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Master chefs of Canada

Dijon encrusted Rack of Lamb. Are you fucken kidding me, believing black people eat RAW shit? It isn’t that black people don’t love lamb… Black people don’t exactly know what to do with raw meat, other than cooking it completely done. What’s the fucken purpose of cooking MEAT, only to deliver it RAW? Who the fuck is black that eat raw ass lamb. I’m sorry, but a black man meat has always been served cooked… That’s why I don’t care for cooking shows. Black people can’t WIN unless they perpetrate as a chef of America, which is never in favor of African BLACK American people…



F *ck Toyota

Fuck Toyota, shame on you!!!  Have any of you watch their newest commercial ,emulating what they think is hip or cool to attract black consumers. Toyota has this DUMB ASS WHITE BOY dressed in a fat gold chain ,using vernacular language that mimics the culture of people of color. These muhfuckas hate black people, but they’ll use negative images to sell you a car… America never gives up, trying to create & make a mockery out of black people. Let’s BOYCOTT them muhfuckas & their cars.




you n*ggas

black women go through so much, yet.. Black men still have thee nerve to bad mouth us.

It goes both ways.. but I promise..

you niggas gonna have to start being leaders. How you think our mouth got so out of pocket?

Y’all let us bro 🤔

no “real nigga” let’s the woman he love and supposedly loves him, talk crazy to him.

listen, by “let”… I simply mean… she ain’t gonna wanna talk to you crazy.. Cuz you been too busy being a “real nigga”… You don’t spark that urge in her..

it happens
it’s true

so what are y’all gonna do about this? We wanna know 🤔


No uncle toms!

White racist Americans needs to know, THERE IS, going to be serious consequences to come. We are not in disbelief white folks finding NIGGAS like DON KING! to speak to black people, which he can’t identify with, It’s no big secret. Niggas like, Larry Elders & Charles Barkley & the newest two NIGGAS ,Jerry Rice & Shaquille O’Neal aka Shaq.The media will invite these type of colored negros on TV, to help call for peace after the smoke clears.
These niggas don’t represent black people. We do commend brothers like Shannon Sharpe and Colin Kaepernick and other sports figures such as these two. Fuck, racist radicals ,who prefers to go against black folks being pro black. And fuck white racial brutality against black people. And we never need America’s uncle Toms, no relationships to REAL black people. I speak for pro-black people, exclusively!





Officer Betty Shelby, Is a government, state issued murderer. She’s the latest expose white supremacist. The rules are the same, kill black people @ random. The speeches given after a murder will be the same…
This time, let’s not have the same reaction from the community. People, there are other strategies of justice in lieu. Black people are planning to handle issues of these black lives being murdered. It’s time to take other measures to prevent the masses from the murders of black people , while the F.B.I are STILL claiming they have ongoing investigations pertaining to black lives, that been murdered.
We already know AMERICA doesn’t care about black people, THAT IS TOTAL FACTS. Don’t start ASKING black people why are we combative . It’s self-explanatory. Murder can happen anywhere when people want revenge. It is a reaction to these cops killing black people.
This clearly looks like an act of racial war. Ask, UGLY BETTY.




You not black!

You cannot extirpate the way wicked white people think… You can only enlighten those that’s concerned in learning the true history of black people. Africa, that’s our beginning on this earth and it’ll be our end… The spirit of black people, the DNA, and connection with our homeland is forever in you, blackness & greatness, everything African . Blackness is something design only for black people, being black isn’t just a color, though it does start there. This needed to be pointed out. White people are emulating black cultural & music thinking that shit is COOL when they misrepresent.CLOWNS,you not BLACK. There are things white folks can’t make a mockery of what’s connected to black people. White folks imitating rappers & EVERYTHING entertaining, and they deprive black people & others of acknowledging everything black people has created or invented. You can’t understand real BLACK conscious people ,rather it’s something simple for us, as rap music, I’m not talking commercial Soulja boy shit. White people, we give you that shit, purposely.
The struggle of being black isn’t something you wear a fucken gold chain thinking that signifies your acceptance nshit ,stereotyping black youth. Your experiences aren’t black, you can’t see or know what it is to be black. White people can only envision the exterior, but never ,the REAL meaning & beauty of black people. That, they’ll never understand.





… it’s coming here in the states and black people aren’t going to turn a loss. Simple prediction! You cannot expect black people are going to let ANY part of white America have her way fucking over black people… Everybody will go down to perdition. The only thing that’s going to block the majority of white people blood from being split is GOD himself, he would have to return before or during November.
White America don’t see the direction where this racial tension is going down… Nobody BLACK fears white people since slavery, especially these last 60 years. White people needs to acknowledge this SHIT!!! This is something black people have always been prepared FOR, white America wanting to kill us off. America thinks this is her opportunity. Wrong!!! You do recognize how great black people are at any obstacle that gets in our way.
Fuck TRUMP! It is he, that wants WW3.



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