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Why not help?!!!

Canned the goods everyday from profitable organizations and giveaway to the needy… There shouldn’t be one homeless person in this country… Fast food & restaurants throws out food everyday… Most of it ,is hours old.But,isn’t spoil or rotten… Besides,lets just say… if, you’re living on the dirty streets,then how bad are the risk for you food establishments to offer your leftovers are non-sold food… Homeless people are already living high risk to the bad conditions of environmental hazards… Besides,you’re not housing them, like they’re your responsibility… So,go head & rest easy ,at least try to feed those that are less fortunate… WHY NOT HELP?!!!





” toy food “

I’m convinced that all of the food we eat is “toy food” just like the fast food restaurant’s food; the grocery store food is no different.
As I’m sautéing spinach last night/this morning, I was sayin to myself how I can’t get any green vegetable to taste how they used to when I was a kid, something has changed with the “feel” of all this food, especially vegetables, fruit, cereal & “juice”. I think they’re trying to malfunction our insides to the point it’s DNA altering, but I don’t wanna go too far here.
Anyhow, I finished cooking and made my dad & cousin a plate, my dad came in and started talking about how he had an organic banana and it was so good that it reminded him of the ones from when he was a kid, I said “oh, you noticed the change? I just said that while I was cooking that spinach. The whole time I’m trying to figure out why they want us to eat plastic, is it really plastic? And if not, WHAT is it? And why doesn’t anything taste the same anymore?”
I’m so tired of eating toy food
Maybe “organic” is the way to go, but at this point, I damn near don’t trust any of it until we stop pretending that things haven’t changed for the worse and speak up.
We can’t let people just do anything to us and keep acting like everything’s the same.
this is crazy.


Food taster

Who are they, I know one thing for sure… They aren’t these hick town muhfuckas thats out the back woods that hasn’t been to an on growing civilization…People that hasn’t been a food  taster can’t Judge good culinary cooking from difficult & different types of recipes, international or otherwise. ..It’s hard to explain the concepts of skill cooking and taste…I’m not the one to teach anyone how to taste every grain of seasoning and added ingredients to a creative dish, also isn’t my place to tell a muhfucka that it’s more to learn about tasting than some salty greens and caked up cornbread & plain dried out meatloaf.I’ve eaten food all over…and I never been a close minded person to any open suggestions being offer to me on taste.I know how to taste and what to look for when tasting food for judging. I also know you inexperience muhfuckas takes a fork and stabs a load of shit and gobbles it down like scarlet dogs & you thinks thats food tasting…fuck these amateurs. ..I’m a real FOOD TASTER.




“its nuthin to eat in here”

You know we’re crazy. We’ll sit in a house full of food and say “its noting to eat in here, I’m starving”, all because the food might be frozen, as if you don’t have heat or, all types of defrosting devices to where you can easily turn that frozen food, into thawed food. Or, you might not have matching things that you like, like a certain type of meat with that certain side dish, and the meat is not available to you at that moment, we’d rather starve and complain than make something to eat. It ever crossed our minds that we can eat side dishes alone, or meat alone? Or, whatever, alone? Its food.
Do you know that if you brought a for real, starving person, in that same kitchen, they would be completely confused by what you meant, when you said “there’s nothing to eat in here” COMPLETELY CONFUSED. There’s plenty to eat.


Hot food

…whats the point eating food thats super hot to eat…
I don’t get it…who enjoys eating food that’ll burns,
your tongue out your mouth. ..
how can you taste your naturally good seasoning
over burning fire,cooking in your mouth…
What muhfucka in their right mind…eats food
that has them sweating bricks and drinking a bath tub of water,
just to start barley cooling off…
Anytime a person eating hot food,blowing snot…
from the heat & wiping your forehead..
plus tears in your eyes and sneezing spreading germs
without giving a fuck…who really thinks its sensible
to burn your insides out, with HOT FOOD.




Its always one

…no matter how hard you try to reason with people…
Its always one thats gonna fuck up the Cha-cha.
You both have a whole pie amongst yourselves. ..
its that one that wants to cut and issue,you the shortest slice. ..
Greed will always come to hunt you later,
with burden of proof… to throw in your face,
leaving you in a place where your soul is lost
and your conscious being the death of you…
Clear minds are never the one to make the split…
for sharing equal amounts of the pie slices. ..
Think about why…
the answer is because, there is no honor among the greedy. ..
to give you a fair share would be like doing the right thing. ..
See how the devil works…Once the  short slice is in question. ..
then so is your life existence…Watch out for the knife cutter. ..
its pie is not thats all getting slice.
Careful about the company you keep…No matter who.
Somebody going to get shorten…ITS ALWAYS ONE.



Nut crackers

Men & Women loves a good nut cracker…
You have to have a real good tight pussy and lip gripper,
to make me nut crack…Its no easy task without that professional dedicated one…
This has to be a self taught individual. ..to become a nut specialist.
Takes a lot of nut chunking practice.
She’ll need plenty jaw power building,to pile on these nuts.
Can’t find a good nut cracker @ the University of Phoenix online,
to crack a good nut…
You need a gooble down the drain nut sucker…
able to crack a nut in a three minute suck. ..
You have to be able to identify these nut busters,
using dickhead sucking skills instincts. ..
Yes yes yes, Long live good tongue licking,sucking NUT CRACKERS.



Pork bellies

They have invaded the univers. ..I have a bit of pork belly.. ..
I tried to avoid this write up and exclude myself …
Kind of hard to do when people know of my appearance… but,not really knowing me..
Im cool with that tho…Its just a eye sore site to see…
day in & night out every day 24/7. ..
fucking obesity is an epidemic. ..
Like the fucking plague shits catching and constantly spreading…
all over the world.Makes YOU ALL scare to look in the mirrors…
I don’t eat pork…
Im sure to those that do eat pork, looks pretty attempting ,
to you cannibalistic asses. ..Eat up fuckers. ..Most of you carelessly…
don’t give a fuck how you look anyway. ..
Go head,open up &  lose them over weight PORK BELLIES.





Its some good ass ice milk mocha good with chocolate chip cookies…
preferably CHIPS AHOY!  …Its a grocery high price drink,
in a few ounces hula waist shape bottle,
to look expensive to quench your thirst. .
Really, Cut the shenanigans…
This ain’t nothing more than a half ass near chocolate milk refrigerated,
@ a high temperature…
sweeter than pure cane sugar bleached ingredients with,
a rich sounding name to manipulate the minds of real hot coffee drinkers  ..
Some more creative fancy,good tasting shit…
with a name to Webster search. ..FRAPPUCCINO .



Bizarre food

…Is pussy a substitute food…for a toad water amphibian fresh taste. ..
Or does it taste whatever her diet intake was for satisfying her hunger early on…
Could pussy be a survival food outdoor wilderness dish…
Can pussy be a fulfilling appetizer…Or is pussy a full course meal?…
After you get thru eating pussy. ..
would you characterize it as a BIZZARE FOOD.



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