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Real rap

If real rap or hip hop today, was anything like the black conscious rap artists of yesterday like Krs1,Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers & X-Clan ,white people wouldn’t be able to rap now & back then… But, when you got muhfuckas like Soulja Boy and some other nonsense, gibberish loud mouth muhfuckas, mumble jumbo bullshit. You allowed and invited other muhfuckas to fuck up the culture… Rap went from the real storytelling of ghetto life & poverty and positive outreach to White folk Tampon commercial bullshit. You, white boys, emulating making a farce out of black culture… Again, you see copycats and they aren’t black as usual. Then there go the niggas happy being niggas, who sell out for everything less than to focus being black conscious people… Look at you now ,its all for the money! Consumers left to purchase this racket of bullshit. It ain’t REAL RAP.



Greater love 👌

It’s a hard situation, to be in a relationship where you feel you aren’t deserving. Especially when you worked every angle finding every fiber in your body turning over EVERY leaf to help someone in the name of love… Look at that muhfucka thoroughly, evaluate are they worth the hat you wear. It’s freaking unbelievable how people hang in there for the sake of the other person, knowingly they require your support to function regardless the bullshit second rated shit comes out their mouths. People can see exactly the shit you don’t want them too. You aren’t sly or slick, only wicked because you decline to be civilized & unappreciative to the very people that help you… It’s a got damn shame how any muhfucka can’t see when they are blessed to have someone that care and shares all that they have to please you… First chance you get,run for a better future where you are appreciated for the kind human being you’ve been.Respectable & honest. This mean you are more than just GOOD. You’ve been a GREATER LOVE 👌



Judge me not,muhfu*kas!

Every person gives a fuck about people in different facets, whereas you love everybody, I don’t!!! And not one muhfucka better tell me I should because the bible says so, or what they THINK God said. You muhfuckas don’t know, were you there? When were you told this? Niggas, you muhfuckas to hardheaded to obey god, shut the fuck up! Sinners!!! You muhfuckas aren’t any better than me when being disobedient to whatever was stated. This is what I do know for sure. I voice my opinion.
Not ONE muhfucka, including a preacher, can’t judge me. Nigga you and all the hypocrites & gentiles need to shut the fuck up! Go learn what to say before your turn is up, after saying shit you got no right or business to say shit!




This shit is a bit hard to swallow, to see who you thought were your own people envy you because of your accomplishment after years of schooling nshit. Then you graduate. Instead of a muhfucka congratulate you on a job well done, muhfuckas that labor 35 years for whatever reasons they had or didn’t apply themselves to attain their goals. Now see you as the worst muhfucka ever born. Immediately, you are considered uppity nshit. THEY reckon you believe you’re better than all of those who did & don’t give a fuck! I say, fuck em all. A nigga rather see YOU WHIP!



Fu*k Ryan Lochte

Good thing he isn’t BLACK. This lying muhfucka wants another chance. The American greatest liar wants sympathy, he’s asking his American Gods to forgive his bitch ass for fabricating HE GOT ROB… Muhfuckas! All three of them fiddling with each other in a gas station public restroom vandalizing property nshit,WHY??? Now America is finding a way to bring their OWN boy back into society because he’s sorry. This is a perfect example how America ignores the truth… White America is doing its best to save their all American lying boy… What the fuck is so hard to determine… The MUHFUCKA LIED.
Clearly, America is the MAMA BEAR protecting her CUB…
We see you, coward! FUCK RYAN LOCHTE.




Talking with my homeboy, International Dee Jay BiggV ,back in the states having laughs & changing the subject to Cadillac, the status of having one… Unless you have driven one, it might be a bit to grasp right away. Ride with me on this one.
When you own a Cadillac, it’s an eye catch & it has a status of class and classic style more ways than yours. Owning a Cadillac opens doors in many areas especially in the entertainment industry and government officials drives Cadillac. This is the one vehicle that creates a statement rather you muhfuckas hate them or not, people are always going to acknowledge you driving a Cadillac because it’s the official Hood & Diplomatic vehicle driven for all purposes. You can be wealthy or financially challenged, merely to be driving a Cadillac you are looked upon by someone of importance because it’s the brand that says this muhfucka must be somebody… It’s the one vehicle people overlook your current situations, they only see you rolling big. This isn’t to glorify materialistic shit… When you own a Cadillac people open doors to deals,situations you couldn’t enter into before… Cadillac owners aren’t you on the road, they aren’t looked at the same manner. You don’t get the same respect parked in local grocery lots. Muhfuckas don’t want to bump your doors or sit on your hood. You not equal to it. Muhfuckas at a stop light and won’t look over to acknowledge you unless they drive one… A Cadillac owner isn’t treated in the same fashion if you’re at the same event ,ask a valet attendant… Something about a nice luxury ride earns you a class of respect than others cars. You can be the smartest muhfuckas on earth worth money, but your prospects aren’t as great as getting attention for whatever reason if, isn’t indeed a pretty CADILLAC.



Support your ass…

No support. Sometimes you have to overlook one’s attitude.There are those that’s not going to render you any support, because of selfish reasons or cause they just don’t like you. On that point are those that doesn’t want to like what you’re doing to help certain situations that are good for a good cause and yet, they have no probable cause just because you’re you. How many people you know that didn’t support you in whatever endeavors you had and they knew it was for the same campaign, but refuse to acknowledge you, because they had some insane excuse that really was something stupid, which was nothing on your part their action was taken against you. People are loath to forget some things they struggle with in life are similar in the same sense you fight against. There are those just fuck up! For no reason just want to prove to you they acknowledge your work ,simply want you to know by not supporting you is supposed to let you know they rather say fuck you!




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