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I’m so Compton

I remembered The original downtown & flag brothers shoe store ,kings for men clothing store & woodys sporting goods selling Cross Country track shoes & Chuck Taylors for eight dollars. They were high tops & the added third color was Green years later…I’m so damn Compton,I remembered Blue chip stamps and big games @ Gonzales park playing and watching baseball inside the stadium…I’m really so Compton pushing a shopping cart for moms @ Sav-von super market …I’m so Compton, when Fruitown was hustlers before becoming Bloods & the girls was pretty &  tough as boys…Lol.I’m so Compton when Dominguez Sr. high school was in Paramount, CA. …before the boundaries lines were moved into the city of Compton …I’m so Compton when weed had mostly stems and seeds for four fingers wide in a wax sandwich bag for five dollars …I’m so Compton when Rap music came & when Rasta Bob introduced Reggae music …And remembering when the Boys played the Girls dodge ball…I’m sure most of us can go on forever about the great & phenomenal memories growing up in the City of Compton …I know lots of you personally from being there all my life …I couldn’t never deny where it all began…It’s cool as fuck to be able to say ” I’M SO COMPTON.





I ride alone practically everywhere,I don’t ride muhfuckas for pleasure & turning blocks parading nshit …I don’t need a co-pilot or a human road dog for company…I ride alone because I don’t need anyone suggesting where to turn or when it’s time to leave and requesting a specific CD to play …scuffing my side panels with shoe marks or puncturing my seats with sharp objects … I feel like I would be riding a destroyer of some sort. Fuck! That shit…I ride much better alone …I don’t need NO PASSENGERS.



…just as I was planning to hit the streets, I’ve been summons to work ,the thing that wacks me out …It’s not mandatory that I’m the person that’s needed… This is clearly job harassment by a muhfucka thats been given authority and likes to enslave the employees & having the pleasure to show off for the Chief administrator, BOSS HOG …This is a muhfucka that hates everybody including himself for being born… I hate a Mr.Rukus plantation overseer appointed muhfucka… Because of this house n**** always riding my ass,I GOTTA WORK.



He’s back again as usual & making contact with his one only friend he has in Dermott, Ark. And we get things ready for Ronnie P… He makes his way down south twice a year mostimes,we are going on a 8 day fishing tour…This will be season 6 of fishing ,not including hunting like we do every winter down here…The footage we records for my YouTube network is always about Ronnie P & it’s always comical …Ronnie P, he will be working my nerves until the last day as always and I’ll be burnt out ready for him to leave, Lol …Its our traditional routine outing every year…If we didn’t fuss & talk shit ,it wouldn’t be no use for having these camping trips & tours with my loud mouth no fishing ass cousin, RONNIE P,THE FISHERMAN.




…it’s practically happening all over the country as if it’s a daily lawful routine… The government again isn’t doing shit about it…Kill a black person and the only thing they call justice is to address the public with a fake as media apology,that shit is no way justifiable …These cops and this country BETTER nip this shit in the bud NOW!!! Or there will be a racial riot within these states and it won’t be just blacks that’s to die … Casualties of war comes in all colors and ages, Sadly!!!  Nobody in their sane mind want to condone this type of action…But, it’s bound to happen…White cops are having a field day KILLING BLACK PEOPLE…The people are plotting to take matters in their own hands…Either you bad police stop or the people are going to find a way to MAKE justice prevaill…We are fucken tired of POLICE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE.



We are back muhfuckas to blog some more shit to cause some of you chaos and uproars …We are here to trouble some of you causing you brain hemorrhages & nervous breakdowns …Why would you expect anything less…We are trashy ass ,Trashbaggage Muhfuckas without any care for any sentimental muhfuckas such as yourselves… Fuck it! We are back @ what we do best…So,go tell the rest of them bitch ass muhfuckas …if,they haven’t heard that we are back ,then gotdammit you crazy muhfuckas,you tell em & let them know …WE WAS ON BREAK



It’s not hard to figure,especially for smart people with high I.Q ‘s …they see normal people as not normal @ all .. they see normal people as people who cheese has slid off their cracker.. a little cuckoo unlike themselves,if you were to hear them explaining shit …We!!!  Or should I say ” people like me ” drives them crazy from the smallest thing that could have been sincerely misunderstood or an honest mistake,taken the wrong way … Okay, so they blow up into itsy bitsy pieces leaving them to wonder why do they waste their precious time fucken with the likes of a person like me.. If you were to hear the smarty ones complaining…  It’s the SMART people of the universe that is hard on a simple soul as myself. But I’m not dumb or stupid ,tho they think so.I find it hard to deal with the so-called SMART PEOPLE.




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