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It’s Friday, the same as last Friday. You’re still alive and well to have another chance to redeem yourselves. Be thankful! I guess it depends on your situation and hopefully, you’re not on death row. After all, things considered, you might have some difficult situations that are troubling you today, that aren’t manageable.
I’m sure you have higher powers you believe that’ll get you through.
So, don’t give up just yet!
Trust you’ll be fine this FRIDAY.

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…Sly Cain


It’s a dying profession, if not dead yet. Any woman being pimp today is dumb, weak & she has no self-esteem. Listen up, a woman that wants to sell pussy, she can easily, without a man. Social media killed the pimp business for men to pimp. It’s a new era! Bitches are shrewd pimps. She sells her pussy, or some other bitches pussy before any nigga tricks his dick out his pants. CASH APP & others like it allow these bitches to collect without the middle man. Women hire male GOONS or professional male security to watch the door & the trick nowadays.
Male PIMPS no longer can bully shit. Pussy is sold market prices with a security code. Any nigga pimping is broke regardless he got a few crack-head hoes. Street hoes make chump change. This era, women are bosses, like back when they had Madam’s running brothels. They are the PIMPS!!!


…Sly Cain

Weekend Husbands

Enough already! Phoniness, at its highest level of quality and value of lies. Niggas on Facebook taking selfie family portraits. The killing part is the husbands’ fake well-articulate caption below they wrote. The Husbands/Fathers pretending to be family overnight, it’s urgent! And wanting to need proof to be added in family portraits. These muhfuckas are absence for months, perhaps, even years, all by choice! Then pretend in their absence its all business. And you married women need to watch these niggas that escape weekend responsibility and using excuses, all to keep their phony images. These men only want one type of lifestyle, and that’s to be without you & their obligations.
P.S… A few women requested I say something on their behalf…


…Sly Cain

I’m not responsible for late or too early travelers. My gas might cost more than what you usually pay. I don’t desire to smell & chance nasty food spills nshit or back seat footprints embedded in my seat back upholstery.
I don’t like the sounds of voices up close from all directions early morning. I don’t want all the different fragrance channeling up my nostrils. I don’t want the company in my safe haven riding in the break of day.


…Sly Cain

O.J the simp!

O.J Simpson joins Twitter, acting as a homemade football analyst, trying to work back into white America. He knows black people don’t want him back. And wealthy white folks and poor whites are sitting this one out, debating a split decision.
Go! O.J… You invariably know your way back home to the bright, white, snowy slopes. I hear the snowy mountain community now saying “he’s back” razor-sharp again!
NBA all-star Gary Payton, he’s no longer named the glove.
That nickname belongs to O.J THE SIMP!


…Sly Cain

If, it isn’t Snoop and others like him who set-up camps for “inner-city kids” or the hood, then I have no use to mention your organizations. They’re many wealthy athletes with salaries from the participation of average income attendees, its African-Americans, and Hispanics communities who need camps like Snoops. Guys like Kobe & Jordan, is out, for one thing, its money!!!
You would think, two great legends would be more compassionate considering they both came from strong black parents in the same home and would have learned to give a token of appreciation without it being costly, to benefit black children. But, seeing the legends wives from different nationalities and culture, that might be a little self-explanatory as to why, they charge an enormous entry fee, at least from my perspective. Shaq, is Santa during Christmas, Em okay!
But, its Snoops mentoring & sports program where kids learn organized sports & discipline. That exemplifies what being big-time is…


…Sly Cain



I’ve known many black men on top, that still help their residential districts to make sure black people are the priority. Today we got these newborn & old AmeriKaNegros, that pretend to care, and do very little, just enough to keep you begging, hungry and in debt. These AmeriKaNegros claims they’re in your best interest. All you have to do is open your eyes look across the boardroom, how many black people you see participating in the AmeriKaNegros expo. It’s always that one homeboy, and one token AmeriKaNegro, everyone else is white.
Niggas claim to help, but the first to cut you off. And proud to see you without anything. If, that’s not true, where is the commitment, the promise & loyalty? I’ll tell you where, with white corporate America, and its AmeriKKKans. AmeriKaNegros be promising black, African American people results they’re not planning to deliver on. African American people are watching you! Black people must do for black people.
Not the brainwashed intellectual AMERIKANEGROS.

…Sly Cain

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