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Pandemic group talks, how everyone is to love each other! Last time I checked people still killing people. AmeriKa, the ghetto of thieves & suspicion, that one-day humankind will live in peace and harmony. That’s wishful thinking & lies! You’re only alive today because you been smart enough to survive delusional talks of hocus-pocus & fairytales. It’s not one muhfucka on this earth living in this hell without a prayer of truth, since our day of birth. It’s not peace! Fuck whatcha believe, the reality of life is no magic wand. God is good, although he still allows THIS earthly hell to be upon us, and for those who claim to be saints, they are suffering too. And for all you bible thumpers, what voice do you hear that’s changing this condition that’s happening today? People are on the beaches partying like no tomorrow! And not a sign of safety insight. I imagine this is GOD TOUGH LOVE. It’s not I don’t trust God, I, at this moment of truth, the reality feels like Hope & Abandonment, regardless of FAITH!
…Sly Cain


Let’s skip through the bullshit and the chase of who this evildoer IS. But, before I say that, know this, he’ll NEVER change his satanic ways… the devil will remain the devil forever. You can’t change the real you! So, I say you can’t expect the very same evil people who crucified, murder and made HIM the sacrificial lamb to be civilized people. These are barbaric animals, masquerading as people, who won’t EVER be people as a whole as humanitarians. These muhfuckas are born to ruin everything they come in contact with, and without remorse, they are the real Savages. They are racist, Confederate flag-waving, low-income trailer trash Anglo-Saxons. Why would anyone question what they do when you recognize what they ARE… Devils at birth! AmeriKa & slavery is more than adequate proof! It’s nothing for them to murder black folks, especially, it being easier for them to murder JESUS
…Sly Cain

It’s sickening to be of a race that’s rich in culture and history & tradition of excellence like no other race of people. Here’s the flip side of truth, it’s insane to think that there are people who’re genuinely are unappreciative of being born Afro-American. I know people in my community and family members that don’t wish to learn the upside & downside of our people because they DON’T want to discuss the mistreatment of black people. It’s a goddamn shame to look at you type of weak niggas who dare to call yourselves black & proud people! You type muhfuckas are a shame for those who speak against racism that separates black people from a mixed society we all have to live. Its no way I could live with myself and not share my experiences of a black man living in America, for other generations of black children to capitalize for the betterment of our people’s future. It’s whitewash niggas, that’ll NEVER make good in our eyes because they feign to believe one day they will be accepted like white privilege folks with their ignorant rhetoric. Niggas sleeps on a mattress of insecurities and insanity. Wake the fuck up! YOU NOT WHITE
…Sly Cain


I’m not a racist, but if I was, AmeriKa initiated my would-be membership because she has taught me. The blueprint of racism was designed by white AmeriKa long before the arrival of the other black people, those who were already here in this country. Our neighboring brothers & sisters, the many tribes of black & red people, the Indians before the liars of Christianity along with Christopher Columbus. I don’t and won’t understand the lack of knowledge that Negros take no pride in knowing the truth about our people and the extermination of Indians, in now what Is AMERIKKKA! It seems it’s going to take two-hundred more years for Negros to crawl from under the white man’s teachings of loving them and their brainwashing methods of applying Christianity to govern over black people. We first started to love ourselves for the sole purpose of what it is to black & grateful to God that you were blessed with his greatest creation and gift to a black man. The black woman, the greatest gift of God! That being said, me loving my black people isn’t RACIST
…Sly Cain

I don’t need any nigga, to tell me the good & bad of white people. I know exactly who they are and much more than the average ole Negro. But the killing part is the Negros who find themselves in need to defend the white man as if he’s their keeper nshit. White AmeriKa has tampered with Negros mind, whereas he can’t understand why he defends his master. A brainwash Negro fears the black man so much that he senses the need to throw himself over charcoal fire to save his master and to show his loyalty to prove his dedication as to why he’s proud to serve his master. This is why it’s important we start within our homes educating & training our children before the design curriculum process their mind. If that occurs, we can look forward to losing another generation of black people. TEACH YOUR CHILD
…Sly Cain

