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phone on silent

My nerves is shot @ this point…don’t fucking argue me to death about I didn’t call your phone @ all. …
when you claim I didn’t. ..
& the stupidest shit is. ..Dumbfounded bastard didn’t check his missed call list before talking shit…
I’m thinking this fool done checked his list. ..
Until he says let me check my missed calls…DUH! …
then this stupid muhfucka  says…
& His phone on silent.



Life After SEX

NO more finger banging…Cat licking…Dick snatching…Cheek spanking…The SHIT is over…It’s now time to plan trips that have no time limit…Go to dinners @ all events…Do any & everything @ random…Totally occupy all your time with each other doing retired stuff…Playing bingo…Scheduling doctor’s appointments…For paranoia check-ups….Having your dentures checked for cracks…Volunteering for jury duty…Keeping busy…These are the things you do when your sex life has diminished to dust…It’s gonna happen to us all…


Last Laugh

Continuance of the Granny Chronicles…Based on a true story…Granny’s daughter is on the road driving across the country…& Granny isn’t her riding partner again…She is furious…Because she was replaced by another relative…But the other relative has an irritable case of the shits…So while traveling on the road…The job in route was delayed for several minutes…Because of a load of bowel movements…Shit all over the place…So the driver (daughter) calls home & tells her mother about the incident…And her response to her daughter was very funny…But Granny got some gratification in a joking kind of way…Granny said “Good…I hope he SHITS…All over your truck for not taking me aboard as your passenger”…Funny Stuff!


Supervisor Not King

I work @ SadSack Closing Outlet…& my childhood friend is my supervisor…This muhfucka acts as if he’s KING…Ordering me to dam near to salute him…This sonofabitch has me doing non- traditional jobs…I’m running errands to McDonald’s getting  coffee…Picking up his kids & dropping them off @ the MALL…Leaving me to babysit…After work today…This shit ends in a fucking fist fight…


Trouble in Paradise

It’s rough on a relationship when the bed doesn’t sing anymore…You’re still in love…But it’s gradually fading away…Along with everything you two worked so hard for a relationship to survive…Trouble cannot help….It can only ruin what is there  in Paradise making it worst.


talent shows Judges

This is pertaining to all music singing  & dance shows…How is it a Japanese, German, Greek, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, White & any other nationality…Can be an expert on who’s a good talent on blues, soul, & rap music…This is the most ludicrous bullshit created for TV…That’s like trying to show me how to do the James Brown…Im-fucking- possible…America again with more tricks…Shit is a fucking joke…Check the HISTORY of who’s who…can’t teach a brother soul…


In love with an illusion

a lot of people are in relationships with illusions. whoever you believe they are but they aren’t, not to put blame on either party. Some people sell themselves, they put on a lot of extras in the initial.. & they try to stay that person. Some people won’t accept the other person any other way beyond their imagination ..not realizing that, that’s who they are, they’re showing you that this is them.
People change all the time, not as much as they’d like to know or pay attention to, because they don’t wanna change, but it’s true…so in a relationship, if you don’t honestly love that person, you will not accept the changes. . And most of the time, it’s not that they don’t wanna accept the changes, it’s that they’re worried about what everyone else would think about this new person you’ve become.
#ButHey ..

From where does annoyance grow?

God said:
When you feel annoyed with someone, no matter how rightfully, no matter how much he or she may be in your face, breathe. Take a moment to reconcile yourself with the recollection that within the annoyance within yourself and within the annoyance from an another, I AM. Within you who may be hotly annoyed, I AM. Within the person who is so easily annoying you, I AM. I may be covered up. I may be discarded for the moment, yet I am not absent. There is no one on this Earth who is not Myself. I AM you. Perhaps annoyance raises its head so that you may remember Me.
You may have buried Me. The other person may have buried Me. Neither of you may think of My existence. Assuredly, you are not when annoyance and irritation take over. You are responsible for forgetting. You are responsible for being blind. For a moment you are derailed by a detail of life. For a moment you chose to be irritated rather than to love. Human beings tend to confine themselves to a place of annoyance and waste too much time and space when they have the whole world to choose from.
Read more: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/10/from-where-does-annoyance-grow/

Steve Beckow

turbo sport edition

walking through the desert with our camel, on an adventure.. Why the other groups of people didn’t bring water or update their camel? I don’t have the slightest idea..
Then they started asking questions like “why does your camel look like that?!”
We told em “these are the updated version, the 2014’s, the turbo sport edition camels… They go real fast & they come with a latch and 2 coolers instead of water humps that we cant get to. The 2014 comes with a pair of Ray Bans, you can’t get a 2014 without Ray Bans. They say a few things like “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”… “I be rolling” (oh, they’re on steroids & Mollys) & “sun glasses & Advil”… He doesn’t fully understand when to add his 2 cents, so he’ll say these things at random times. He didn’t come with an alarm because he’ll fight you. You try & steal ’em, you might get your ass whooped. He’s on steroids so, he got muscles. He came with an aux port, GPS & Bluetooth. He wears a gold rope chain, a Rolex anklet, & black & white 12’s. The shoes may vary.
These camels don’t last long but they’ll definitely get you through your trip
Cause of death: entirely too awesome

Cheating No Sex

He & her meet every morning for a 3 mile run…They sit to catch their breath afterwards…Then they start with the small talk…Which isn’t a part of jogging…What is so important that it couldn’t be discussed on a 3 mile run…You have to engage in a new conversation that pretains to nothing involving jogging…You mean to tell me because I run with you every morning…I have options to choose from now…Like going to lunch, movies or even meeting @ the club for drinks…So are we jogging & dating…Cause from where I stand…When you’re in a present relationship…That’s called cheating…Even though it’s no sex…


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