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Everybody wants to go but doesn’t want to commit for the long haul. I’m one of them. I can’t prepare righteously for heaven at this time. I know I’m not worthy today, to say I’m ready to give up my life and soul. I’m a Compton man who is of the streets & hustle, more so than books written & quoted by many men. It’s not I don’t believe in God, because I do. It’s those that teach his word I have a problem with because of their misinterpretations. Anddddd, I’m not a bible scholar. I live by many examples and have benefited from them. You can go on with your beliefs. I don’t attempt to sell or con God to no one. I don’t disrespect, nor I don’t attempt to discourage others from what they believe about God, and his HEAVEN

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…Sly Cain

School Administrators

I will fuck one up, faster than a white man calling me a nigga! Because I know who I am. The muhfuckas who work the front offices at many of these schools don’t give a damn about black students, only to get a paycheck.
But, they are quick to inform you about your child’s behavior, not knowing who truly instigated the chaos. You only know your child been accused of reasons for muhfuckas hearsay. Parents know their children. Don’t inconvenience my daily schedule with fucked-up SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS

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…Sly Cain


Niggas kill me saying I dress better than this. They say that shit because of jealousy, and they can’t dress better. First of all, who gives a fuck!!! It’s stupid that people hate you because of what you wear, drive, and if, you live above their means.
I’m not surprised by this behavior. It’s shameful how they pour a lot of energy into negativity. You would reckon they had a 5-hour energy drink, spike with liquid hatred.
Niggas hate everything created by black people. In the fashion world, we have black designers, and niggas, they will choose white over black in every category every time.
It’s a simple explanation for this behavior. It’s a case of people that hate their own, before being captured and enslaved by white people.

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…Sly Cain

Sick muhfu*kas

I’m thinking very hard about minimizing my circle of social media friends, because of chaotic activities and stupidity. I hate most pop-up messages people attached to my messenger. I find myself sending bullshit clips of no importance. I use to send meaningful alerts before all this other shit became trendy. It’s easy to become caught up in social media bullshit! It goes to show how many of us participate in shit we have NO interest, simply because it’s trendy. People send us obscene videos clips with a sense of urgency, thinking you need to see what’s next out of curiosity. We’ve made it our business with much concerned to share photographs of others sexual preference. Shit like a dominatrix matinee and satanic cults. And the latest transgender in today’s news. And why care what people do human mutant alterations to themselves, it has nothing to do with me. People that are drug addicts doing outlandish shit for a fix is their business. We might care, but it’s too much madness that isn’t going to change this ungodly world filled with SICK MUHFUCKAS

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…Sly Cain

I want to be great

No matter what profession we choose in life, let’s do it better than anyone else can do it. Be the best. Why not you? The only limitations of someone stopping you would be YOU!
I never see myself as average. I reach beyond my arm’s length. I’m still reaching. Because I WANT TO BE GREAT

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…Sly Cain

Are you sleep?

Why would ANY muhfucka ask you a personal question in the comments space, when they know you have a message space & messenger. This tells me exactly your motive more than why you ask me your stupid question. You want to be seen!!! Now that you’ve been discovered by many sensible Facebook friends, you hoping for popularity, that you would gain likes & comments and possibly many friend requests. I can see an increase in your comments easily because of the stupid question, people love stupidity. I don’t!!! But, I never understood why people ask that question. How do you expect an answer when someone is inaccessible? ARE YOU SLEEP?
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…Sly Cain

Today, I stomped a giant water bug, then grind it into the carpet. Afterward, it escapes!!! I know a water bug from a cockroach muhfuckas. I don’t have cockroaches, they are an embarrassment. It’s more leisurely to say it’s a water bug than a well-known nasty cockroach that’s on a mission to get inside your house. It’s not acceptable!
The motherfucker has invaded your territory. It’s a terrorist! Therefore it must die. If a water bug gets away, you probably will catch it later, hopefully! But, a got damn cockroach, you must hunt that muhfucka down with a vengeance. And because of its pesky reputation, take no chances, kill it on-site, make no mistake about it. I wasn’t wearing my glasses.
So, I believe and want it to be a WATER BUG.


…Sly Cain


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