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You muhf*ckas trippin

I don’t always forgive regardless of his word written, cause I am a sinner & I also purposely sin to get some satisfaction I feel is needed because I sometimes desire revenge. Wrong or right is not what I’m seeking when I’m not thinking rational. I’m human muhfuckas! I’m also hard-headed and somewhat disobedient.There are moments I want to do a portion of damage to get the attention to those that cause damage to those I cared about too. I’m not going to play the savior here, but I have serious issues trying to decide exactly what stand I should take besides my people in this hour of chaos & traumatic situations.
Talks aren’t always the best solution to get through to me after harm was brought onto my people. I want more than a scripture or two read from another written version preached by bible thumping hypocritical muhfuckas that hang out in bars & blows stinky smoke & tricked off cash offerings with a few front row hoes wearing too short skirts and ass cheeks exposed. And you want to tell me the gossip about what God wants us to do. Your asses haven’t seen the inside of a church since easter.
Now your words are of the wise & righteous ones… Fuck you!



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