the first muhfuckas to rob the neighborhood from having any progress brought into our communities. It’s these niggas preaching that rhetoric how WE should create jobs for our black youth and the future. I say, get ALL the churches & their leaders to finance the community with some of that capital they’ve gained from blessings for starters, circulate that money back in the community that had been GIVETH IT TO YOU.
Niggas too, along with black people need to help and to create a system to funnel money back into helping SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES.

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…Sly Cain

Amerikkka is killing black people for sport and their team is the police, particularly those that are racist dressed in black & disguise in the red, white & blue face, led by the color Trump-yellow toupee gang. People of colored brown & red need to unite and stand upward because you all are next. And particularly black people because this is their newest method of racial extermination. It’s the sport of the century. Amerikkka is hype and determine to kill as many black people possible without hesitation. The police are the players playing without rules. The referee (aka) the government, watches and doesn’t throw any penalty flags of COLOR for justice. Now see this, therefore, no one is going to save us from them badge wearing vigilantes, so how long are black people and other people of color are going to stand by and continue to watch us get beat & shot down like wild animals and do nothing to defend ourselves from these unlawful racist cops?… I’m sure it’s been far beyond this time for strategies to determine the best & most consistent plan to deflate Amerikkkas death trap. Get ready people for the day of returning their equal justice, also to FUCK THE POLICE.

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…Sly Cain

Look at me

I don’t give one fuck about your negativity or what you niggas think of me. I live life my way, and then if I don’t hide or lie in the form you lame muhfuckas do, don’t be mad at me. I do everything my way cause it works for me and my stomach. I’m too pleased me. If you can’t treat me as I see fit, don’t fuck with me. You muhfuckas can or might call it selfish, but once more, I care less about your inputs. I do me muhfuckas and is succeeding much success because you niggas aren’t a factor for whatever I’m trying to accomplish. So, you bitch niggas & trifling hoes go eat a dick & choke into a comma. And always remember, if you awaken, I do what’s best for me. That IS the sacrifice!!!
So walk on muhfuckas…
And watch cautiously how you LOOK AT ME.


…Sly Cain

Stupid jealous fucks, especially adult females. I hear women gossip about what some other woman wears, EVEN when it comes to my woman, who never compete with no woman on any occasion. Fashion isn’t a factor, why would anyone want to claim they out dressed anybody, if, that’s their position. It’s whispered daily throughout the week, at the job in so-called secret. We hear the foolishness, but it’s no bother to us. I only want a simple understanding to whereas why it is important to THEM.
I’ve never witnessed so much jealousy in such a tiny box town of insecure muhfuckas. Copycats, at the highest level of wannabes, the monkey see, monkey do types. It’s a workplace of undeveloped mind & immature women needing to chat & copy other women for FASHION.


…Sly Cain

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