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High blood pressure

The silent killer…you hear this shit about several other Illness. ..
Im not concern with any of them because, I eat healthy. ..
Well, I eat good foods. ..
Im over weight to be truthfully and thats an health issue. ..
I have had traits or signs of warnings for HBP. .
I made several excuses for not taking better care of myself. ..
So,evidently Im to lazy to care…
I procrastinate about doing exercise that maybe can prolong my life…
That alone would make you think,,, a person, would be more conscious,
about themselves. ..I guess i think Im exempt …




I been lazy lately

…Do you hear this shit!
coming from a muhfucka that never does anything …
but sit in a lazy boy recliner and eat,watches reruns of Duck Dynasty,
on the fucking dvr. ..He has an area around his TV tray with crumbs,
and unraveling paper wraps nshit on the floor….
Feet out smelling like fish guts. ..
laid back with some old ass razorback shorts
& knees ashy than white board chalk…
hair kink in naps like artificial dreadlocks…
He only moves to take a piss & Numba2. ..
This muhfucka house looks exactly the way he looks,
and have the audacity to say in the same breath…



Pork bellies

They have invaded the univers. ..I have a bit of pork belly.. ..
I tried to avoid this write up and exclude myself …
Kind of hard to do when people know of my appearance… but,not really knowing me..
Im cool with that tho…Its just a eye sore site to see…
day in & night out every day 24/7. ..
fucking obesity is an epidemic. ..
Like the fucking plague shits catching and constantly spreading…
all over the world.Makes YOU ALL scare to look in the mirrors…
I don’t eat pork…
Im sure to those that do eat pork, looks pretty attempting ,
to you cannibalistic asses. ..Eat up fuckers. ..Most of you carelessly…
don’t give a fuck how you look anyway. ..
Go head,open up &  lose them over weight PORK BELLIES.




Hearts heal

Broken hearts usually heals after a short period of time over love or infatuation…
You only feel heart ache because you been dump. ..
Its the most difficult pain after a break up…
Its the tearing red eye,face frown & hard loud belly ache cries. ..
making disfiguring looks with snot nose grunts of sadness hurting so badly inside
& you’re on the floor with a lost of appetite for atleast two days…
And reminiscing over the loveless lonely situation now…
Hoping by some inkling of a chance…
they’ll come walking thru the door @ any minute now…
wishing all this was only a nightmare. ..pinching yourself knowing its a reality…
But,after a long good cry and suffering headaches,
thoughts of hope of optimism…
Sacrificing the opportunity …
missing out on what could maybe a chance of meeting someone else,
instead you being cooped up in the house…
But,the majority of us get through it…
It is a process to let HEARTS HEAL.



Some people are just slow

…Im no psychiatrist…I can’t truly give an professional diagnosis on any persons. ..
But I do make a hoody homeboy assessment ,Lol…
I was able to draw a conclusion from my full hood theory. ..
Most the muhfuckas I know… is SLOW!!!.
Not,from a medical, mental professional assessment. ..
But ,from my evaluation…These muhfuckas are slow, for real. ..
It makes you hate to say shit like that …giving them the wrong impression about you…
Fuck it! What else can you say, other than lie to them. ..
Keep it to yourself just knowing there are ,SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST SLOW.



“I don’t feel good”

My mom manifest illness when she has to do something out of order.. Meaning, if it wasn’t in her plans or if she really really don’t want to do it.
Every time she tells me about it, I tell her “you did it”, she gets mad..
Her: “No I did not!”..
Me: “you don’t feel good cuz you don’t feel good”
I leave her alone about it. . But it’s true, people always manifest opposing shit when they concentrate so hard on not wanting to do something… and since she can’t just make up her mind and say “yes” or “no”, the irritation jus lingers, then BOOM! she has a headache. Or… If you just throw a monkey wrench in her program? OMG, she automatically has to think real hard, sit down, smoke a cigarette, take migraine medicine and possibly, eat something & take a nap, before she can make up her mind, but now, she doesn’t feel good… her stomach is upset.. & some other shit.. so it’s automatically just fucked up, so just don’t ask that lady nothing.. because you’re gonna make her sick, literally.


Bizarre food

…Is pussy a substitute food…for a toad water amphibian fresh taste. ..
Or does it taste whatever her diet intake was for satisfying her hunger early on…
Could pussy be a survival food outdoor wilderness dish…
Can pussy be a fulfilling appetizer…Or is pussy a full course meal?…
After you get thru eating pussy. ..
would you characterize it as a BIZZARE FOOD.



Medical Alert

You seen the commerical. ..Where the woman falls and says
” I’ve falling & can’t get up ” …
They believe. she says..I fell in a tub and sinkling fast…
Well, the Medical Alert didn’t alert nobody and she went under. ..
Humm!  So much for MEDICAL ALERT.





scale lies

WTF. ..this muhfucka is lying about my weight. ..
I know fuckan well,I don’t weigh as much as the scale says I do…
I jumped on three of the same kind of scales. ..All three read maybe a ticnh off…
But reading @ 253lbs. How in the fuck this happen?. ..
I know this shit don’t apply to me…cause I weighs only 252…
Im so fucking pissed. ..
Its gonna take every fiber and sweat of hard work daily,
for the next six months to loose that extra weight. ..
Got damm SCALE LIES.



They mean well but, just ignorant to the fact of what a Visitors boundaries are…
They believe they’re @ home ,instead of a place of business. ..
I tried to explain to these hillbilly muhfuckas. ..
Don’t order a nurse to bring you a dinner tray ,
as if you’re a patient or thinking your in a restaurant or hotel…
And What?
ever gave you a smeage or inklet of reason of comfort, to bed your asses…
like you all  suppose to pile up together to sleep in the hospital room…



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