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Modern technology

The physicality of embracing family with hugs & kisses and crazy lengthy handshakes is prolonged because of via facetime & skype. The use of social media ,because of long distance relationships & family away from kinfolk.
Facebook has brought us closer on screen & further away for those have less of an alternative. This is one of those situations social media like Facebook is definitely in the middle of our lives.



No smoking section

What does that mean and the only thing between a smoker & non-smoker is an eight-foot petition wall? This the dumbest shit ever thought out. It’s stupid, it’s like the smoke is going to abide within the walls never spreading pass the petition.
A smoke-free environment is NO SMOKING, period!!! And you muhfuckas bought into that shit on the job. It’s no such shit, NO SMOKING SECTION…




Men & black eyes

Dudes wearing colored hair, something we all see & familiar with ,it’s fashionable & trendy shit. It’s not to say it’s a gay thing. I see other enhancements dudes are embracing more, like EYE SHADOW nshit. I don’t. I can’t speak for you muhfuckas, but that’s literally, laying it on too thick. Muhfuckas like Raccoons around the eyes. And it’s definitely feminine!!!
Not to say I’m comparing women to raccoons. I think this another example of to each is own. I’m totally masculine and very comfortable my woman is the only person that wears the eyeshadow in our household. MEN & BLACK EYES.



Speed dating

I was asked if I would like to attempt it. Some people are open to every & anything, not me. I favor the old fashion way… I do realize nothing these days are fashionable, “that’s old shit” they say… The elderly prefer not to adjust to today’s youth methods of communicating in any sense of the word communication. These muhfuckas don’t respect themselves, pants hanging off their asses and they expect us to be enlightened in how people suppose to behave. Shit! What muhfuckas in their RIGHT mind think I would dare want to try shit in this day & age of this fucked up generation. Especially, something is fast whereas you won’t ever know a person in greyhound race time… Fuck, SPEED DATING.





Kill Americas Economy

Black people, be careful more than you ever demanded to watch your back. It’s open season on black people.
Rumors have it , saying white supremacist has orders to kill on sight. The law is hired the gunman, the target is YOU… America is TESTING you to see how long we are going to continue to see can they provoke you into a bloodbath of war ,hand to hand combat. This is crucial to their strategy.
Black people best defense against Americas plot is A MAJOR BOYCOTT across America!!! This would pressure a shut down overseas imports too. Shut down American corporations, black people WILL watch the economy hurt in the worst way ready to rewrite terms of policy. This is the ONLY way you can fight to get your FIRST win. No fucken march or sitting down during a song that never was meant for black people is going to change shit, especially when these muhfuckan BLACK athletes are still filling the seats . That shit is backward!!! DON’T PLAY!!! And the BLM movement will not continue to be disregarded. Stop shopping & buying in WHITE PEOPLE establishments. Period!!! That’s when they’ll experience how much you matter. Anything else is uncivilized.



You don’t care

The government is depending on young black people not to vote, I don’t understand negros. Muhfuckas thinking your votes don’t count… It’s no way these Hillary Clinton, fans, democratic white folks are going to allow your vote not to matter,especially THIS ELECTION. If your vote has never counted ,this time, might make the difference and determine who’s elected. This is how much democrats dislike Donald Trump ,even though scores of them pretend they hate Donald. You have many democrats that perpetrate, who wants Donald in office bad as the republicans. Because both parties want to see black people back in chains, modern governmental ropes around the necks of black people. Niggas aren’t thinking, but pretends to be concerned about what’s going to happen to their asses… Many of you muhfuckas will lose jobs and homes, cars & etc… If Donald does win, you muhfuckas helped put him there, You were not concerned if your vote counted or not. YOU DON’T CARE.



Master chefs of Canada

Dijon encrusted Rack of Lamb. Are you fucken kidding me, believing black people eat RAW shit? It isn’t that black people don’t love lamb… Black people don’t exactly know what to do with raw meat, other than cooking it completely done. What’s the fucken purpose of cooking MEAT, only to deliver it RAW? Who the fuck is black that eat raw ass lamb. I’m sorry, but a black man meat has always been served cooked… That’s why I don’t care for cooking shows. Black people can’t WIN unless they perpetrate as a chef of America, which is never in favor of African BLACK American people…



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