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Stingrays & Slingshots

Let me take you way back. ..Its @ the end of the 60’s…
and my Stingray bicycle with the tiger strip banana seat & sissy bar,
parked inside the living room with my Slingshot hanging on the handle bars…
ready for a drive by, when I get home from school…
after stopping @ the corner store buying a Abba-zabba & kool-aid straws,
for more energy with my… Batman & Green Hornet finger rings,
blinging,rolling down Plum st.  in Compton, Gathering my pals…
togo cash in some Mother- prize pop bottles and Orange Crush bottles,
for coins swimming change @ the poo,l after summer school…
Snacking on a Twinkie and a Hostess chocolate cupcake. ..
And a pocket full of pala seeds…spitting them everywhere leaving wet shell trails. ..
after a long afternoon of swimming,
drying off lined up in a row on the hot concrete. ..
we heads back for a game of Dodge ball,until its time to ride back…
before the streets lights comes on,
rolling by fast…my friend on the back riding & shooting  peach seeds
@ stray dogs chasing us…I be peddling fast…
thats how we use to roll with our,STINGRAYS & SLINGSHOTS.



Slow pokes

Don’t fuck with em…These people don’t get it…
I mean to them its… KISS MY ASS TIME…
there only concerns is to take and waste YOUR TIME…
they’ll prolong all dam day getting ready for whatever the case maybe…
Here’s the, I DON’T GET PART…
they are usually riding with you, having you to wait on them …
like they’re your lifeline to breathe. …
It doesn’t matter how important you need to be @ your destination…
Its wait on them DAY….I’ll never wait or fuck with another one in life…
Goto hell,all you SLOW POKES.



WIPEOUT in Compton

You all seen the TV show where you are challenge with obstacles…
Well Wipeout is coming with a new twist in Compton,Ca. ..
The first challenge is to run thru a gunlet of bullets being fired on you,
with a bullet proof vest…No shooting in face area. ..
The second challenge is to fight against a Mexican gang of ten,
with a butter knife. ..
Third challenge is to car jack a car with niggas riding four deep,
with a baseball bat and take the car…
& final challenge is to slap a black woman… while on her period,
and called her a bitch in public. ..
This is for the whitest contestant  to play.



Hydraulic lift

I went to get my oil change and got lifted up on the car hydraulic.
Got left in the air by accident. ..
Muhfucka said, “he walked outside the garage and thought about his lunch break and went to lunch”. ..
Wouldn’t have been so bad but,
I waited suspended in the air and  I had to use the restroom.
If I would have known I was gonna be left up there for hour, I wouldn’t have set in the truck…
They didn’t charge me..
I betcha next time they want leave me up on a HYDRAULIC LIFT.


Fishing time again

Its close to summer & the Month of May is within two full weeks.
Perch & Catfish here I come…
Got my boat ready and stock,
hitched to the truck and gonna get some summer camping  too…
I can’t wait to catch the biggest ultimate surprise,out the lake and show it off…
I’m a master fisherman. ..
Get ready people its FISHING TIME AGAIN.


One Million dollars

What would you do if you had ONE MILLION dollars?. ..Let me guess if you don’t mind…
First,you would buy the most expensive car & a big house..
Give a big party…
Help everybody that begged you and take a few trips and a cruise back to the new house for a year.
Pay out the properties taxes and back to the farm. ..
Well it was a short ride, What did you expect?,
without a business plan to extend your million to invest to make more to add on…
Hard to think beyond ,with something you never had been use too.
It’s an expensive  experiement when you never had ONE MILLION DOLLARS.


Man ya funny!

How can you call yourself a Democrat? And you don’t vote. ..Lol.
Why do you have bullets for a shotgun? And you don’t even own BB gun.
Muhfucka got car keys to a Ford Pinto. ..But,owns no car of any kind.
Dude you got a girl name tattooed on your arm & she’s your brothers wife.
You’re on Instagram and your picture you title Alligator shoes.
but,the picture clearly shows they’re Lizard.
Where the hell you come from? MAN YA FUNNY!


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