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Booger Thumper

(booger: a piece of dry mucus) have you jokingly known a person to thump a booger? One reason people don’t claim to thump boogers is that it sounds nasty & unsanitized. You cannot target boogers and hit a bullseye. All people who thumb boogers have tried to locate them after a thorough search. And don’t lie, you have looked for that booger after thumping it off your finger. And you reloaded your index finger and thumped another booger just to find out if you can aim that muhfucka precisely on target. Picking boogers the most satisfying nasal reliever, especially after undertaking a deep embedded hard flaky dried booger. If I know you are a booger thumper, you cannot enter my house, car nor can you sit next to me in any assembly. You cannot trust any muhfucka that’s a BOOGER THUMPER.


…Sly Cain


…another claimed believer of THEE, says ” God spoke to me”. I know some people have strong religious belief!!! But for me, I can’t recognize his voice in the same manner as people described. And don’t dare to tell me I’m not listening with a spiritual ear. I can’t say what or who don’t hear the voice of God. I will suppose, anyone acts like a heathen majority of the time, is someone I have a hard time to believe. It’s like watching & listening to Miss Cleo, a hand-palm reader.
I have questioned the so-called do-gooders several times, why you muhfuckas mock or play with God, with false faces, and act as if you are the truth. I don’t think I have to be a Bible Thumper to spot a phony. One thing for certain, I don’t lie, pretend or hide anything from GOD.



…Sly Cain

“Timing is everything”

I heard that shit all my life. I’m not certain, if, that’s totally true, although it could be!!! I simply, can’t believe that apply to the people I associate with today. I’ve been crossed out and judged by others who don’t know me. People are always speculating bullshit. Frankly, I don’t give one fuck about people’s concerns and opinions.
But, I do believe in karma, it’s a muhfucka. Careful, who and what, you say to people, because, one day, that shit will come back to haunt you. I’m not vindictive, but, if I’m provoked, I’ll probably, knock your ass out at any given moment.


…Sly Cain


Eminem, yes he can rap. He’s not the king!!! But, he is a good lyricist. The world enjoys Eminem. I liked Eminem, but I’ll never live with listening to the contributors and critics saying he’s the “KING”. He’ll never make that claim himself. A white rapper with white privilege cannot EVER compare the struggle to black people blues in life nor rap music. Rap music is black culture and does appreciate the talent of other nationalities, in rap music. But, people need to stay on course what is rap & hip-hop.
This is the black people walk of life & fame of music, which is transmitted from the capture, survival, and struggles of our ancestors. Clearly, this music belongs to black kings, black people PERIOD!!! But I’ll say, to an underprivileged white boy, who was possibly past over and forgotten by his own, that isn’t our fault. This is America, whereas black people are still rapping about our existing similar struggles from our past and it still exists today.
It’s no way a white rapper can own the crown of rap music in a society of white hatred that still continues, whereas black people are the victims. King’s rule, and leads, no white boy is the male monarch of a black man’s world of Rap music. Never going to happen, you took Jesus and made him white and that’s a lie. Tell no more lies. But, as music lovers, we like & do accept EMINEM.


…Sly Cain




F*ck yo page!!!

Lol, shit ain’t funny, I’m merely using an expression cause what I’m about to say, it tickles me a bit. It’s cool to own a blog site, to say almost anything you want without remorse. Fuck what the critics say. I browse through very few F.B pages, and never have I comment negative remarks. I probably didn’t speak to most of you. No particular reason!!! I just don’t wanna.
I don’t see the need to like button most shit I read, because its irrelevant to my liking. Readers, they usually don’t like button my page, but, they are reading my website, because I have thousands of readers & followers, using social media linked to me.
I got teams doing promotional shit. So, you can hate me, like me, and you can ignore me. I have plenty of readers over 200,000 WordPress and FB & Twitter team supporters.
I’m only saying this because of a FEW curious muhfuckas asked me about having popularity. Here’s your last & final response, that’s it, that’s all muhfuckas. Now, you can continue to read or not, it’s up to you. I totally understand just as you should when I say, FUCK YO PAGE!!!


…Sly Cain

Pu**y co$t

Women, stop fooling yourselves, pussy sold every time you have sex, rather its trade, cash-out or long-term contract, hand in marriage. Money is always reason hands down!!! Love will co$t you during the pursuit of happiness, rather it’s expensive or inexpensive. Men, you will pay!!! Stop lying. Relationships terminate for two conflictual causes:
1. Out of love because of no more money.
2.Out of money because of love.
In that respect are always consequences in a relationship. It’s always a currency exchange rate of interest. If your pussy doesn’t cost much as a dime, whereas you give it away for nothing, then your pussy isn’t worth the fuck. I can only imagine the type of muhfuckas digging in pussy that’s giving away. Every man and hopefully a sensible woman, know that good PUSSY CO$T.



…Sly Cain

Twitter fans

Frickle muhfuckas, I’m talking to & about you, scared out of your identity, you’re worried about being discovered because you don’t want people to see you interact with trashbaggage.com. Imagine your boss or friends know it’s you, even as anonymous.
I don’t care, because I know you muhfuckas read my shit.
My stats that you can’t view proves it.
They are skyrocketing into orbit. Thank you again.


…Sly Cain


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