The spirit of truth, black is the color of strength, durability, and pure. It’s the elements of an undisturbed substance that is of God created and meant to be on this earth, its virgin oil color of our healer dripping spiritual growth. It’s a naturally occurring substance that is not responsible for its powers and mastery over whatever… it’s inevitable! Black people, the pearl jewel of the deepest waters that cover most of the land, that once covers all the land. Now that a DIFFERENT man has HATCH from HELL among us, its only mission is to destroy what God has given this land, a seed to prosper, the black man who once ruled is now in Jeopardy of this devil who will be defeated by God’s grace! No man of evil can ever be victorious over the most precious love & protection that is GOD PROPERTY
…Sly Cain

Rappers, If you’re NOT black or African descendant you can’t be the GOAT of black culture music. It’s that simple! No matter how good of a Lyricist you are… let us go back to the beginning of rap music before it was mainstream. It was black conscious music, poetic music. Rap music was the black youth’s struggles within the environment. It’s all hood to the good in pursuit of happiness & hustle for survival without white privileges. Rap music had one message, the oppression of black people finding the best path out of poverty and inequality. Rap is for the ears of our people, although others listen. Rap IS the pride of ownership of being black & proud through all obstacles. AmeriKa was and IS the knee on the necks of black people & Black Enterprise to this day. White rappers who copied rap music like Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, CAN’T ever be the GOAT of black music or its culture! How can you prepare the best dish without the necessary ingredients? You cannot! Here’s why… our cultural and heritage isn’t the same as others, it’s our distinctive look, sound, and voice, a culture that feeds ONLY in the veins of black people… you have to be from the womb of black parents, the spirit of it and born black to know about it. To create a great recipe to taste good you must know nothing can be missing, like Afrocentricity & Blackness! And words like Nigga, niggerism & jigaboo nshit, not to belittle anyone, but rapping uses a lingo only we can use among ourselves in many verses. It’s not about life lessons what white people think of us, its what we know about them. We are entitled to use words they aren’t too used in lyrics, that would be a trespass. It’s our creative artistry of music that we share! The culture in every perspective, rap music BELONGS to black people, that’s the legal philosophy of truth & nature that what’s make black artist ONLY the kings, queens & THE GOAT!!!
…Sly Cain


No investigations are needed in cases of police brutality, we know they are all fucken guilty of murder!!! Racist muhfuckas! They aren’t serving justice and protecting black & brown people, they are protecting corporate buildings, and other facilities that are law enforcement agencies, BLACK LIVES don’t matter. Crooked cops in blue, are murderers. Blue blood also bleeds the same as BLACK BLOOD. This country HUNTS for petty reasons to murder and lock up black & brown people. They conjure up THINGS to accused us like jaywalking for murder. They’ll murder us for freedom of speech. People of color, are racist AmeriKKKlan PREY

…Sly Cain

All these Nergros chasings behind white women, and Negro women behind white men, especially celebrities. What is it with these muhfuckas NOT loving their own people & ethnicity?!… how is it you born black in AmeriKa after all the brutal history of what this country has inflicted on our ancestors and great-great-grandparents as mine who were slaves, and you muhfuckas who find reasons regardless of the same racism that exists today. We are still treated as second-class citizens or worse, and you negros bed down and start a family. Although, niggas never understand the overall quality of our viewpoints of life. Celebrities are trendsetters that the youth pattern after nowadays, muhfuckas don’t think for themselves. You token niggas whispering BLM, perpetrators worse than the white man. Negros crossed over and they’ll never be accepted for anything more than a famous nigga waiting to get trick into having a baby that’ll bankroll white broke muhfuckas for life. It works! If you don’t believe it, next time he or she called you the nigga you are, you’ll see the divorce papers on the table. It’s a shame how you don’t love yourselves well enough to love and mate with your own. It’s no way you muhfuckas are BLACK & PROUD
…Sly Cain

Fu*k AmeriKa,  AmeriKa expects black people to feel grateful in a country when we were force to live and was enslaved to this unlawful muhfuckan white man. AmeriKa, you bitch! you OWE US! You’ve done nothing but cause us HELL since our arrival on these shores that didn’t belong to you. Then you racist muhfuckas got the nerves to be angry at us because you’re jealous of our culture. A strange culture we created to identify with because you ROBBED us of our language, country, and history! It has never been known to man that this THIEF would ever be diabolical as he IS… meet PALEFACE
…Sly Cain

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