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Slap yourselves

I know you not gonna shoot yourself, suicide is stupid… You feeling hopeless and useless to us all… Your life has no meaning nshit… Everybody hates you ,blaming you from being born… You can’t explain why you wanna end it all… You don’t count anymore… Everybody you close to is gone… You alone. Okay! Listen up muhfuckas… I’m gonna make it simple and not in a sympathetic way … Get your ass up and live for yourself… People betting on you to jump &.die for social media… Meaning your life ain’t shit but, for Facebook clicks nshit… Stop feeling sorry and wanting to take our tax dolla to house your ass into a NUT HOUSE… Act like you give a damn for once and help somebody that needs you… Stop being selfish, having good people to focus on you when you don’t care for you… Stop! Punken out and live on muhfuckas, you really do count, cause you don’t own you…HE DOES!!! You wanna hurt for a Facebook moment & clicks… Snapshot you ,when you SLAP YOURSELVES.






B*tch! Change your look

Nobody is meaning that shit… Hitting the like button, cause you plastering your fucked up selfies for profile pics nshit… You muhfuckas has been really brainwash by your own gotdam peers and parents. No! Muhfuckas! You aren’t beautiful … Same ole face with the same fucked up ” baby fat “,you say… You haven’t had a man to call yours in twenty years..Now Facebook has influenced your asses & convincing you ugly muhfuckas that you are beautiful… She & he is toying with your asses… You muhfuckas didn’t get enough hugs as a child… ” That’s why ,you no self-esteem “(in my Korean voice)… Get that fucked up profile picture off-line Asap! BITCH! CHANGE YOUR LOOK.




Turn back around

Where you muhfuckas going… Running from us, the way you muhfuckas are doing… Fucken cry babies nshit… You retweet our shit and Facebook us in comments nshit & interact with us. But, now you cowardly muhfuckas running ,cause I won’t mention you muhfuckas for free publicity… Just so you’ll know… Muhfuckas we have a few private endorsements… Soon as Paul Mooney, Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock get BACK in contact… Don’t come crawling asking for a few ” Hey Man’s ” nshit, not gonna work… Keep it movin forward muhfuckas…Don’t be looking @ us no more muhfuckas… TURN BACK AROUND.




I had enough of you muhf*ckas

I’m not gonna name names yet,but I should… So consider you are some extremely lucky fucks… I learned something about most of you on Facebook & Twitter… & those that have unfollowed me,Goodlawd !!! I see why you left… Your shit for a life is totally fucked up and you’re living with some serious secrets and it’s finally about to reappear and I know what they are and it’s making all of you nervous and got some of you thinking about suicide nshit… But, I’m gonna save you muhfuckas from yourselves & after I do this, I’m leaving you to yourselves… I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU MUHFUCKAS.




stop sucking up to muhf*ckas

Look @ you muhfuckas getting Facebook hits, likes and comments nshit .But ,NO PAY, like the $$$change we get.(Hehehe,Funny Huh) Look @ the game invites,pokes and smiley faces post on your status ,muhfuckas loves you all… Sounds like I’m haten almost… Nope! Never that. Muhfuckas!!! I’m just pointing out the facts,muhfuckas really don’t give one fuck about you.They’ll show you love commenting nshit, pretending they are so concern with your personal status issues… Instant message that muhfucka ,saying ” call me, its urgent” Not gonna happen, guessing you needing something, begging nshit.  Facebook and Twitter likes don’t mean shit to a muhfucka that doesn’t mean shit to you… Try to sell an item or look for donations for a serious cause… you’ll learn some serious shit about online muhfuckas quickly, especially from those you know personally… Hit ah muhfuckas pocket and see how many followers and friends you keep… Muhfuckas! You all are wishing that celebrities acknowledge your asses… Well, guess what muhfuckas, the celebrities & NOBODY else is going to notice you unknown muhfuckas,STOP SUCKING UP TO MUHFUCKAS.



Remove your tag

Facebook taggers,I hate that shit…. Muhfuckas! Listen from this day forward…Any muhfucka tag they shit to my page without my permission will get blast some serious embarrassed shit…I will dog your asses into the gotdamn ground…Muhfuckas! Need to ask me first…This shit will get ugly than a muhfucka when I’m done with your desperate asses, needing free advertisement,because a muhfucka won’t sponsor your crappy shit…Stay the fuck off my page muhfuckas… If you don’t want your street credibility fucked off. Muhfuckas!  Don’t tag me in your shit…I’ll just REMOVE YOUR TAG.





Celebrities ain’t talkin to you

See how they do your dumbass,you wanna interact with their asses online,you wanna TWEET,INBOX your favorite celebrity.
I even looks @ some of you Facebook pages, asking a celebrity,how can you get to know em
or can you come over and clean their toilets for stardom nshit…Fuck that fan chasing shit…
They have their own rich online famous community… Guess what dummies
You ain’t part of it…So,keep your low-class income comments to yourself…




Photoshop,you bitches

…you see em like the rest of us do… Them ugly painted bitches with tons of make up posting them mugs on Facebook as your original profile picture… Tryna collect at least one million hits for LIKES …But,only receiving family & make-believe friends support,just because you are a Facebook member…So,get this in your heads muhfuckas …you are not liked @ all by real people, where it really counts…Just goes to show that,the nobodies aren’t important @ all …Especially fake bitches like yourselves thinking you are beautiful trying to enhance your ugliness …You can’t. It wouldn’t matter, if you use PHOTOSHOP,YOU BITCHES.



Facebook addicts

…not all of us are addicts because we socialized @ Facebook.But,when you’re a guy like Mr.Smith always making Facebook announcements that you are leaving and don’t,You are a junkie ,its habit-forming, just like a drug…How many times have you & are you going to promise to leave us normal,regular facebook users… but,your timeline is loaded with more contradiction and procrastinating status tales…Nigga be gone with your lying hypocritical self… You surely have the symptoms of FACEBOOK ADDICTS.




I was invited to Church

I received a Facebook invite to Church online.. I guess it doesn’t matter where church is being held…What do I know right?! Seriously,I might would have participated considering I didn’t have to leave home or get dressed in everything that looks like an suit…I only have one suit,which was piece together for a funeral @ one time ago…And I’ll probably be buried in it myself 🙂 who knows right.But,another concern of mine was not only I don’t want to go to church online,I probably don’t want to hear who’s giving the sermon.And to be honest… it probably doesn’t matter because everybody practically is a preacher on Facebook other than me and a few others that doesn’t practice being something they’re not…I rarely attend any service where there are overnight Ministries and Ministers quoting scriptures misinterpreting the word and trying to recruit me.Fuck that!!! I will not be part of that hypocritical cult…I can do wrong on my own…I’m not interested in joining your gang of misleading Facebook church members representatives … I haven’t heard from anyone else after telling them how I felt and because of that rant of mines, they still pretend to care.I never did volunteer to join, I WAS INVITED TO CHURCH.



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