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Crown sacks

Black people are very creative, especially designing crazy shit unknown to others because of our level of talent. I gathered one year a bunch of Royal Crown 👑 sacks.
I kept them to customize a hunting vest and it took about sixty of the largest selection, the halves & whole gallon sacks, of course, I don’t drink Crown if I’m to drink alcohol.
I assembled all those sacks only between two lush sipping muhfuckas to tailor a hunting vest, but people use them for several things other than booze.
Immediately I see niggas fighting over CROWN SACKS.


…Sly Cain

Women use us right

I’m a good guy for the most part, especially to women & children, but to guys, that’s a totally different story, I keep a distance to watch guys, trust issues don’t come automatically. I respect everybody accordingly to how they react to me. Men try to size one another up, its mental and physical it’s an aggressive or macho approach, in slang terminology, it’s to see if I can fuck you up if necessary and quickly.
Women are the ONLY focus for me, it’s the seriousness, honesty & responsible guys that want her to recognize making himself available hoping to hook up.
Men love & want a good relationship and don’t mind being used as long

…Sly Cain

Sh*t ain’t cute

…you muhfuckas are some kind of funny @ times knowingly we tolerate your stupidity alone with the ridicule & ignorant comments thinking you are better than others. Straight off, let’s look at you muhfuckas for a QUICK moment, YOU ALL AIN’T SHIT believing you can look down on anyone when your life is totally fucked up. Especially, you messy bitches as if you’re on a pedestal to be glorified as the” baddest bitches” Oh yeah, by the way, that shit is degrading also, classifying yourselves as dogs, that only lets us know YOU are BITCHES. Think first before your comments believing you earned popularity or smiling emojis as if we’re in agreement with your STUPID asses. People see you broken down bitches for who you really are, NOT fooling nobody.

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That’s exactly what’ll get you fucked up when negative shit is said to parents about their children. It’s NEVER your place if you’re not a professional of some sort pertaining to kids and you feel the need to be opinionated, why you think it’s necessary to open your fucking mouth as if you’re so damn concern what goes on with other peoples’ children. The best thing any of you should start with first is your own situations or find some business that doesn’t concern others . Any one thing you say could seriously turn detrimental, this is precisely why people say



Difference of opinion

It’s not necessary to declare either of you are right unless you’ve specified proof of information. Muhfuckas like yourselves believing you’re the best informative muhfuckas known to man without hesitation. Fuck, I say you say shit…
Realize this, I’m always 100 percent right in an argument, I’m knowing to keep my information available for any doubters or I wouldn’t DARE have



Bullshit is the kickoff of a woman to woman agenda, it’s the beginning of something messy, usually over a pitiful man. It’s her man or she’s in a relationship with her man. The conversations and hearsay type shit are always the same patterns, he’s fucking them both and one feels she has rights to his trifling ass because she bought the nigga first. Here’s the kicker, he’s relaxing on their couch and watching TV in their beds while she’s at work earning money for his next Xbox game in stores today.
The whole encounter is for one woman to warn the other woman with claims HE BELONGS to YOU. These are the LOWEST self-esteem women ever known to Dumb kind. You can’t reason with stupidity, particularly when it comes to a

no bitch


Degrading but loved

State what you want Black people to the other colored people, Negros & Niggas, when it comes to listening to TODAYS music the NASTIEST and most DEGRADING shit ever, it sells and Hoes or correct spelling WHORES love it. And as they refer to themselves as Hoochie Mamas & street hood bitches, they love the most degrading lyrics and provocative clothing nshit, these are the niggas who contain the mindset “the modern day slave mentality”. These unconscious Negros, so-called wannabe pro-black women, (aka)Niggas will shake, twerk and sing-along with their FAVORITE artists with an ungodly way of PRIDE although he IS singing about you.
This is where the minds of so many of our adult females have been directed to accept this gutter lifestyle because the Negro men are advocates of such behavior.
No regard for each other so the NEGRO men & women turn to others outside their own into a relationship they believe is better than what was GOD GIVEN. This isn’t the behavior of REAL BLACK people. Negative influences!!!
However it originated, the shit is DEGRADING BUT LOVED.



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