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vice versa

All men are not the same,but according to other people they are..Lets say that’s true, but all guys including preachers and other leaders like our cool ass president loves a freaky woman..If a man get or have a regular woman… Then the relationship is at a near end ,that’s closing fast…Men need to be pamper,but as adults in a sexual way…Freaky as a muhfucka.Women,if you don’t freak him out, balls and all…Start investigating ,because he’s on the prowl,believe it or not…He’ll find time an excuse to may it happen …Oh and by the way,that shit goes VICE VERSA.



Unfriend me muhfuckas, you feel the need to hurry and get me off your timeline, because of the content of our blog…Wow! Seriously muhfuckas? Whatcha mad about? Yourselves? It’s YOU muhfuckas, I need to unfriend… because of the bullshit you muhfuckas display on your timelines alone with them stupid ass videos…especially the fights…I’ve seen one dumbass fight, you’ve seen em all …they are just like you stupid fucks,fucked up to the highest power…The dialect is bearable, nobody understands shit being said…Everybody in the videos are immature armatures @ it’s best …under class and nasty looking low life muhfuckas… Now, what is funny, is when they don’t know how stupid you all look on camera ,all while incriminating yourselves…Now you see my point muhfuckas…If ,I had missed one of you ignorant muhfuckas and your timeline…PLEASE!!! Be so kind and TAKE ME OFF.




Lets keep it a buck..

This situation in ferguson is terrible…
I comment the brothas and sistas who are coming together and are protesting and showing emotion during this tough time…
But its time to look in that mirror.. We are the problem and the solution..
If we really want change we need to stop protesting, really need to stop looting, stop using emotional responses.
We really need to just sit back and stop spending….
All this complaining, and we are still spending money fueling the system providing us the injustice…
Stop purchasing for 90 days and cripple the system….
We are the largest group of spenders yet get treated the worst.
Basically we are a race are the bitch in the relationship who gets beat up and raped but never stops giving her man money at the end of the day.
We are the hamster running in place stuck in a loop.
To keep it a buck all we need to do is hold on to that buck for 3 months…
Imagine how much the world would cater to us
Lets keep it a buck… They dont love us.. We should stop spending..
We talk about cutting off snakes and haters…
So lets practice what we preach and stop fucking with those who really dont fuck with us..
Keep that buck in your pocket…
1.1trillion in buying power and we treated like we worth a penny….
- @perfectjerk

Love what,who & why

Why? Muhfuckas!  Why I got to love any of you muhfuckas…Really, Why?. Don’t tell me cause God said so…You muhfuckas don’t love yourselves & don’t care if god know it.So,fuck that theory..Look at-cha asses,every last one of you are some unappreciative muhfuckas @ some point.Lots of you are greedy to a degree…think ah bout it…You don’t need me to show you where you done fucked up in life somewhere…We all have…Oops! Except you perfect fucks…You know who you are…You the Goody two shoes type muhfuckas …It’s not one muhfucka on this planet that doesn’t think they deserve more of something to benefit from even if they didn’t put the work in to deserve it. If you believe different,then I’m not meaning you’re lying asses…I’m not telling you muhfuckas not to love…I’m just curious because of all the people with their bullshit ,how everybody is feeding off each other . thats why I can’t understand you so-called loving muhfuckas talking that shit about LOVE WHAT, WHO & WHY.



…just because a person welcomes you in their home,doesn’t make you one of them…Stop going thru people house like you live there…Muhfucka,you ain’t at home…Just because someone says ” make yourself ah home “. Doesn’t mean full access muhfucka.If,that’s the case…then pay some bills during your VISIT…Look you stupid muhfuckas …you are invited guess making you only a fucken VISITOR… How is it that a muhfucka that been invited to a person home,thinking that gives them automatic ownership…What kind of fucking thinking is that…I can’t help myself, but  to say ” Fuck! Company ” sometimes . I’ll never invite two bitches to stay over in bed with me again,Lol.I’m always getting myself involved into some fucked up situations … I hate non-understanding bitches…This why it doesn’t pay these days to pimp,which I never was one…Bitches are hard-headed nowadays…Nextime I invite you pretending you care for me acting bitches,you better fucken remember YOU’RE ONLY GUESS.




This isn’t what you think it is, so continue reading this shit,its kind of funny.
Two gay men raising a little girl …
She’s @ school one-day & a few kids been teasing her about she’s living with two men…
The little girl is in gymnastics,she does the beam excercise ,
one day @ the gym her two daddy’s were in the bleachers cheering her on
& the gay couple was loud & ranting their little girl is number one to the other parents
that were sitting in the bleachers too..
That shit started chaos amongst the others and tempers flared up..
name calling nshit had started…
The little girl runs over from the floor mat screaming DADDY, DADDY,
but not in distress ,Lol.
She was actually just calling them both out of excitement .
because she done really good on the beam dismount.
It’s just funny, because you never hear any kids running saying that shit…
In her case, she was saying it because she has two DADDYS.



Piss for cash

Funny shit! No joke, true stuff… People buying good piss for drug testing … Lol, thats some funny shit… Piss for sale …Could you imagine one day scrolling your timeline on a social network and Bam!  User @wookydoturd is advertising GOOD GOLDEN TESTED PISS .Its for the urgent needy substance user. This service will provide you a 99% guaranteed test reading & results are just what the doctor order. And they’ll be handling packing & shipping for pissy fees …Use your credit card to order or dial 1-800 PISS FOR CASH.




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