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…yall in video games, and Tik Tok nshit. You-all playing streetball shirts off, no mask! Yall busy smoking blunts nshit and gangbanging on your people while the white man in training with their wives & children preparing to go to war here in the states. These muhfuckas are armed to the hilt. This white AmeriKa is waiting for this day, while you master how to manipulate & abuse black girls & turn up with a forty ounce on the neighborhood parking lot. How hard is it to get you people to mind in the game to survive what’s about to occur? AmeriKa IS going to serve you muhfuckas on a slab dead. White AmeriKa don’t plan on losing shit they’ve stolen, and plotted to save. They’ll see us dead before they allow EQUALITY
…Sly Cain

Negros is still copying white folks, always running up behind the white man in his ass. Black people aren’t the Negros that can’t think for themselves. Open marriage, what the fuck is that stupid shit! It’s Monique, Will Smith, and Jada Smith type of shit. What people in their right mind get married to have random sex partners outside of their marriage. These ARE your NASTY celebrities first-hand. I wouldn’t ever share my woman, my queen for another Nigga to fuck! These Hollywood sellouts are fucked up! Imagine their vows & wanting God to honor that shit! People can you imagine giving or letting another muhfucka borrow your husband or wife. The Smiths are as fucked up you can go. No wonder most of their kids tripping! This is one of the worst dysfunctional family’s in entertainment. Not one of these muhfuckas can say shit about Dennis Rodman. And Jada invites muhfuckas at the RED TABLE to talk to people about themselves in comparison to see if everybody is fucked up as they ARE… Fuck them sex slave nasty muhfuckas! They asses should be banned from giving any advice on relationships, THEY SICK!
…Sly Cain

If you are in a situation to help someone because you say you got it going on, what exactly do you mean? Are you making yourself available to help an underprivileged person, or to brag about the racks, stack to your ear?! Are you a nigga for show or a person offering an opportunity. This is why it’s difficult for most people who have trust issues. Never trust the word of a street hustler that tells you an idea. These streets ain’t even for muhfuckas who think they know the streets, because they ran with a nigga who sold two nickel bags of weed. You thought that made you gangsta & a hustla from the hood!!! Nigga stay indoors, and out of the path of the coronavirus like your Mommy told you. These muhfuckas are #IMPOSTERS

…Sly Cain

When the protest stops the murders of black people increase, police brutality can be cast to sleep, if the people are ready to do by any means necessary! There are chapters of black militia groups scatter throughout the country, and now black people are being threatened and warn come the fourth of July, by white supremacist groups. White AmeriKa has black people in defensive mode if push comes to shove, black people, will respond tactically. I’ll never understand racist fools, they do everything that’ll cost them and innocent civilians getting injured because of their stupidity. All white people seem to inherit that ONE gene in common, that is to initiate anything ending in results of destruction, then after the smoke clears, ITS TO LATE! They NEVER have or had enough sense to see far enough in front of them throughout history to see their own destruction, which always leaves them standing in self-pity looking down on their children because of their jealousy and greed for power! Bullies & fools always lose in THE END
…Sly Cain

We stand tall

If my parents were alive today, and both were to have had social media accounts, you would have witnessed ultimate online rebels who did more than chat, OFFLINE nshit. They were about action. And we, their children aren’t any different so be careful what you read and how you living because we also do our research when we search! Stay clear of those that possess genes that are of so-called radicals, because it’s easy to be target by certain people who’ll step to you with that dumb shit. We are products of my parents who were always involved in black lives and helped many people through their business and home. Know us, before you judge us! It’s what our family does.
…Sly Cain

I will not support any muhfuckas whatever their professional career that opens their mouths, Niggas like Lil Wayne, who says dumb shit. He had not experienced racism, but you realize it every day, you see racist acts done onto black people every day. But you discriminate against other black people. You claim blood gang meaning you war against Crips, other black people! So, you discriminate against your people. You about studio gangbanging, but you don’t see white & black racial discrimination, y’all imposters! you muhfuckas no better than that kid Tekashi 69 y’all call a rat, you niggas snakes, one eats the other. NIGGA PLEASE
…Sly Cain

Black women need to stop blaming black men for the position that most are in because of their financial status. This design curriculum is a trap to divide the black family. In this day and era, roles sometimes have to invert because of job situations. Also, isn’t the satisfaction of the family is sticking together?!… Don’t let them systemically destroy your household because of who jobs pay the most who’s working and who’s not. It always a role to play when you’re functioning together. FAMILY FIRST
…Sly Cain

It’s ashamed you see these crossover Negros who prefer white women than a black woman and refer to black women as BITCHES. Straight off, I for one who defends black women, it’s demeaning to see your people demeanor towards black women and children. But hey, what’s NEGROS to care, they busy in a white woman’s face. SAD BUT TRUE
…Sly Cain

We don’t have to ask, we know exactly why we’re the most hated people, it’s being born black. That’s the first strike! You almost want to question God why us! But his plan tells us he’ll redeem us from the white man’s evil wickedness in translation. It’s patience that black people are tired, not getting the help and DUES we deserve. Some of us have questioned if God has forgotten black people. We’ve lived to see dogs get better treatment, and didn’t know why Once Upon a Time. I guess dogs were first, having their day of LIBERTY! It’s only figuring one day WE NEXT!
…Sly Cain

White AmeriKa says black people don’t appreciate what AmeriKa has GIVEN us. Can you believe that statement out of the mouths of privilege folks?!… I don’t think your average percent of white non-racist white folks will comply with that bold statement, not even the richest Republicans. I know racist white folks always saying racist shit, like go back to Africa, but to say what they’ve given us… That YET remains to be seen. What we receive other than nothing from white Amerca is what we got, what the fuck are they babbling about?! Listen up AmeriKa, you thieving bitch, don’t fake our history with each other because you can’t. You never gave black folks shit, some family heirs are still owed for their forty acres and FUCK THE MULE

…Sly Cain

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