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Lmao… You spent a thousand dollas on a cell phone and can’t buy a burger until your next payday. You dropped the muhfucka and cracked your screen and no insurance and now stuck with that embarrassment. Your phone notification buzzing every minute and you can’t view shit. You pissed at muhfuckas had nothing to do with your raggedy-ass phone. Stupid nigga! Next time buy affordable shit you can replace immediately. And save yourself the trouble trying to pretend your phone ain’t broke, hiding it in your back pocket on vibrate with the screen turned inward nshit. You probably could have saved and bought screen protection. But, you too late, the muhfucka CRACK!
…Sly Cain

Social media have fucked up the future, no communicating physically and interacting with people in real-time. Social media friended us all, boxed in one community. Facebook projects, the famous & unknown all living together! As strangers, nothing is private. All lives are open unequivocally! No loyalty among social media friends. Its cyberspace, trust nobody or catch a virus from these dirty fucks, get you some protection. It doesn’t matter you have a business or you’re a fashion model, you are exploited by other Facebook predators researching for flaws. Nobody is exempt from social media, member or not! Muhfuckas friend me, that friend you and other muhfuckas that doesn’t recognize any of us. A world recycling in circles going nowhere. I report to you, you report shit to me, except it’s the same shit. Its what friendly & angry strangers do online. That’s why there’s a share button. Fuck Facebook I say, just as you all say the same shit, only to friend more muhfuckas tomorrow, and still won’t have a friend. If you online reading my shit or scrolling through some other (strangerfriend) page, you welcome, you’re the same as the rest of us. CYBER JUNKIE
…Sly Cain


The training treats, a sugary edible of some sort, a pacifier sort of speak, used on early to discipline your child. And its the adult happy treat. We eat sweet something’s all the time as normal food. But CANDY, we’ll rush the wrapper off that chunk of crystal or psychedelic shining looking sugar that’s so attractive, then commence smacking like it’s your last treat for life. Candy has your ass smiling as if someone told you good morning. You’ll see kids humming, doing a happy dance of some kind. Muhfuckas eat that shit as if it’s imperative! Candy will fuck you up, it’ll give warning signs that’ll keep your ass at home if you didn’t know better, and you thought you had irritable bowel syndrome. Candy will give you a toothache that’ll drive you insane. Just as you thought it was safe to go outside again, and after you popped a pain killer. Your dumbass thought it was safe to eat more CANDY
…Sly Cain

I recognize some people look to others for inspiration, hoping to motivate themselves at some point for whatever delayed them from going forward to continue something that wasn’t completed or to complete what endeavors they started. All that is fine! But to look to some of these music artists, and hear their lyrics that doesn’t feed the soul & no spiritual connection of any kind, its senseless shit to me. I’ve never been a fanatic to the point where gibberish shit had a significant impact. That reminds me of Sir Nose D’voidoffunk an 80’s artist from the funk era music group Parliament. He was the subliminal (seducer) Freaky nigga! He never danced. That muhfucka wore a fake foot long nose. WHY? Whew! Niggas, I’LL LOOK ELSEWHERE
…Sly cain

They desire to switch roles & bodies! Boys are girls & girls are boys. Well, what was wrong the way God had it!?… So who screwing who? This world is declared worse since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. We are in the last chaotic days of our lifespans. I thought about our loved ones that have gone within the past few years, aren’t with us anymore. I wondered they are probably blessed now than to live to witness more of this shit in a world of shit we live today. Guys don’t want their penis and don’t care about participating in the reproduction cycle. And gals don’t want their vagina but want kids as a man. Here’s the thing I don’t understand about wanting to be transgender, guys want a pussy to get fucked, and the girls want a dick to fuck the dude, who was once the girl. They require to be the opposite of what they were born to be. Is this explanatory? This seems like TRADING PLACES

…Sly Cain

Let go, and let god

Let go, and let God! I understand that being stated if one doesn’t have a solution for whatever situation is at hand. Most situations in my instances are easily understood by me. And that’s important to me and doesn’t need explaining to anybody. I have me, under controllable monitoring that is active 24-7. Meaning I got me even during my resting periods. Unlike a lot of screwed-up minded individuals, I know why you are the way you ARE. You muhfuckas rely heavily on everyone to map your life and dictate your every move & needs. You are the same people quoting useless shit from those that can’t help themselves, whereas they fail at everything, and they don’t believe in themselves anymore. You muhfuckas tried bullshit time after time just to be in the same fucked up position you started from at day one. Now here you are again, wanting to give God a try. I’m tired of you bullshit Bible-thumping fucks, interpreting everything you do & say as if it is spiritual, and it’s not. Most of you can’t determine if you’re just a nigga today and not knowing if you been a nigga all your lifetime. You praying & hoping one-day black people embrace you, and that you’ll convert into one of us, a conscious black folk tomorrow. If not, then you should

…Sly Cain

Pole dancing

Wait, I been on earth for a lot of years, and I just discovered that men are pole dancers. What’s confusing, a man pole dancing, is it exclusively for women entertainment or males & females? My next guess he’s gay. I can’t visual a straight man pole dancing without doing feminine maneuvers. It only seems fitting a woman would pole dance for men. I have another question, if a male, pole dances and he’s not gay, how is it he dances like a woman doing women routines and wearing similar female attire? And he entertains gay men as well, whereas he does accept money from other men. Men do touch & stuff money in his tight feminine stylish shorts. Is that homosexual conduct? It’s hard to grasp there’s a two-way street of understanding a man can be straight and entertain gay men, and not either be gay or have gay tendencies. It’s not that it’s a bother to me, I’m merely trying to make sense of men POLE DANCING
…Sly Cain

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