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Dance & buy booties

…for starters, I think back to when you couldn’t manufacture fake asses and white people couldn’t dance at all. It all happened thanks to social media and professional daring surgical cosmetologists. Hello, don’t forget to thank the popularity and talent of black people that white people been blessed because they now are able to view US all over the WORLD WIDE WEB.
I state all this because of all the continuation of hatred upon black folks is getting worse and white folks are STILL at the helm of racial division. It’s the craziest shit in today’s society then you realize how everything black people does, white people COPY.
White folks will go as far to look like black people by reconstructing their bodies.
The entertainment world applies so much pressure on white people that they’ll change their mannerisms to act & look like black people,
then learned to DANCE & BUY BOOTIES.

fake ass

…Sly Cain

50 50 Ice cream bars

Where the fuck is the 50 50 ice cream bar? And not only the 50 50, I can name many from my generation, including the Butter Nut candy bar & Abba Zaba taffy. Nowadays they introduce bullshit candy like fucken Gummy Bears and Sour Worms nshit. Candy nowadays is fucken weird as the kids that eat that shit.
Bring back all the bellyaching shit and not this supercharge sugar high price less product in a wrapper whereas they would jipped your ass out of money, size & the delicious Joy of taste. Fuck this new shit and bring back at least the damn

50 50
…Sly Cain

I was asked again “why everything with you is always black & white”? I gave my same old reply because it is muhfuckas.
It’s uncomplicated to see even if you were to ask a blind or deaf person in Braille and sign language. No matter what subject you initiate or category you characterize someone, it’s going to move you somewhere during the course of a conversation with a black & white issue rather it’s said or not.
The fact of the matter is regardless I’m not racist, we live in a society that sees the same shitty thing, although society tends to ignore what presents its ugly truth face to face EVERY day. Racism is going nowhere, it’s a daily action 24/7 so yes, I regard it as the same shit everyday IT’S ALL BLACK & WHITE.

…Sly Cain

… so-called Negro parents aren’t educated in the same manner as pro-black parents, it’s a major deviation because black people educate themselves at home, self-taught, seeking the true factual information. The Negros minds are trained by a white hypnotic doctrine society. Negros is still living that “slave mentality”.
Negros today is the prime exemplar of the Willie Lynch letter. The strong-minded black people do know better than to raise their children like brainwash Negros, it sickens me to see BLACK BABIES & WHITE DOLLS.

…Sly Cain

Big girls overdo it

I say yes to big women are beautiful as well, but let’s not get carried away because not every muhfucka is physically attractive. So don’t go spreading your fat ass groove all over tarnation Nshit. Let us walk with the today’s modern, confident fat girl. Big women have found new life, how to heighten their ability to feel and believe they are more than attractive internally. I concur with lots of big, bold & beautiful women, but like the smaller woman, the bigger women get big headed at times also. I too observed big women after watching them getting these now designer haircuts and manicures & upgrade clothing for bigger women.
Alright, I get it big women, but whopping your asses side to side wearing extremely large cut off daisy dukes, that isn’t a pretty sight nor tight, thin soles stilettos. It’s not a good look for nobody’s eyes and paper thin cheap low cut bikini tight blouses, that’s a fucken disgrace to the decent beautiful looking big women that wear appropriate “sexy” clothing that doesn’t expose slabs of chest bacon. There is a place and lane for all size people men & women, but to purposely look ridiculous as if you didn’t know, come on now!!! Stop it already. You BIG GIRLS OVERDO IT.
Image result for fat girls daisy dukes
…Sly Cain

Crown sacks

Black people are very creative, especially designing crazy shit unknown to others because of our level of talent. I gathered one year a bunch of Royal Crown 👑 sacks.
I kept them to customize a hunting vest and it took about sixty of the largest selection, the halves & whole gallon sacks, of course, I don’t drink Crown if I’m to drink alcohol.
I assembled all those sacks only between two lush sipping muhfuckas to tailor a hunting vest, but people use them for several things other than booze.
Immediately I see niggas fighting over CROWN SACKS.


…Sly Cain

Women use us right

I’m a good guy for the most part, especially to women & children, but to guys, that’s a totally different story, I keep a distance to watch guys, trust issues don’t come automatically. I respect everybody accordingly to how they react to me. Men try to size one another up, its mental and physical it’s an aggressive or macho approach, in slang terminology, it’s to see if I can fuck you up if necessary and quickly.
Women are the ONLY focus for me, it’s the seriousness, honesty & responsible guys that want her to recognize making himself available hoping to hook up.
Men love & want a good relationship and don’t mind being used as long

…Sly Cain

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