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“I’m spoiled”

You think that compatibility is your man taking you to places that he hates, just to shut you up, ALL OF THE TIME?

You think you’re “spoiled” huh?
You think he’s having fun doing that huh?
You think that’s cute huh?
You like sayin what he “betta” do for you huh?
You’re not selfish huh?
You just want your way huh?

Ever thought that the 2 of you could do something that the 2 of you would like, simultaneously? ๐Ÿ’‘
Ever thought about a new, fun bitch just coming out of the universe๐Ÿ™‹..
and stealing “YO MAN”?๐Ÿ’,
to go do all of the things that he’d like to do?
because those are the same things that she loves to do?
Ever thought about that?

So let me ask you again?
Are you compatible?
Or comfortable?


a.D.D pt.7

I have a weakness for people I care for.. & that’s where I get confusing to certain people .. doesn’t seem so strange to me but I guess everyone doesn’t think ..feel or look at things the same…. an outfit has to fit right.. match & go together. …I be feeling like everything is going smooth.. even when it seems it ain’t… even when I’m sober…I’d say I have god to thank. .. so the Lakers got Steve Nash huh?

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