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Outdoors to die

Americans are desperate to attempt a suicidal mission, out of stupidity of no concern for the well being of others that are cautious when giving specific instructions for safety precautions. How can you say you are for all of humanity participating in the unthinkable. It’s unprecedented people who you know are responsible to be irresponsible. You would think knowingly, how precious a human life IS… Why risk it?!… Here’s the killing part literally, people are dying as we see around the world from a virus knowingly it can attack you & pass onto others because you want a SUNTAN or be colored black. Why put those at risk because you been required to quarantine for your safety. I know for sure as I witness shit, it’s not that you want to go outdoors, it’s the fact because you were ORDERED to stay indoors, you felt threaten about your AmeriKlan white privileges are taken away. Well, if you muhfuckas want to risk your lives, why not terminate it without going into the population polluting it with your possibly contaminated caucuses. Most black people aren’t desperate to chance to go nowhere OUTDOORS TO DIE

…Sly Cain

Women, stop thinking your homegirl is all that… She doesn’t like you because she’s pretending to be fond of you! It’s your homegirl that snitch everything to your man thinking she has that privilege because you say you’re very close. And then… You’ve welcomed her to every access into your life. Because of that, she permits herself to open closed doors without authorization far beyond your awareness. Women usually know these devious acts of treason, because she knows not to trust herself around your man if she’s single and known to be untrustworthy according to the friend radar community of other women that been burn by the homegirls. Situations as these are the most known dangerous setups known to mankind & the homegirl. Sustain your business to yourselves and your man who can’t seem to avoid temptation. YES, This applies to men as well, vice versa. Don’t trust ANY muhfucka who asks about your mate all the time, anytime a muhfucka act to pretend to be interested in your loved one well-fare, that’s when you keep your eyes open. Be very concern if that muhfucka is truly A FRIEND
…Sly Cain

AmeriKa will never be great, she will not return to what she was before the Cv9. One thing that is guaranteed, that’s no gimmick, AmeriKa is done as we knew it. The economy you see has been affected severely, check the Dow Jones! People are creating work temporarily until further notification. I can predict the same as scientists that nobody will be receiving a vaccine shot in 2020. Another fact that’s guaranteed, we’ll witness hundredths of deaths! This nation is led by daredevils that play with lives, just as they did at Sodom and Gomorrah. The white man has never obeyed the powers that are greater than him. White people don’t surprise black people, their actions and behavior patterns have never changed since coming to and before arrival in AmeriKa. We all knew this was precisely what they were going to do. White people are very predictable, if it’s faulty, you can count on them to fuck up. Opening up AmeriKa is about to get served, what is to be expected, more deaths! If America does produce a vaccine first, it will cause chaos. Because AmeriKas rejection from others not wanting to share with other countries, who will be forced to attempt to take it! Greed will be the death of this commonwealth. Don’t take it from me. Just acknowledge the history of the WHITE MAN

…Sly Cain

It’s happening now

If white people believe that God will save black people, you’ll see immediate action of violence against black people leading to murder in the streets like dogs and roadkill. Niggas wake up because white racist America is gunning for us, it’s adding up more than the racial brutality you see today. Because black people are dying in our hands from racist civilians, a white supremacist group with officially authorized badges.
This nation has shown us along with uncle Toms ass niggas, and yet we want to go to the fucken beach. You muhfuckas are looking to die if you don’t prepare for what’s to come other than the executions white folks or performing. These lynch mob muhfuckas aren’t going anywhere while we wait for Jesus to come back. It’s severe and we are being murdered because we won’t wake up and stand together, white America already got niggas helping them to kidnap, traffic our children just as niggas betrayed black people during slavery. Now do you see it? That same blueprint of captivity stills exists, it’s only a matter of time when they capture one of yours. IT’S HAPPENING NOW
…Sly Cain

Open for business and leisure activities in the sand & waters. Only for businesses like Popeye Chicken, Church’s Chicken, and all Walmarts. Of course, they aren’t going to close business, because the majority of their business is black. What greater human sacrifice, than to open other black businesses, that generate crowds of people who are more vulnerable to the disease rumors claimed. Let’s look in the vicinity that is targeted by reopening sections of Negro AfrenAmeriKIN communities. Black people, I’m saying don’t fall for the experimental okey-doke. The reopening is specifically for most of you Negros to ensure white people their curiosity still kills the cat. Once the totality of virus contractions and deaths, they’ll pull back to figure another way until they have a solution that’ll work for white folks. Then you’ll even see the GOVERNMENT head honchos outdoors, freely without hesitation. It’s their world! Negros need to learn to avoid guinea pig psychological doctrine and STAY HOME
…Sly Cain

Black people better take up gardening for food supply and creating employment in demand for ourselves. How long you BELIEVE this government is going to issue stimulus packages without benefitting from helping people in need. What gives you the assumptions that we exist in a country that offers & help you, but want for nothing in return. Nothing AmeriKa does for ANYone is to go without future plots to collect a debt. At some point when you’re on your bellies least expected, that’s the day without questioning Sir Sam is coming to collect, rather you own collateral security assets or not. You will be held accountable for receiving help! DAMN SHAME!
…Sly Cain

Black people don’t have to endorse #forty something to win BACK into the next election, they’ll PUT, PLACE, and CHEAT whomever they want into office. Although it’s unlikely to imagine he’ll lose at this point, the total white PRIVATE political system of investors will have a significant impact because the focus isn’t the C-19 or is it equality, and justice. The plan as I have said nationwide a million times. #4orty something & Klan is wanting to make America great! Don’t fucken forget it! People don’t be unhinged by the government fake news to stray you away from the development of a process happening in everyday racial brutalities alone with intentional murders up and close regardless of how personal you think it isn’t. The new world order has been redirected back into politics every time you catch a white advocate to make America great at the podium. They are looking for an entry believing this is the right moment to implement their alter plan for genocide! And what is the black man’s agenda?!… Because the white man is campaigning massively for world DOMINATION
…Sly Cain

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