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I really do thank you

My fellow Affiliates, Associates, & Fake friendly members,
Civil Rights Leaders.. Civic Center Workers…& Haters…
I wanna say THANK YOU ALL & please let me not forget the main supporters.
my MULTIPLE NETWORK MEDIA supporters. ..
I have so much real,and bought love for you too…
And lastly the …* HATERS * It’s because of you I strive harder. ..
You muhfuckas will always have a special place in my TRASH. ..
P.S …My friend:
MICHAEL JORDAN wanna say something too.



Well, Mr.President

Whats the strategy now…Its been a year since the tragic murders,
and the people wants a justice of war and some wants to reconcile,
with a peaceful punishment ending with some justification. ..
Im sure the United States @ this juncture appears to have fallen short of courage,
In the eyes of the enemy ..
But, as a nation we support our leader, chief in command. ..
The American people are past impatiens,
and their tolerance level is now below peace talks procrastination ..
As the courageously reputation of this country… is now in question,
and dividing more of its own political parties…
Which fight is going to be dealt with first…
Over there or over here…




HLN court TV

…This network should only air court cases…
But, please eliminate the sorry ass reporters & commentators…
They even have a guessing panel. ..
calling themselves,after the legendary dreamteam of lawyers. ..
These muhfuckas haven’t been heard of…HLN always trying to hype the lies. ..
That shit they report doesn’t fool the viewers ,
which is on the verge of losing its borrow viewers. …
HLN did capitalized on the tragic trail of Trayvon Martin…
The quick ride is over now muhfuckas. ..
Drop the network and saved yourselves from the embarrassment…
we are not into you no more … HLN COURT TV.



Jimmy Hoffa

Why? just don’t I form an underground union…
Aye! Uhh why not? …I can create a plan beneficial for everyone. ..
But of course, Im a boss and that its mandatory…Im ahead of the families and board. ..
this way everybody will be happy for the sake of life and medical benefits…
& of course a decent burial plan…
whom ever that the organization chooses for burial. ..
Implement this plan to the other families …
I will execute this plan as executioner & founder. ..
Just like JIMMY  HOFFA.



I’m Shocked

Its surprising to see in this day and age…That muhfuckas from the 80 babies can’t read…
Just based on this sole purpose of illiteracy…
How can any person from that era until now can’t read…
Don’t blame society and the school district…
Some things are mandatory for the parent to take interest in the home to teach too…



Pro Bono

Its a professional volunteer for work, or hired without currency for pay…
I’m one who believes in Pro Bono for start up companies and lawyers legal representation for innocent accusers. ..
These are the people who should be place on the highest  pedestal, well deserve. ..
Its saying to those in need of their services,
I’m going to HELP you offering my professional services without charging you for money. ..
Hats off to these special professionals…
Lots of people owe gratitude & a big thanks to the  workers for PRO BONO.


Crime pays but @ what price

I ain’t the one that should tell a half grown or full grown muhfucka shit. ..
But,I know on first hand, hustling in the streets is a hard game to play & price to pay,
rather you ready or not and out here working these streets. ..You will get paid one way or another…
It’s guarantee. ..
I’m very positive you will get a payday of some sort. ..
How ever and what you hustle will be the result of pay in return. ..
You will collect exactly what you work for…
MAYBE NOT WHAT YOU WANT…But, what YOU work for…
The consequences isn’t always the END…but there’s always consequences. ..
That’s something you can bet on…


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