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…just do you!

People are so interested in what someone else has, instead of paying attention to their own needs. Everyone will not be at the same level. It’s wasn’t meant. We all have needs. They can help you or break you. Nowadays, people don’t want to help you. It’s all about themselves, and you can’t get mad. All you can do is work harder at what you do and keep your faith. Don’t let the next person’s greed make you fall short.

By: Ms. Unforgettable78

This box

Facebook has charities you can select and post. I opt to choose one that wasn’t listed, because of a disease that plagued my mother. I thought it was a good gesture. My thing is, we always wait for someone else to start up something, we can do ourselves. That’s not the problem creating a charity, It’s not receiving financial backing from our people! We hurt ourselves economically. Facebook isn’t our savior! We can save ourselves. Fuck, outside the box, we need to think inside THIS BOX

…Sly Cain

All the black millionaires and very few billionaires, I’m asking, Americas’ masses won’t let you own a depository financial institution or any type of financial institute? Can black people own banks to offer loans for startup companies to earn independence & stability for their families? You & I know White Corporate America, don’t want major owned black banks. Not that it would scare, white America, as long they are at the helm of operations, they don’t mind! It only becomes problematic, controlled by black ownership. Come on black man, demand something, YOU GUYS!
…Sly Cain

The death of you

I can’t think of how many selfish muhfuckas are looking for money returns and never gave aid to support anyone they were supposed to help for an income. And come to find out they only want a check. And so, the patient discloses proof from their own words, that the assistant didn’t lift a finger to work, but wants a check. How much of this shit you know that’s going on in the privacy of homes and seniors facilities. How dare any muhfuckas to open their mouths wanting money from elderly, seniors, they showed no compassion and are relatives and didn’t do shit to help! But, you want a check from the government. Because you believe you deserve it. Greed will be THE DEATH OF YOU
…Sly Cain

I don’t want to hear another muhfucka advising a nigga to be themselves, when in fact, you not yourself. You wannabe muhfuckas love imitating what it is to be real. I’m tired of fake niggas claiming they real. Yeah, real pussies! These niggas don’t have the heart of men. They’ll have a heated confrontation, and their only mechanism to deal with it is to grab a gun like cowards. And take another black man’s life! Niggas, they blame the white man for everything that’s wrong with himself, and not see he’s the problem. Yes, white people play a significant role! He’s not going to fix you! Niggas need to reconstruct their ways of thinking and rehabilitate their minds from the slave mentality. Niggas have no identity in America, like black people. It’s few similarities niggas & black people have in common. But, until niggas undo the curse of ignorance, and unify with conscious black people. We can get back our dignity and RESPECT!
…Sly Cain

Leave white women alone! There are black women everywhere for black men. Niggas believe to have a white woman, he hit the jackpot! We all know, that’s a white lie! No race of women has endured what the black woman has in AmeriKKKa. Niggas have always wanted to be at the ass-end of white people kissing up, hoping it’ll make them trusty acquittance to white people that they’ll be acknowledged. It’s pitiful to witness muhfuckas to hate themselves for what God made you. A dog will die in honor of his master if he felt his master’s life was in danger. A nigga will die for a white woman if she says jump off the highest cliff for entertainment. Niggas are white women puppets! Especially, niggas down south. Real black men, they never surrender in the arms of white women under no circumstances!!! NIGGAS DON’T GET IT…

…Sly Cain

The barber shop

… reminiscing as a small boy, my first visit to the barbershop, the old man in Los Angeles, off of Avalon & Manchester, back in the late ’60s before Mr. Banks, on Rosecrans & Aranbe street, in Compton. I cried like a muhfucka who was going to see the doctor, not knowing what to expect. This muhfucka got clippers in one hand and scissors in the other with a comb, between his fingers. I’m guessing at that age seeing scissors and a comb, how the fuck does this work? And I have no idea what the fuck is Clippers. I’m close to becoming traumatized because he’s wearing a white robe disguising as a physician, I’m thinking, I’m headed for surgery. And here he comes, he turns on the clippers, a loud buzz sound, I’m scared, looking at this shining object approaching over my head, hearing it vibrating nshit. That’s when I fucken died! My father helped this stranger to hold me down, I’m like what the fuck, isn’t this shit betrayal? Shit, this my life! I’m fucked up, seated in a high chair, which I didn’t know until afterward, it’s embarrassing because big boys don’t sit on booster seats. Anyway, while being held & strap down, I’m pissed & screaming loud & kicking at the barber, then given a lollipop, to calm down. After that, I didn’t mind receiving haircuts. Being a little kiddo, It’s a hellified experienced the first time, at THE BARBER SHOP
…Sly Cain

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