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This Christmas

… come this Christmas, stop and think, of the Christmas, you had year-round. Reminisce, how God pulled you out of situations, and place you in a position, you convinced he exists. Think about how you were able to eat, sleep and receive plenty. Whereas many had nothing but the ground to sleep. These things I remind myself daily because I can be on the ground without nothing, something simple as a worn-out blanket from someone trash baggage. I contribute what I can throughout the year, small & large.
I’ve sacrificed at times, what you all have given me. These things I do, and did all the time, that most of you don’t know about poor old me. I do consider my blessings! Its why I give it! This holiday season, don’t whine about what you didn’t get or why someone received more than you think they did.
You’ll miss what God has in store for you. I’m certainly no saint! But, I’m a helper to some less fortunate, and that’s what makes me feel worthy of something greater! Me waking is a blessing I love & cherish. I pray, daily, because I am a hotfix! I pray that we all be here, THIS CHRISTMAS
…Sly Cain

It’s the best, mindless, bullshit answer you muhfuckas can give when asked a question. Its what a nigga say when can’t answer truthfully! So, they camouflage themselves from embarrassment. It’s what you say when you’re wrong, and they’re correct. It’s said when you go to say shit, and can’t remember anything. You know you don’t have a leg to stand on if, this your only reply. When people tired of your bullshit, don’t fucken try to explain shit, they know its a lie before you open your mouth! You say any ole shit because you’re lost for words. I advise you muhfuckas to stop thinking you can manipulate just anyone with your made-up lies. Just shut the fuck up! Because the only shit you muhfuckas can say, as usual, is FORGET I SAID ANYTHING.
…Sly Cain


The Democratic Party is calling for the impeachment of the presidency, that guy Rtrump! It just goes to show how white privilege works in America and the world. It’s been demonstrated throughout the history of this country. You can perform unlimited numbers of unlawful acts from the very top, stack with evidence against you, justice is still out debating, if any wrongdoing has taken place in the office of the commander & chief while governing America.
It’s ashamed corruption is being televised live, in our homes & our faces. Republicans continuously reminding us nothing is to be executed, for the removal of Rtump. He knows this isn’t his reality, its a joke! He might not run & win office again if he decides to run. He believes, he won’t be prosecuted for jail time, nor so-called alleged crimes. His middle finger is up, signaling fuck yall & IMPEACHMENT
…Sly Cain

It’s a serious concern, racist white people call 911 with the potential another black person gets murder by white cops. Dial M, for murder. Racist cops on standby, anxiously hoping to take the call, as if it’s their legal duty to respond to a caller in distress and arriving on the scene to resolve claims of disturbance, that it too, resulting in murder. Police stations are holding blocks to register black people for lynching.
Black people don’t trust the police! It doesn’t matter if they are colored & white! Trouble in the hood gets handled in the hood.
The hood is trial & jury, and that can result in unlawful acts of injuries and injustices. And lead to more deaths of black people. It’s a repeated cycle.
Black people will continuously get called on by cowardly…
anonymous white racist 911 KKKALLERS
…Sly Cain

I don’t know you

Don’t you hate when someone trying to convince you to understand you know a specific person, and you’re constantly saying, I don’t know that muhfucka? But they determined to believe you know this nigga. Don’t force me to know someone because you think I know who. It comes to the point I lose my cool. I finally blow a gasket, and yells, fuck you muhfuckas & who you think I might know.
Nigga, honestly, I DON’T KNOW YOU
…Sly Cain

Its the national day of religious believers awakes & it’s also the National Football League game day. It’s the day preachers pimp, drinks, fuck hoes & tell more lies. Then they collect payments from the congregation and bookie’s joints. A pulpit, of Saturday night freaks & drunks. Be mad as a muhfucka, it’s true! Niggas always do stupid shit through the week. Religiously! Then comes Sunday morning, they manifest into saints.
Niggas don’t quote scripture until it’s in their favor.
Don’t preach shit to me about something you never live. Niggas are more judgmental than the word of God. Shut the fuck up! Try & better manage yourself, before inviting me to your church. It’s clearly understood, muhfuckas haven’t learned shit…
…Sly Cain

Big ass

…they don’t cherish the moment being young and beautiful internally nowadays. I recall my parents teaching me & my siblings that beauty starts within you, know who you are, that God created every individual. And that alone makes you special! Today’s young, specifically young women & teenage girls are inspired by their outer appearance more than anything about themselves.
It’s ashamed to admit you don’t give a fuck about anything, other than to attract a man shaking your ass. How is it you’re only fixated on your ass, and not intelligence. These females today aren’t confident in themselves! They prefer a selfie with their backs turned, displaying a BIG ASS
…Sly Cain

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