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Truth about heaven

…your version of what God wants is bigger than the sins you confessed. This world is genuine and the people in it. Spirits & feelings are real. trials & errors are the stars of perfection. No perfect people regardless how much you seek Jesus. You are human. You can’t stop what you are. This is the reality for us.
You want what you feel, temptation or not. It’s not a day that an error hasn’t occurred while processing directive sets of principles and procedures.
We all hope we’re Heaven bound one-day.
My desire is to be able to get there as well when my time come. I prefer to accept heaven than hell rather it’s a PLACE or CONDITION. I’ll probably act more obedient if, I knew the complete TRUTH ABOUT HEAVEN.




No more walking on thin ice. No more speaking under your breath. Fuck shielding the truth because of who feelings may hurt. Damn the idea ducking & dodging, hiding behind lies of others. Face the shit you ARE. Quit caring about what we think of you regardless the choices you make… Fuck em! You’ve accepted to live with the choices you made, not us. You’re stereotype & judged by all means before you were you. We dwell in a cruel society of experts that aren’t experts. People who point the most are always questioning everything because they don’t know zilch. Now, recognize not everybody knows everything because it’s much more of everything you can accumulate.




Women, many exposed themselves talking how they’re treated badly, but at the same time, they are in the relationship, sharing stories to others how good their man is honorable to them. Fabricating lies, contradicting themselves. This how easily LOTS of women forget, they’ve told everyone & after all the seen couple selfies nshit proves the existence of her commitment & their quality time spent together. You’ll hear people sharing THEIR stories of each other, what they’ve witnessed.
Why lie & kiss someone who isn’t treating you properly? That will be very hypocritical. What woman accepts a man she doesn’t entrust enough, but to live together, combined finances and got children & constantly having sexual desires & non-stop pleasures. Who is fooling who? To believe different than what you’ve read here makes you a dumb ass. WOMEN!!!



Love & relationships

…have you ever listen to someone glorify someone else relationship but don’t commit to their own… They sound like fools how they go on to say things what they’ve read about celebrities or watched on television, then voiced their opinions out loud, as if, you’re interested in other people’s affairs.
You don’t have the decency to allow yourselves the same opportunity to have an imaginative good relationship that’s wonderful and loving as everyone you believe to have a commitment to love.
It’s tedious to hear that very person that doesn’t know love, is all of a sudden an expert on LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS.




I hear sh*t.

The wage of sin is death… Yet, Donald Trump is in office. Satan has cast himself UP from the conditions of hell bringing it among us all… He walks among the FEW good white folks & black African people in Amerikkka without fear of his own peers as a threat to him.
We experience how people in all countries & languages feels, what’s been rumored pertaining to the controversial elect president that stolen office, Oops! My bad, I meant sworn in office. It’s early to guess the resultant of this forged BAD dream of what was supposed to be something more realistic than this and what Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING described his dream. This living nightmare, the Trumps & Klansman, the Armageddon waiting to materialize. People waiting for the destruction of something bad to happen to think it’s good, could be the worse for you. These are your thoughts rumored.






TRUMP, is already accused of allegedly raped a woman and haven’t been in office one week. No, I dare not to believe there is an ongoing investigation, I can envision what they mean making America great.
The life & history of making a racist WHITE AmeriKKKa great again. The other grand wizard, Donald Klan Trump & family with a few tag along token niggas like Ben Carson, Ray Lewis and the newest coon, Steve Harvey. These niggas are used to lure black people out, onto their master’s scheme of things.
Trump can’t BUY real black African people to fetch for him and enslaved our minds. Today’s black man is only an ancestor of slavery, not to be mistaken nor to be single out as a token nigga, slave or coon. You have them already… The O.J’s Simpsons & Kanye West niggas of AMERIKKKA.




You are righteous

…cause you go to church or you belong to a monastery.You’re a Monk or Muslim with the word of God as your guide, taught by another hypocrite. You want to be entrusted as God chosen one to lead us out of temptation into the gates of heaven on the word of mouth, told by lying, brainwashed muhfuckas just like yourselves. Right?!
I meet a hundred muhfuckas like you every year & experience the same shit. NOTHING!!! Absolutely nothing more than the average bullshit muhfuckas.
Oh, pardon me, I forget how many of YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS



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