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I like to like

If, I was combative every time someone said to me
“I don’t like you”
I’ll be the most popular unlike muhfucka on the planet.
And because that’s unlikely at the moment, I’ll go on liking the way I am.
Also, it’ll spare me from kicking ass, because I might take a liken to it.
It’s an honorable thing I like some of you. I LIKE TO LIKE.



Eat @ home

Fingernails ,long hair loose and jewelry, I hate to witness this when someone is cooking in a restaurant which has made me very meticulous where I chose to eat. I mainly stay home and prepare food myself. Hair should be pent up. I’ve seen muhfuckas mix meat loaf with long nails and finger polished. I’m not eating that shit. Why do any muhfuckas that cook, need rings and a bracelet of Pandora shit dangling from their wrist into the food? I’ll never eat wherever I see a hairy arm short sleeve wearing muhfucka cooking? I’ll never eat where a muhfucka cooking wearing a got damn T-shirt and armpits blanket with nasty sweaty hair. I choose to stay safe and EAT @ HOME.




I was just informed the schools eradicated cursive writing years ago. No schools are teaching youngsters to sign their signature. I frankly had no freaking idea this happened. I know today’s teens can’t count MONEY back at the cash register without the reading of a computer correcting everything for them. How the fuck can any student fail in school when Google is in your possession. How dull is that shit! Every kid should be on the honor roll. The more advance these muhfuckas, the more stupid they become lack of human morals & intelligence, too much artificial intelligence. This is a mechanical and robotic era of the space age. The development of cyborg monsters replacing human trail & error. The Earth is becoming a full circle ghetto. It’s all a click and push button away from the actual world. Including FACEBOOK.





grateful to be grateful is my thing right now …
it sounds sorta cliche but let me explain.
the simplest way I can start.. is to say, being “capable”.. being “able”.
We hear these things all the time, as a kid. They sound great, but we don’t really understand.
so, it’s like.. if I’m grateful.. mostly…
then I’m able to stay grateful… mostly
I’m then, grateful that I can be and stay grateful.
this makes complete sense to me 🙂
But I also understand that once upon a time, this may have sounded like sweet nothings to me.
So, this is for whom can see, hear, and feel it ✍🏾


Paris Dennard

The racist white man’s nigga, this the muhfucka you’ll see white racist people love to see endorse, Trump. He is CNN news house nigga. He is the epitome of a real house nigga. How can this ignorant black skin muhfucka help endorse a man that want to set black people back from advancement? This is a nigga that have endorsed a man that want to take away health assistance that’s affordable to black people and other people of color. TRUMP wants an order to reevaluate immigrants citizenship.Especially black people.
Food stamps help families to offer meals and Trump & supporters want to crash the program. Paris Dennard, he wants to help Donald Trump keep America’s old traditions for black people, but to help the equality for white America making it greater for white America. Paris “dickhead” Dennard is a proud house white ass kissing nigga, wanting the blessing of his master. Donald Trump.
Fuck this slave minded nigga, the real PARIS DENNARD.



Blame us.

White kids screaming WHITE POWER and advocating violence against BLACK PEOPLE. If this isn’t an act of WAR on our children and households, including all non-white people, they are going to show in numbers in other schools… This is dangerous and it will lead to A BLOOD BATH ,black people got nothing to lose in this country. Trump is about to elevate what is already bulging out and heating up. The MEXICANS & BLACKS together, it is a WIN WIN situation. You cannot BLAME US.



…he’s a racist, bigot, and spokesman for all white supremacist and the republic America. If black people & other people of color are to achieve any fairness in this nation would either attempt to take what’s right or known as an uncle Tom or death to black people, may you rest in peace. It is clearly observed, this muhfucka hate all people that aren’t white. Every derogatory remarks & threat. Trump made IS ON TAPE, there’s your proof. He doesn’t like you!!! And you ignorant muhfuckas voted for him… This man addresses the public and belittles peoples race and you voted for him anyway, that muhfucka would be considered an enemy in my book? The only people worse than Donald is FOX NEWS…



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