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Its always one

…no matter how hard you try to reason with people…
Its always one thats gonna fuck up the Cha-cha.
You both have a whole pie amongst yourselves. ..
its that one that wants to cut and issue,you the shortest slice. ..
Greed will always come to hunt you later,
with burden of proof… to throw in your face,
leaving you in a place where your soul is lost
and your conscious being the death of you…
Clear minds are never the one to make the split…
for sharing equal amounts of the pie slices. ..
Think about why…
the answer is because, there is no honor among the greedy. ..
to give you a fair share would be like doing the right thing. ..
See how the devil works…Once the  short slice is in question. ..
then so is your life existence…Watch out for the knife cutter. ..
its pie is not thats all getting slice.
Careful about the company you keep…No matter who.
Somebody going to get shorten…ITS ALWAYS ONE.



Nut crackers

Men & Women loves a good nut cracker…
You have to have a real good tight pussy and lip gripper,
to make me nut crack…Its no easy task without that professional dedicated one…
This has to be a self taught individual. ..to become a nut specialist.
Takes a lot of nut chunking practice.
She’ll need plenty jaw power building,to pile on these nuts.
Can’t find a good nut cracker @ the University of Phoenix online,
to crack a good nut…
You need a gooble down the drain nut sucker…
able to crack a nut in a three minute suck. ..
You have to be able to identify these nut busters,
using dickhead sucking skills instincts. ..
Yes yes yes, Long live good tongue licking,sucking NUT CRACKERS.



Bizarre food

…Is pussy a substitute food…for a toad water amphibian fresh taste. ..
Or does it taste whatever her diet intake was for satisfying her hunger early on…
Could pussy be a survival food outdoor wilderness dish…
Can pussy be a fulfilling appetizer…Or is pussy a full course meal?…
After you get thru eating pussy. ..
would you characterize it as a BIZZARE FOOD.



Frontin @ Red Lobster

Niggas be clownin for real…Muhfuckas just gotta feel big an important. ..
Faking to be flamboyant Nshit. ..
these the loudest muhfuckas at the counter like they ballin. ..
Can’t afford a free tip for the waiter or bartender. .
Niggas ordering draft beer with all the cheap suds  & frontin about the cuisine…
These fake ass muhfuckas ordering appetizers as a main course meal. ..
Because,the menu said the lobster is market price. ..
Dumb ass nigga yelling across the table assuming the white dude knows cause he white. ..
Next time stay home no class muhfucka…
that’ll teach you …FRONTIN  @ RED LOBSTER.



Careful where you eat

Watch for waitresses & especially waiters. ..
These muhfuckas have no conscious about their hygiene. ..
They’ll reach across with sprinkles of guke deodorant ,
tiny small fragments falling into your plate. ..
Muhfuckas will cough covering with their hands passing you utensils…
Then you’ll have a hair netless muhfucka unprotected with strangs of hair with lettuce,
pickles and Cheese fucken up your burger…
you better be conscious who’s serving you. ..



Over dressed

I don’t like burgers with all that bullshit. ..
Two fat ass bison beef patties…
stack with three buns and two types of lettuce with green and red tomatoes.
Onions of every kind loaded with several different hot types of peppers …
Spread with four different dressings dripping shit down a muhfuckas arm,
wrist to your elbows. ..And you need a fucken shovel to hold it…
Hopefully you have a full set of teeth to bite that gigantic size shit burger.
To me that’s a nasty creation pile of gastric heart killer that’s to OVER DRESSED.



They mean well but, just ignorant to the fact of what a Visitors boundaries are…
They believe they’re @ home ,instead of a place of business. ..
I tried to explain to these hillbilly muhfuckas. ..
Don’t order a nurse to bring you a dinner tray ,
as if you’re a patient or thinking your in a restaurant or hotel…
And What?
ever gave you a smeage or inklet of reason of comfort, to bed your asses…
like you all  suppose to pile up together to sleep in the hospital room…



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