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Look @ you…not me

…quit acting like Im the bad guy. ..
I don’t influence your kids to fight & kill,
or persuade your mates,into dumping their so called lovers. ..
Fuck yall for trying to blame me for all your mishaps. ..
Im not your keeper either assholes. ..
& you muhfuckas kills me with that shit talk,
about the way I talk about people. ..
This what the fuck I do…
If you stupid muhfuckas didn’t do stupid shit…
Then guess what stupid…I wouldn’t. ..
So I thank you stupid ,ignorant ,muhfuckas for all your stupidity. ..



Whatcha gon give me

I know dam well I didn’t hear that shit,
from this young bitch with her pink light skin ass…
These bitches bold…& you old hoes know it…
Yall jealous,because they gettin all the play…
& when I say it ,you muhfuckas unfriend  me. ..
the God lost soul child ,Yall call me now…And because yall do…
knowing I don’t give one whole fuck…Ima say this. ..
First of all …you young hoes…Im not gonna pay you shit, to suck my dick. ..
You should be draining your savings account to pay me…
Im not your average street corner coffee shop dick, bitch. ..
60 dollars. ..What the fuck I look like…
I should give you 60days instead,punishing you with my dick. ..
but,considering you not even good enough. ..
you got 60days to improve and upgrade your whole life. ..
Then get a degree  & career for pay. ..
Then setup a papal account, for money transfers.
Then call me…Thats, WHATCHA GON GIVE ME.




Hot flashes

…Im over this broad house frying fish and looking @ her in a bikini,
big ass cheeks ozin out each side…
She has entice me all evening entertaining me with that tattoo ass…
with snake rattlers designed, embedded in her ass cheeks. ..Im thinking she wants me…
right when I tried to touch her,
giving me those beaded eyes signaling looks, like she’s ready…
She fucking says,” nope! Sorry, dammit… I got HOT FLASHES”.




Trick hunters

Club hoppers & Dick,trick scouts. ..Bad bitches. ..The gold diggers. …
professional money baggers,trap snatching ,trick hunters. …
If you are single with a few dollars these bitches is lurking like big game hunters,
to hang your ass on the wall. Mounted,like trophies after the kill. ..
& their choice of weapons are known for luring prey. ..
The Tongue & Pussy & a few lip licks and soft words of poison…
& you weaklings are hooked and trap into a spider web for the kill…
You would think you muhfuckas would have been smarter. ..
Be careful, unless you don’t mine being caught up,
by these professional manipulative TRICK HUNTERS.



It ain’t that serious

Why is it a trend to utter these words…
I think its bullshit for a person to say what is and isn’t serious,
to a person that believes it is a serious matter . ..
All concerns to others may not be as important to your silly asses…
Its just dumb to copy a dummy. ..
Just because you follow trends thats stupid,
doesn’t mean Im gonna do stupid shit. ..Yes,I have a problem with idiots…
Honestly I shouldn’t tho,because worrying about these fools,
and what they say to me. …




This is todays jackpot…Everybody is buying a pay check of tickets. ..
I did get two powerball tickets…Im never lucky at this shit…
Thats why I need to work..
Imagine all those that didn’t participate,
and they so call lucky numbers gets call. ..
Wow! Wouldn’t that be painful to the ego…
Well, all I can say for all the entries today,
is goodluck winning the powerball for $400million.



why you even bother

I can’t believe ,during my late in the wee hours when I’m working my hobby job for bucks late night. ..
I see mind boggling shit irritating the real late nite bloggers. ..
You see them advertising shit that’ll never mount to shit. ..
Funny how people that don’t know better can’t see its over ,no future in this business. ..
Haha! It can’t be fun going nowhere. ..
I know my shit got more than just potential we’re awesome that$ why we’re here…
The minute you started asking about the award winner trash site  shows the attention we draw. ..
Now,yours on the other hand…Well! WHY YOU EVEN BOTHER.


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