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Damon Dash

This guy is self-made, put some respect on his name muhfuckas. Damon is a smart entrepreneur. He delivers a winning mentality for self & others. He’s on a higher level, being self-sufficient. He also wants that for black people. And definitely no hater! He wants you to excel in life. I like listening to this smart man. He simply teaches & gives you the blueprint for success.
It’s a similar lesson my parents taught me & my siblings. Damon Dash has built businesses for his number one priority, his immediate family. I was taught to add on what my parents built and hoped it’ll trickle down to our next generations. It’s no mystery a man like Damon, to have doubters because he’s confident and on top.
I’m no fan, but a huge admirer of anyone that believes in leaving a legacy of his magnitude. I to have emulated and adapted that winning attitude like…

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…Sly Cain

Truth over Positive

Tell kids the real truth!!! that IS the real positive. Listen, people, you all are NOT going to do everything you choose to do in life, and nor will your children. Tell kids to perform their best and they’ll find their true sense of self. People are lying to you “you can be anything you want” that IS a FUCKEN LIE. I bet and know Obama was NOT the first black kid groom & wanted to be president.
I’m sure many black parents have told their babies” whatever you want to be, you’ll be” its bull shit. Foremost of all, black people don’t have EVERY opportunity as White privilege Americans. Stop, look & see what’s happening in America.
It’s ONLY a tactic to motivate our black children into believing a dream that is set up for failure. Be honest to your children, it’s the order of


…Sly Cain

All the way up

The height of wealth and prosperity is reasoning wanting to elevate. “Nothing can stop me” I want to get higher than the smoke you muhfuckas blow off for recreational use. I got serious plans than to dally in the mud with you muhfuckas.
I’m not talking down to anyone here. My vision blurs looking that far down. I have no intentions of falling to failure! So, don’t look for me, unless you are seeking to-go

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…Sly Cain

It’s absurd how people pretend they are the epitome of righteousness, when in fact, your life is an open book of chaos, expose to all those who can see you, literally. The exterior of what you display is an ugly sight of bitterness & jealousy. They’ll say the funniest shit and it turns out to be the dumbest shit. It’s when muhfuckas focuses on you, instead of themselves, they lost what should have been their primary focus, correcting their pathetic lives. I’ve witnessed over the years how people point blame and not look in the mirror. THE NERVES OF PEOPLE

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…Sly Cain

I have officially got licensed to remove any & everything that ISN’T relevant to success. I have waited for a clear forecast. Now that the sky is clear & all the bad weather is gone, I can freely go about my business as usual with no threat of whatever kind. I must say, I believe many sunny days are ahead. If this describes your future. Then you understand, ITS A WRAP!

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…Sly Cain

F*cken chain messages

I’m not sorry about forwarding shit I’m asked to execute. I get those damn annoying messages every other day, sick of them!!! Tired of people telling me to pass on some bull shit to ten people or more & back to them, thinking that’ll bring good luck and prosperity. Fuck that shit too!!! Most of that shit is sent mainly from Facebook beginners, or lonely muhfuckas just learned how to send an attachment. Look muhfuckas, I don’t join in groups that talk to dead people. keep that seance, chain letter crap to yourself.
People, please don’t trouble me with that shit, or I’m to verbally, retaliate and embarrass your asses, live on Facebook although I never went live. So, if you muhfuckas think you have an instant message I can relate to, by all means, send it. I like a good laugh & reading political issues, things that are going on in the universe. But that bull shit for luck, I don’t believe in FUCKEN CHAIN MESSAGES

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…Sly Cain


Watch your timeline

We all see you in news feed, you wannabes, slick ass, muhfuckas on others timeline sneaking nshit, leaving likes & comments on people page wondering as to why, when we know your current status & history too. Niggas will like your significant other pages, but won’t like yours or send a friendly shout out to your kids birthday as requested from notification.¬†Clearly, muhfuckas are sending out weak subliminal messages or trying to be coquettish. Niggas cheating in a public forum to be noticed, unknownly as perverted fools. As a 24-7 Facebook user like most of you are…


…Sly Cain

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