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Tacos take over

Whats all the Tacos dishes. ..
we talking more creations then the use of a chicken. ..
Everything made consistent with tacos now…
they even have traditional tacos days during the week…
No offence to Mexicans…
But every other nationality is doing more tacos manufacturing then any body. ..
its clearly TACOS TAKE OVER.



Over dressed

I don’t like burgers with all that bullshit. ..
Two fat ass bison beef patties…
stack with three buns and two types of lettuce with green and red tomatoes.
Onions of every kind loaded with several different hot types of peppers …
Spread with four different dressings dripping shit down a muhfuckas arm,
wrist to your elbows. ..And you need a fucken shovel to hold it…
Hopefully you have a full set of teeth to bite that gigantic size shit burger.
To me that’s a nasty creation pile of gastric heart killer that’s to OVER DRESSED.



Now that’s a bird more popular than any bird on the planet…You can eat it…Use it in a sentence as a noun and a description…
Its an ingredient for many recipes…Chicken also can be used verbally in a negative way…Calling someone “A Chicken”…Funny thing how you can use a Chicken…
And a chicken is the nastiest bird on the yard…Chicken is also cannibalistic…& eat like a scavenger…
Yet Chicken is so gotdamn delicious…And is a meal any time of the day…& makes good appetizers…You can go on forever about Chicken or “Yard Bird”..
.One of the many nicknames its called…


“Pot Boiling”

People scream this shit like its a call to come and get your dinner…The water is boiling…You walk in the house and starts screaming “WHO LEFT THE POT ON”…Funny…Because all you have to do is cut the shit off…
Its like you want the person that was POT BOILING WATER…to suffer cause they did some wrong shit by leaving the POT unattended…Makes it seem as if you’re gonna punish them…
Its a simple fix…Pour another pot…Until it boils out for the next scream muhfuckas…


“Alfredo sounds good”

ok, I just made this Alfredo that’s real good. Ok.. first, I put the pasta on, salted water, olive oil in the water, so the pasta won’t stick together. any type of sausage you like, take the casing off, and put it in a skillet with olive oil & garlic, ground it, sauté it. Cut jumbo shrimp in half, add sea salt & pepper, or whatever you’d like, sautée shrimp and ground sausage together, add a little butter.(I don’t measure these things, lol so you’d have to do it your way).. add Alfredo sauce, bought or homemade, cook long enough to combine flavors, add pasta & wallah. & I sautéed spinach to go with it. skillet, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper. the end 😄
sounds good

You Can’t Eat Just 1

you can’t eat just 1 I wonder what is the addictive ingredient in SALSA…It’s some kind of good potion mixed in to that mixture of goodness…Who invented this delicious spicy hot chip crunching dip…It’s the ultimate Mexican flavor across the border…I’m all in the dip…:)





wrong recipe

The ingredients are not the same from the first dish…How could everything so right…Now be so wrong…How’s everything so far outta place…Who switched the salt in the pepper shaker and the pepper in the salt shaker…What causes the mix up…Everything used to be done so tender and tasteful…Now the ingredients are wrong…& everything tastes tough…Now the only good taste is just a memory of what we had…



What’s better than a double cheeseburger with bacon & grilled onions & regular onions, mayo, mustard ..lettuce & pickles with homeade fries & ketchup? And a pineapple shake on the side?
Wait. No… I think I want enchiladas with sour cream and guacamole .. spanish rice and jalapeño refried beans with cheese and sour cream on top …& a strawberry soda
But then again… I kind of want some chicken and shrimp Alfredo with broccoli or spinach and garlic bread on the side…with a glass if Arnold Palmer
☝wait.. What about some lasagna and garlic bread & peach tea?
Dang…. Now I’m confused 😒
Think ima go straight for desert… Apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream
OR… Double fudge chocolate cake with pecan praline ice cream…
I kind of want peach cobbler though, with butter pecan ice cream … 😒
Ok… I’m confused again
Or do I want steak, potatoes & A1?

ion want tacos no more

I go over this muhfuckas house and she talking about “I’m hungry, I’m about to make tacos, you want some?”.. I’m like “cool, what you got to put on em?”.. she goes, ketchuuuuup, green sauuuuce & onions”……
✋Hol’up. How you gone make tacos without no gotdamn lettuce, CHEESE… NOR sour cream?!!!!!
Them tacos ain’t right!!! “na, I’m cool, ion want any”
Her: “you sure?”
Me: “positive” 😒

“winner winner, chicken dinner”

Today, my fiancé’s parents visited. I keep chickens out in the backyard,for their eggs, so we had a connection.
They told us to leave the house while they cooked us dinner, when we returned, we faced two steaming plates of fried chicken. MY chickens.They had names. FML


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