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Why do YOU expect the world to do everything for YOU that YOU can manage yourself?
If YOU were to pay close attention to the things you say and do, YOU wouldn’t have the problems YOU have involving everyone else who has a significant reason not to fuck with YOU. It’s no wonder people react the way they do towards YOU!

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…Sly Cain

How does one continue to pretend to be something they’re not, but preaches & quotes the bible. And progress has not manifest? How long does it take YOU ALL to acknowledge a fraud for leadership? Why people advise others, but don’t live up to their advice? It’s fucked up to listen who preaches a bunch of rhetoric, when in fact everybody knows your shit!!! I know niggas in church every Sunday and doesn’t change at all. They just loudmouth muhfuckas that are still abusive & constant liars!!! I bet y’all know a muhfucka like that, always delusional, beliving God always talking to them. It doesn’t make sense, how niggas can be pillars of the church but are verbal abusers to women & children who claim to know the word of God and stay screwed up! That’s not a muhfucka of God. That’s just a CHURCHGOER.

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…Sly Cain


People aren’t supportive of your happiness automatically. People will automatically critique and judge you. People care less about your needs when other people start to help you. People only want to take credit what they’ve done for you, only if the world can know. You can’t please all the people.
You can’t advise most people with constructive criticism. You can pray for people until your mouth dry, but the truth is, stop worrying about other people matters. If, you know they are known for not appreciating anything you perform or say!!! Know when to cut losses, those that aren’t supportive.
That’s the DEAL BREAKER.


…Sly Cain


Signs of times

I’m appalled reading a blog I discovered, a “queer group” of three women, I quote, are having oral sex. A threesome! All on their menstrual cycle. It’s graphic and disturbing! I understand people being informative. But, to see photos of women with bloody faces buried in vaginas, that isn’t normal behavior.
What muhfuckas in their RIGHT mind does something that gross at any level of sexual activity? It’s sickening that people stoop lower than dogs to lick ass & eat menstrual vagina. It’s beyond any answer I could ever give without vomiting. The world is fucked up! SIGNS OF TIMES.


…Sly Cain

You are 30

Why do people ask you the FEW golden rules they aren’t supposed to ask? NEVER ask how much MONEY they make, are how much did they PAY for their house & car.
You can always tell which muhfuckas had a fucked up-childhood & up-bringing, just from the questions they ask.
Muhfuckas without home training is a reflection of their parents or guardians. People need to teach and learn etiquette, also those that are less fortunate.
It’s embarrassing to listen to people that don’t care how they sound or act in public.
It’s sad to know, one that speaks the capacity level of a…
10year old and YOU ARE 30

…Sly Cain


No love!

People are so petty & silly over the simplest shit. What’s the age limit for stupidity? What happened to respect for others? And is integrity swept under the rug? These are rules we honor before opening our mouths. People went from decency to gutter behavior. What happened to the state of quality forever lasting love?
We live in a chaotic environment encouraged by those to be disruptive because of their failures. They hate for you to succeed at something they fail to achieve. Nowadays, everyone is for themselves without reconciliation. Stay humble among numbskulls. Because of NO LOVE!

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…Sly Cain

AmeriKKKan cops

Cops in America! I’m addressing all cops who BEATS black people for recreational purposes. Cops that are UNLAWFUL! Its white cops the POTUS empowered! And using hate rallies for racist cops that are sworn in, but only to abuse an oath, to kill black people. Especially our black youth! This just one method of AmeriKKKa’s rule of genocide, along with spreading control substances in black communities.
America is guilty of crimes since the arrival of evil Anglo-Saxons existence. White people scream racism, when in fact they initiate violence against black people around the country, EVERY day.
A new generation isn’t going to condone unlawful behavior from racist cops. A change is brewing, that’s going to generate the attention this country has not seen yet. The POTUS needs to be aware, he & his posse aren’t the only ones planning to alter the mindset of white supremacist, AMERIKKKAN COPS.

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…Sly Cain

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